5 Tips for Visiting Sea World, Gold Coast

After checking in on our first day, we took a nice nap, freshened up and went for dinner at a Japanese restaurant nearby. It was also raining so we didn’t do much afterwards but stayed in and watched some TV. The next morning, we woke up early because we were heading to the Sea World… 

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Registration of Marriage-11

Photography Project: Brother-in-law’s ROM

Last month, a very special event happened in our family – Saucer’s elder brother Soon got married! With his long-time girlfriend Ling. The event was held all the way up north in Kulim, since both of them are working in the northern region. Saucer and I were there, together with the rest of my in-laws…. 

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Celcom Xplay Shout-5

The Celcom Xplay Shout! Party!!

Remember my previous post about the Celcom XPLAY Shout event? Well, it happened yesterday night and may I say the crowd was awesome!The party was held at Library at e@Curve, one of the hippest and coolest club in town. Library at e@Curve Look at the crowd outside waiting to get in! Outside the Library Waiting… 

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Balinese Promotion-1

Flavours from Bali at Eccucino

I visited Bali more than 2 years ago and surprisingly, I found myself eating mostly seafood and babi guling. Back then, I was not aware of their local cuisine and missed out on a lot delicious food such as satay lilit or bebek betutu. In fact, I always feel regretful especially when I read blogs… 

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Panasonic Lumix LX5-12

Latest Addition to the Family

Haha! I bet some of you who saw the title might have something else in mind eh? *winks* Well, all I wanted to mean was my latest gadget added to my family! Yes!!! I finally bought myself a new camera, after selling off my Panasonic Lumix LX3 recently. Why did I want to sell off… 

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Food Crawl in Penang with Samsung ST600 Camera

As a continuation of my camera review for the Samsung ST600 model, the following are pictures that I have taken with this camera. All of them were not Photoshopped/modified but only resized to ease loading. Most of the pictures were taken during my recent trip to Penang, and as you could see, mostly revolved around… 

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My Experience at Eastin Hotel Penang

A few weeks ago, I followed Saucer to Penang for his company trip. It was about 3 months since my last visit there so I was really looking forward to it! Not to mention, this round we would be staying in the relatively new Eastin Hotel, just next to the Queensbay Mall of Penang! *shopping*… 

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