Giant Pork Knuckle at Bavarian

I keep reminding myself, I have to post this up before October is over, because we had this meal part as part of the Oktoberfest! And boy, oh boy, it’s 31st of October now, I made it just in time. If you read my previous post, we had a German lunch a few weeks back… 

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Couples Modeling

Catwalk as a Couple

Have you been wondering if I am still attending my modeling classes at Amber Chia Academy? Well the truth is I have completed the Modeling Advanced Catwalk Course a couple of months ago and have just started the Modeling Advanced Photo & Video last week, a signature course taught by Amber Chia herself. But before… 

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Pangkor Laut Resort

Fabulous Dining at Pangkor Laut Resort

Let’s continue with another episode of my experience at the breath-taking Pangkor Laut Resort (PLR), shall we? Since I have blogged about how to get to the resort and the beauty of the resort, this post will focus on the dining options at PLR. Many of you have asked how much was the price to… 

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Uncle Chilis

Merry Christmas from Uncle Chilli’s

I’ve been to Hilton PJ a couple of times before for their buffet and a few more times to buy birthday cakes at Caffe Cino. But little did I know that there’s actually a hidden private dining area within the Cigar Lounge that offers Western specialties in a fine-dining atmosphere. That private dining area, my… 

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Jarrod & Rawlins

The Full Works Breakfast

Weekend is here! What do you love most about the weekend? For me, it’s having the liberty of sleeping as much as I want without that darn alarm clock waking me up. And when I wake up, I would love to have a hearty and fulfilling breakfast that could last me until past lunch. Yes,… 

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Kronenbourg LAF 2

L’APERITIF Fashion at G Tower

And so the day of the big Fashion, Wine and Dine event came – L’APERITIF Fashion at The View, G Tower. All of us were dressed to the nines, in accordance to the fashionably chic theme. We were there slightly past 8.30pm and the whole place was filled with people having fun with their glasses… 

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Simply Mels

Have a Kristang Christmas

Christmas always means party with good friends and family with plenty of good food. Instead of the typical Western dishes that we have every year during Christmas, perhaps one could consider having it the Kristang style? Kristang cuisine, a mixture of Malaccan and Portuguese cuisine, is one that is not commonly found especially in KL…. 

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