Not Impressed with Temasek

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we miss Malaysian food! Cravings for Malaysian food hit us every now and then, especially during festive season like the Hari Raya or Mooncake Festival, when we see more pictures of good food on our Facebook feed. Therefore, it is inevitable that we scout around for… 

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Full Moon Celebration

It’s interesting to know that a baby’s full moon celebration is really only practiced by the Chinese customs when a baby turns one month old. Needless to say, when I talked about this tradition with my Australian colleagues, all of them were intrigued. To be honest, I am not very familiar with this tradition either… 

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Life with A Baby

It has been more than 3 months since the life-changing morning when I gave birth to my baby boy. It was life-changing indeed, where do I even begin?? For starters, I was never prepared for a baby to be crying so much, to be feeding so often and to be sleeping so little (well, at… 

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photo 1

Another Malaysian Eatery

“You can take a girl out of Malaysia, but you can never take Malaysia out of a girl”. I think that pretty much sums up what food I had recently. Yes, we are in Sydney, and yes, I know “when in Rome, do as Romans do” but sometimes a girl is just home sick! Well,… 

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Winston Gardens Yum Cha

Having a baby meant that dining out, movies or shopping have reduced tremendously. Don’t me wrong, I’m not whinging, because I know this is part of parenthood, and I’m enjoying it as it comes. There are times though, that parenthood could do with a little motivational boost. For me, it is that occasional treat in… 

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Our +1

It has taken me a long time to think whether I should be writing this post, because I worry that it will become too emotional for me. But I have decided that such an amazing journey should be documented, if not for me then for my little baby when he’s grown up. The journey of… 

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Tea Gardens

Tea Gardens Boatshed

Just before leaving Tea Gardens, we thought we should have our lunch prior to the long drive back. After talking to a few locals, we found out that one of the must-try places in Tea Gardens is Tea Gardens Boatshed restaurant/cafe. Situated along the beautiful Marine Drive, this restaurant offers spectacular views of the sea… 

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