Warner Bros Movie World, Gold Coast

After our visit to the Seaworld in Gold Coast, we used the same multi-park ticket to enter the Warner Bros Movie World the next day. If you had read my post on the 5 Tips for Visiting Sea World, you would know that we had bought our tickets beforehand, so we didn’t even have to… 

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A Night of Romantic Surprises

It was after work, circa 6pm that day that I reached home. And Saucer was playing his PS3, engrossed, if I might say so, apparently at the last stage of his game. When he saw me, he just nonchalantly said “Hi” with a smile, while continuing with his game. It was my birthday, I frowned…. 

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GIVEAWAY: Defy the Test of Time

I’m so near to hitting the big 3-0 but often times, many people, especially strangers, still think that I’m in my early twenties. Of course I’m not complaining but I do wonder, how long will it last? One will not look young forever, so before the clock gets the best of me and my skin,… 

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MIGF 2011

It’s Raining Chefs at MIGF 2011

I love October! Aside from the fact that it’s my birthday month ;), it’s also the month of wonderful food thanks to the annual Malaysian International Gourmet Festival (MIGF), a month-long event showcasing the creme de la creme of Malaysia’s finest restaurants with their Festival menus. These customized menus were painstakingly planned way ahead of… 

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Elegant Catwalk with Mood & Music

During our third lesson in Modeling Advanced Catwalk at Amber Chia Academy, we had a special instructor in the house. She’s Esther Tan, the slim, sweet and gorgeous lady who won the Miss Chinatown Pageant 2004 and who’s now a constant figure in most major runway shows. Her forte is in dramatic modeling and she… 

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Antonio’s Garden Restaurant – Top 5 Restaurant in Asia

Whenever I mentioned to friends that I went to Manila, one of the most asked questions was “Did you try balut?” and my answer was a disappointing “No”. It’s not because I did not dare to do it, mind you, but our schedule was really packed that I only had the final day to look… 

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Celestial Court

Oriental Avant-Garde Cantonese Cuisine from W Taipei

I have dined in Celestial Court once during their Chinese New Year promotion and the memory of their Rabbit-shaped Yee Sang still fills my memory clearly until now. That, and their top-notch quality food, of course. Celestial Court has proven to be one of the top-ranking restaurants in my list for delectable and exquisite Chinese… 

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