Happy First Birthday!

Sometimes I can’t believe it myself. Has it really been a year? 12 whole months? Since I gave birth to Little J, that is. Well, now he’s not so little anymore, and definitely much more cheeky and active. Little J officially turned ONE more than a week ago, and he was so lucky that a… 

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Penang Trip -44

3-day Getaway to Penang – Part 3 (finale)

After the 2 days of my Penang getaway here and here, it was finally our last day in the Pearl of the Orient! Since my mom’s visitors needed to leave Penang in the afternoon, we woke up early for breakfast. Looking for food in the early morning was not my forte, since I’m not really… 

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Penang Trip -19-1

3-day Getaway to Penang – Part 2

Day 2 on my 3-day getaway to Penang! After I was done with my work in the morning, Saucer and I met his brother for lunch! We went to Penang road for their famous cendol and laksa. Parking can be a big problem here so it’s advisable to go during off-peak hours. Still, no guarantee!… 

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Ahoy Mediterranean

Manhattan Fish Market’s Pirates of Mediterranean

Ahoy matey, “X” marks the spot and the spot is your local Manhattan Fish Market! Back by popular demand at everyone’s favourite fish restaurant is the delicious Mediterranean Baked Fish. Mediterranean Baked Fish (13.90) Shiver me timbers this is the tastiest dish, healthy and wholesome, and real value-for-money at just RM13.90. Everyone will be saying… 

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Penang Trip -18

3-day Getaway to Penang!

Taking a break from KL food, I have some pictures of Penang food that were taken about a month ago when Saucer and I were there for about 3 days. We stayed at the Gurney Hotel, located strategically at the Gurney drive itself, facing the sea. The room was huge in size, and even though… 

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East Ocean Kampar-4

Moet Champagne for Grandpa’s Birthday

A long delayed post from back in September! It was my dear grandpa’s birthday and we’re all back to celebrate with him. My mom who just came back from France brought a little something for all of us. It’s a bottle of champagne from none other than Moët et Chandon itself! Bottle of champagne Bubbly… 

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M Prive Launch-51

The Launch of M Privé – Exclusive Network of Successful Women

When Farena told me about her ‘baby’ called M Privé over the phone, I had trouble figuring how to spell it. Pronounced as “M Pree – veh”, this name is a combination of Magenta (Farena’s PR company) and Private (which is Privé in French), which aims to gather a select group of successful women for… 

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