Quick Gourmet Meals

When I was just started working right out of university, I remembered feeling really excited about the new life and the freedom it brought. It was the first time I truly lived on my own away from my family, the first time I made my own money and the first time I spent my own… 

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Pangkor Laut Resort

Our Pangkor Laut Resort SPA Experience

Going to Pangkor Laut Resort without visiting the Spa would be the same as going to Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower. The PLR Spa Village has been awarded the Best Spa in Malaysia and Best Destination Spa in the world for multiple times. Even though it is expensive, it’s worth the price to… 

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Yoke Heng

Slurpilicious Lou Shi Fun

Having to decide where to go for lunch is one of hardest tasks to do at work. It’s more challenging when a group of colleagues turn to you and expect a good recommendation from a food blogger. Giving good suggestions would not be so difficult for the first couple of times but after more than… 

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Aman Rimba-32

For Ladies Only

In a couple of hours, Christmas would be over, and we’d be looking forward to the New Year! How time flies when one is having fun, yes? How was your Christmas celebration? Saucer and I went shopping on Christmas day morning (!!) to buy ingredients for dinner. By the time we were done, it was… 

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All I Want for Christmas is The Right Size Tablet

It’s just one more day to Christmas! Can’t help but feel all giggly with the long weekend ahead and the prospects of a nice home-cooked Christmas meal tomorrow. Yes, I have the menu all ready! How about Christmas gifts, you say? Every year, I look forward to buying something for myself as a reward for… 

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A5 leaflet (PRINT)-01

[ADV] Mystical Eve 2012 New Year Party

What will you be doing on New Year’s Eve this year? How does a FREE party with Malaysia’s biggest stars sound to you? Well I may have passed the age of partying but then, it’s hard to resist when so many huge acts are coming together to perform on this special day while waiting for… 

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4-minute Meals with myChef

Hands up those of you who cook dinner everyday in spite of a full-time job? I’m guessing not many. But I’m not judging you, because I am in the same position too. Not only we, the women in the house, have to wake up early and go to work, we also need to do house… 

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