Happy Birthday Darling!

It was Saucer’s birthday a couple of weeks ago and for the longest time, I was thinking hard on what to get for him. I wanted it to be something different, something that we seldom do but also something that he would enjoy, of course. I came up with the idea of having a staycation… 

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My Lion Dance E-Card

Do you still remember the good old days when we used to send and receive physical Chinese New Year cards? The ones that we used to buy in packs of 5 or 10, in which all of them looked similar and had the same theme of red colour? It’s been ages since I last received… 

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Mystical Eve Countdown to 2012

Remember the countdown party that I wrote about a couple of weeks before the year 2011 ended? Like you, I had my doubts about going to crowded places on New Year’s Eve, thinking that the traffic would be horrible, parking would be a mess and the sweaty crowd would be a turn-off. Still, judging from… 

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“Fortune” Cakes by Just Heavenly

Tired of eating the same old Chinese New Year cookies every year? How about trying something different this year? Think rich, moist chocolate cake, or buttercup cake, or even double chocolate chip cookies for the festive occasion! This year Just Heavenly is proud to bring you their “Fook Toh” or “Fortune” series. The theme is… 

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Ben Tdi Wei

Delicious and Affordable Chinese New Year Menu

The thing about Chinese New Year dinners in nice restaurants/hotels is that they are mostly priced on the higher side, and not that affordable for young adults. Dining in hotel restaurants would cost easily more than RM1k++ per table, and they usually don’t have the option of doing it for less than 10 persons. Thankfully,… 

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It’s Not Nasi Lemak without Sambal

I’m finally BACK! It’s amazing how time really flies when you’re having holidays, or fun! More posts on Bangkok coming up soon, but first, what’s the food that you miss the most whenever you travel abroad for a long period of time? For me, it’s without a doubt, Nasi Lemak! There’s just something about the… 

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The Dragon and its Fireball

Can you believe it? In just 10 days, it will mark the beginning of the new year, the year of the Dragon. It feels just like yesterday when I was tossing yee sang in the shape of a Rabbit! To welcome the new year of the Dragon, also the most popular year in the Chinese… 

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