Holiday in Gold Coast

During the long Easter weekend a few months back, our little family had a short getaway to one of Australia’s most popular holiday destination – Gold Coast! I have been meaning to blog about the trip much sooner but there was always something that got in the way. Anyway, as they say, better late than… 

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Celcom Xplay Shout-5

The Celcom Xplay Shout! Party!!

Remember my previous post about the Celcom XPLAY Shout event? Well, it happened yesterday night and may I say the crowd was awesome!The party was held at Library at e@Curve, one of the hippest and coolest club in town. Library at e@Curve Look at the crowd outside waiting to get in! Outside the Library Waiting… 

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Balinese Promotion-1

Flavours from Bali at Eccucino

I visited Bali more than 2 years ago and surprisingly, I found myself eating mostly seafood and babi guling. Back then, I was not aware of their local cuisine and missed out on a lot delicious food such as satay lilit or bebek betutu. In fact, I always feel regretful especially when I read blogs… 

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Panasonic Lumix LX5-12

Latest Addition to the Family

Haha! I bet some of you who saw the title might have something else in mind eh? *winks* Well, all I wanted to mean was my latest gadget added to my family! Yes!!! I finally bought myself a new camera, after selling off my Panasonic Lumix LX3 recently. Why did I want to sell off… 

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Food Crawl in Penang with Samsung ST600 Camera

As a continuation of my camera review for the Samsung ST600 model, the following are pictures that I have taken with this camera. All of them were not Photoshopped/modified but only resized to ease loading. Most of the pictures were taken during my recent trip to Penang, and as you could see, mostly revolved around… 

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My Experience at Eastin Hotel Penang

A few weeks ago, I followed Saucer to Penang for his company trip. It was about 3 months since my last visit there so I was really looking forward to it! Not to mention, this round we would be staying in the relatively new Eastin Hotel, just next to the Queensbay Mall of Penang! *shopping*… 

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Asian Cafe-11

Food Hunt at Asia Cafe, Tune Hotel

After being away for quite a while, I craved for some Malaysian street food. Hearing that Asia Cafe is newly opened at Kota Damansara was great news for me! Saucer and I went there with a group of friends to try out some of their specialties. The cafe is located just next to Tune Hotels… 

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