Another Year Wiser

About 2 weeks ago, I was reminded by the fact that time waits for no one, and without realizing, I was another year older wiser. I really do believe that time seems to fly much faster when you have a baby! Every day is just a mad rush in the morning and right after work…. 

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Get Free Tickets to Celcom XPLAY Shout Awards

Have you got the passion for music? And a thirst for awesome parties? If you answer Yes to both the questions, I have good news for you! Celcom XPLAY is now here to satisfy your craving needs. XPLAY is a series of music events nationwide that brings various genres of music together. What’s more we… 

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Luen Fong Tualang-12

Freshwater Prawns at Luen Fong, Tualang

Most people out of Perak may not have heard about Tanjung Tualang, a small town district in Perak, famous for its freshwater prawns. Previously a tin mining area, the ponds now have been converted to rear huge and fleshy prawns instead. Located just 20 minutes from Kampar, we were there one weekend to savour its… 

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Reminisce Cafe-24

A Walk Down the Memory Lane at Reminisce Cafe

Entering the new cafe in Mid Valley, I was brought to a whole new era of the past. Boasting of white chairs and tables, the restaurant named Reminisce was decorated with plenty of knick knacks from the 80’s such as comic books, stickers, telephone cards, soft drink bottles and more. It was really interesting to… 

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Samsung ST600-8

Unboxing the Samsung ST600 Dual Screen Camera

Recently Samsung launched a new dual-screen compact camera, with the tagline “Two Screens. Twice the Fun”. Ever since I sold my LX3 about 2 months ago, I have not had the chance to use another compact camera, until now. Thanks to Advertlets and Samsung Malaysia, I now have the chance to review the new ST600!… 

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Penang Trip -44

3-day Getaway to Penang – Part 3 (finale)

After the 2 days of my Penang getaway here and here, it was finally our last day in the Pearl of the Orient! Since my mom’s visitors needed to leave Penang in the afternoon, we woke up early for breakfast. Looking for food in the early morning was not my forte, since I’m not really… 

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Penang Trip -19-1

3-day Getaway to Penang – Part 2

Day 2 on my 3-day getaway to Penang! After I was done with my work in the morning, Saucer and I met his brother for lunch! We went to Penang road for their famous cendol and laksa. Parking can be a big problem here so it’s advisable to go during off-peak hours. Still, no guarantee!… 

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