Visiting Parliament House and Brodburger, Canberra

Right after we submitted our application for Little J’s registration of birth, we took some time to visit the Australian Parliament House since we were in the vicinity. It was close to lunch time though, so we thought we’d just make a quick stop, take some photos, and go for lunch. The weather was amazing… 

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Fashion Sense & Trends with Keith Kee

Many people think that joining the modeling academy is all about catwalk, catwalk and more catwalk. It’s enlightening to know that after joining the Amber Chia Academy, I was not taught just catwalk alone. The class schedule included many bonus talks that are beneficial to models, which I thought was a brilliant way to groom… 

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50% Off Kampung Style Ramadhan Buffet

It is that time of the year again where the Muslims in the world celebrate Ramadhan, the month of fasting and breaking fast! To commemorate this holy month, many restaurants are offering ‘Buka Puasa’ buffets with various themes. Maytower Hotel & Serviced Residences is one of the many offering Ramadhan buffet, with their concept of… 

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First Video of Modeling Students

Ever since I started joining Amber Chia Academy early this month, many of my friends have been pestering me to demonstrate my catwalk in front of them. Naturally, I was always shy and said no. But it has come to a time where we should have a sort of checkpoint to gauge where we are… 

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Good Evening Bangkok

Good Evening Bangkok!

No, I’m not in Bangkok, but dining in this restaurant might give you the impression that you are! Located in 1 Utama shopping mall, Good Evening Bangkok is tucked at a corner just next to the rainforest exhibit, and is largely decorated by wooden furniture, plush cushions and colourful lanterns – much like many Thai… 

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Bloggers Without Borders – Update!

If you still remember a couple of weeks back, I did a post on Hotlink’s Prepaid Data Roaming contest – Bloggers without Borders, asking for your votes to send me to Philippines. Well, the contest officially ended last week and the traveling period was to be this week. Unfortunately, none of us in the Food… 

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Amber Chia Academy

The Correct Facial Expression

Besides knowing the right technique to walk and pose, the facial expression of a model is also important. As mentioned in the first post, a model is supposed to sell products through body language alone. The emotion we portray, the look in our eyes, the way we pose all make an impact to the audience…. 

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