Adventure Travel on the Islands of Cape Verde

The relatively unspoilt islands of Cape Verde, which are positioned around 350 miles off the coast of Western Africa, have become an admired destination among sun-seeking holidaymakers due to their white beaches, blue seas and constantly warm climate. However, this archipelago also attracts more intrepid tourists, thanks to the adventurous activities and experiences on offer…. 

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Lai Po Heen MIGF

Festival Dining at Lai Po Heen

Chef Ricky Thein and I, we go back a long way. He used to be the Chinese Chef at Tai Zi Heen, where I had the opportunity to sample their Chinese New Year sets here and here. It’s no secret that I love his creations! Every meal was a satisfaction especially his signature Stir-fried prawns… 

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Mandarin Grill MIGF

MIGF Experience at Mandarin Grill

It’s the month of October, which means more splurging on the annual Festival menus by participating restaurants in the Malaysian International Gourmet Festival (MIGF). This time around, I was privileged to sample the MIGF menu at the posh and upscale Mandarin Grill restaurant at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. It was my first time stepping foot into… 

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Chilla Cup

Sit Back, Relax and Chilla Cup

Sometimes during the weekend, all Saucer and I want is a place to sit comfortably, have some snacks and more importantly, a good cup of coffee. We have been to several places that serve good coffee in a comfortable ambience so far, but none with really delicious snacks. Last week though, we were introduced to… 

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Elegant Gown

Modeling for Bridal Shows

As a new model, very often the first shows to model for are bridal shows, especially those organized by bridal houses. Very often, a model would be asked to parade with various types of gowns such as can-can, mermaid, A-line or even flowy chiffon gowns. Personally, I love wearing wedding gowns (which girl doesn’t?)! They… 

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A Night of Romantic Surprises

It was after work, circa 6pm that day that I reached home. And Saucer was playing his PS3, engrossed, if I might say so, apparently at the last stage of his game. When he saw me, he just nonchalantly said “Hi” with a smile, while continuing with his game. It was my birthday, I frowned…. 

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GIVEAWAY: Defy the Test of Time

I’m so near to hitting the big 3-0 but often times, many people, especially strangers, still think that I’m in my early twenties. Of course I’m not complaining but I do wonder, how long will it last? One will not look young forever, so before the clock gets the best of me and my skin,… 

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