Quick Gourmet Meals

When I was just started working right out of university, I remembered feeling really excited about the new life and the freedom it brought. It was the first time I truly lived on my own away from my family, the first time I made my own money and the first time I spent my own… 

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Agehan Japanese Food

Once in a while, Saucer and I would crave for Japanese food, especially when we are in the mood something raw. It is without a doubt that Japanese restaurants in the Klang Valley are a dime a dozen, and it’s almost a painful task deciding on which restaurant to go to that would provide a… 

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Younger Looking Skin!

Twenty-three. That’s the age when I started working, and when I started spending my first pay cheque on beauty products. Back then, all I needed was the basic 3-step skin care set that consisted of cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Fast forward a few years down the road and I’m now heading towards the dreaded 3-0… 

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Hand-Made Pastas at Impromptu Cafe

If there’s one thing I love about Italian food, it has to be the pastas – all forms of pastas be it spaghetti, linguine, fettuccine, ravioli or gnocchi. But what I love more than dry pastas are fresh, hand-made pastas! The feeling of watching someone making the dough, rolling it, cutting it and finally cooking… 

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Hard Rock KL

All About Burgers at Hard Rock Cafe KL

Weekends are usually the time when Saucer and I indulge ourselves silly with some hearty and good food, as a reward after a week long of hard work in the office. A few weeks ago, he was in Vietnam for business and happened to go to the Hard Rock Cafe there for dinner. He was… 

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Make Up

Basics of Nude Look Makeup

Apart from all the catwalk classes and the talks at Amber Chia Academy, each student is required to go through 4 lessons of make-up, conducted by their in-house make-up instructor, Sharon. What I love about their makeup classes is that we are flexible to arrange the sessions with the instructor, according to our own timing…. 

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Jade Pot Dim Sum

Dim Sum at Jade Pot

It’s been a long time since I last had my dose of dim sum, the dainty, bite-sized Chinese food that is usually taken during breakfast. Well, times have changed now, and many restaurants are offering dim sum from morning til night, providing a constant supply to satisfy one’s cravings should it occur any time of… 

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