Warner Bros Movie World, Gold Coast

After our visit to the Seaworld in Gold Coast, we used the same multi-park ticket to enter the Warner Bros Movie World the next day. If you had read my post on the 5 Tips for Visiting Sea World, you would know that we had bought our tickets beforehand, so we didn’t even have to… 

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Empire Shopping Galllery-5

Christmas Mood at Empire Shopping Gallery

It’s the Hari Raya Haji Holiday today in Malaysia, how are you people celebrating it? I just came back from a morning of dim sum with family and shopping with beloved hubby! Just a short post today, for I wanted to share with you the pictures I took from the Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang…. 

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Melbourne Australia-25

Final Night at Melbourne, Australia

Before we knew it, it was our second last day, which was also the last night in Melbourne, Australia! We woke up to a cold morning and had a hearty breakfast. Eggs, bacon, toast, baked beans and tomato – Saucer’s favourite English muffin with ham, bacon and egg – does it look like a smiley… 

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Registration of Marriage-11

Photography Project: Brother-in-law’s ROM

Last month, a very special event happened in our family – Saucer’s elder brother Soon got married! With his long-time girlfriend Ling. The event was held all the way up north in Kulim, since both of them are working in the northern region. Saucer and I were there, together with the rest of my in-laws…. 

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Celcom Xplay Shout-5

The Celcom Xplay Shout! Party!!

Remember my previous post about the Celcom XPLAY Shout event? Well, it happened yesterday night and may I say the crowd was awesome!The party was held at Library at e@Curve, one of the hippest and coolest club in town. Library at e@Curve Look at the crowd outside waiting to get in! Outside the Library Waiting… 

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Balinese Promotion-1

Flavours from Bali at Eccucino

I visited Bali more than 2 years ago and surprisingly, I found myself eating mostly seafood and babi guling. Back then, I was not aware of their local cuisine and missed out on a lot delicious food such as satay lilit or bebek betutu. In fact, I always feel regretful especially when I read blogs… 

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Panasonic Lumix LX5-12

Latest Addition to the Family

Haha! I bet some of you who saw the title might have something else in mind eh? *winks* Well, all I wanted to mean was my latest gadget added to my family! Yes!!! I finally bought myself a new camera, after selling off my Panasonic Lumix LX3 recently. Why did I want to sell off… 

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