Sweet and Sour Chicken by Air Fryer

Who doesn’t love sweet and sour dishes? Growing up, sweet and sour pork used to be my absolute favourite dish. If I was asked by grandma what I wanted to have for dinner, I would always answer ‘ku lou yoke’. Even to this day, I still have a soft spot for sweet and sour dishes… 

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An Intimate Evening with Stephen Twining

Twinings, the world-famous English tea company, is no stranger to anyone who drinks tea in the world. The unmistakable tea bag and packaging is a branding on its own, making English tea accessible from every corner of the world since 1706. Stephen Twining, the 10th generation of the Twining family, was in in town for… 

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Kechara Oasis

New Age Vegetarian Cuisine at Kechara Oasis

Every once in a while, I’d like to detox and clean my body off from meat. This is when a vegetarian meal comes to mind. As much as I enjoy the occasional vegetarian food, I find it hard to find those that are not overloaded with gluten or flour, in their effort of making vegetarian… 

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CH wedding

Angie’s Wedding Dinner in Muar

Let me introduce you to a lovely person, her name is Angie. She came into my younger brother’s life about 4 years ago, and eventually to our lives when she started visiting our family with him. Together, they have survived years of long distance relationship, from Perak-KL at first, to Perak-Germany, to KL-Terengganu and even… 

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Smoky Eyes

Smoky Eyes – Unveiled!

Can’t believe a week of holiday just FLEW passed! Time does fly when one is having fun, doesn’t it? Anyway, I figured I haven’t be writing about my Amber Chia Academy experience for quite some time now and it’s good for an update. I have recently completed the 4 lessons of make-up, starting with 2… 

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Taal Volcano – A Volcano within a Volcano

One thing that makes the biggest difference when we are traveling overseas is to have someone local to show us around. This time, we are indeed lucky to have two exceptionally kind and generous souls, Anson and Aubrey, who brought us to several amazing places while we’re in Manila. After touching down, they picked us… 

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Touch Down in Manila!

First of all, Selamat Hari Merdeka or Happy Independence Day to Malaysia! This year marks a special double celebration for those of us in Malaysia since our Independence day coincides with the Hari Raya celebration, which meant a longer stretch of holiday, not to mention the multitude of lemang and rendang as well. As for… 

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