Not Impressed with Temasek

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we miss Malaysian food! Cravings for Malaysian food hit us every now and then, especially during festive season like the Hari Raya or Mooncake Festival, when we see more pictures of good food on our Facebook feed. Therefore, it is inevitable that we scout around for… 

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Jarrod & Rawlins

The Full Works Breakfast

Weekend is here! What do you love most about the weekend? For me, it’s having the liberty of sleeping as much as I want without that darn alarm clock waking me up. And when I wake up, I would love to have a hearty and fulfilling breakfast that could last me until past lunch. Yes,… 

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Kronenbourg LAF 2

L’APERITIF Fashion at G Tower

And so the day of the big Fashion, Wine and Dine event came – L’APERITIF Fashion at The View, G Tower. All of us were dressed to the nines, in accordance to the fashionably chic theme. We were there slightly past 8.30pm and the whole place was filled with people having fun with their glasses… 

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Simply Mels

Have a Kristang Christmas

Christmas always means party with good friends and family with plenty of good food. Instead of the typical Western dishes that we have every year during Christmas, perhaps one could consider having it the Kristang style? Kristang cuisine, a mixture of Malaccan and Portuguese cuisine, is one that is not commonly found especially in KL…. 

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Pan Heong

Sang Har Mee at Pan Heong

I’m a fan of seafood! There’s just something about the seafood sweetness that makes food taste so much better, without worrying about the fat content. With the exception of crabs (because it takes too much work to peel them off), I enjoy eating lobsters, prawns, clams, squids, fish, you name it. But the only problem… 

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Pangkor Laut Resort

The Beauty of Pangkor Laut Resort

Finally, after much delay, I shall continue writing about our wedding anniversary at the absolutely breath-taking Pangkor Laut Resort. There are many places that we have visited domestically and around the world, but Pangkor Laut Resort (PLR) is easily one of the few that we wouldn’t mind returning. The experience was nothing short of spectacular,… 

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ACA Berjaya Times Square

Grand Opening of Amber Chia Academy

Amber Chia is easily one of the most hardworking and dedicated supermodel around. Started as a model from a young age, the lanky lady is now not only a gorgeous mother to little Ashton, but a very successful businesswoman. With the aim of discovering more local talents, she has started her first Amber Chia Academy… 

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