The Baron Cafe

Saucer is never a fan of cafe food. He thinks most of the cafe food are simple dishes that could be prepared at home. Therefore, whenever we dine outside, we rarely ever go to a cafe. However, a mother’s group that I joined was hyping about this cafe in our neighbourhood which is supposed to… 

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Antonio’s Garden Restaurant – Top 5 Restaurant in Asia

Whenever I mentioned to friends that I went to Manila, one of the most asked questions was “Did you try balut?” and my answer was a disappointing “No”. It’s not because I did not dare to do it, mind you, but our schedule was really packed that I only had the final day to look… 

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Celestial Court

Oriental Avant-Garde Cantonese Cuisine from W Taipei

I have dined in Celestial Court once during their Chinese New Year promotion and the memory of their Rabbit-shaped Yee Sang still fills my memory clearly until now. That, and their top-notch quality food, of course. Celestial Court has proven to be one of the top-ranking restaurants in my list for delectable and exquisite Chinese… 

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CH Wedding Kampar

A Malaysian Chinese Wedding Ceremony

Chinese all around the world practice different customs when it comes to the wedding day. The very traditional Chinese marriage rituals have since been modified according to different countries’ customs especially for the young and modern couples. I would like to take this opportunity to share the Chinese wedding ceremony customs that the modern Malaysian… 

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Elegant Walk

Basic Elegant Catwalk at Amber Chia Academy

It’s time for another post on my modeling lessons! It was my second class for the Modeling Advanced Catwalk course at Amber Chia Academy, and we were taught how to do the Elegant Catwalk as opposed to the Basic Casual Catwalk we learnt last time. The difference is that Elegant Catwalk is more graceful, slower,… 

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Secrets of Lousiana

Cajun Cuisine at Secret of Louisiana

I have heard so much about Cajun cuisine from dining in American restaurants but little did I know that Cajuns actually refer to an ethnic Acadian group who spoke French and were immigrants deported by the British from Canada to Louisiana, USA. These Acadian refugees or Cajuns, have since adapted their French cuisine to the… 

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Jade Pot Steamboat

Double Celebration at Jade Pot Steamboat

Ever since last year, my fellow Twitter friends and I would gather to have a Moon cake Tweetup to share the joy of eating moon cakes. Each of us would bring one moon cake of any variety, and it would then be cut and shared with the rest such that each of us could have… 

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