Holiday in Gold Coast

During the long Easter weekend a few months back, our little family had a short getaway to one of Australia’s most popular holiday destination – Gold Coast! I have been meaning to blog about the trip much sooner but there was always something that got in the way. Anyway, as they say, better late than… 

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What We Did in Chatuchak, Bangkok

This post is long due, since we went to Bangkok a couple of months back! Seeing that we’re in Bangkok again right now, I thought it would be the perfect timing to continue with the adventure. Chatuchak Weekend Market is synonymous with shopping in Bangkok. It’s almost unacceptable if one visits Bangkok without dropping by… 

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Not Just Any Tom, Dick or Harry

Located in the relatively new building called The Scott Garden along Old Klang Road (where Tesco is), is a neighbourhood and friendly pub & grub place called Tom, Dick & Harry’s. I have heard plenty of good things about this restaurant which first operated at TTDI, and when it started the second outlet so close… 

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Win a Volkswagen POLO

Sometimes when your phone rings and it is located away from you,have you experienced running all the way to your phone to answer it anxiously, only to have it stop ringing once you pick it up? To me, that’s one of the most annoying things to happen. Why wouldn’t the caller hang on for just… 

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Maju Palace

Halal Dim Sum Can Be Good Too

The Chinese delicacy of bite-sized portions of food served in bamboo steamers, also known as dim sum, is usually related to the presence of pork. There is wide perception that dim sum without pork is not dim sum at all, but let’s not generalize too soon. Situated in the relatively quiet Maju Junction Mall is… 

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Ban Lee

Best Roadside Bak Kut Teh

A couple of weeks back, our friend Andreas visited KL all the way from Germany. Being a real foodie himself, I was given the task to suggest places for dinner with a few of us. I would have opted for Klang Bak Kut Teh, but seeing how it is out of the way from the… 

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5 FREE Things to do in Pangkor Laut Resort

You’ve seen the beauty of Pangkor Laut Resort and the fabulous dining options available there, but what about things to do when you’re not eating or in the villa? To be honest, this was one of my worries planning a trip to a secluded island, because Saucer is not one who takes boredom lightly. If… 

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