Sweet and Sour Chicken by Air Fryer

Who doesn’t love sweet and sour dishes? Growing up, sweet and sour pork used to be my absolute favourite dish. If I was asked by grandma what I wanted to have for dinner, I would always answer ‘ku lou yoke’. Even to this day, I still have a soft spot for sweet and sour dishes… 

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Battle of the Dim Sum in Singapore

Dim Sum, that tiny and delicate morsels of flavourful food that we usually have for breakfast, has evolved from the olden days into a full-fledged meal now, any time of the day. Incidentally, dim sum must be a Singaporean’s favourite too, for during our recent trip there, we were taken to 2 different dim sum… 

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myiMart – Exclusive Travel & Lifestyle Deals

We all know that group-buying websites are a dime a dozen now, but that doesn’t stop the business from growing. Recently, a new website was launched, with a commitment to only two things – travel and lifestyle deals. Their goal is not so much on selling deals, but more on creating experiences. So you… 

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Novotel Singapore Clark Quay

Still remember my mediocre experience at M Hotel Singapore a few weeks back? I promised that I would share another hotel experience with you, which was much better than that. After 2 nights at M Hotel, we switched to Novotel Singapore in Clark Quay. It was our first time staying there and we didn’t have… 

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Li Yen

Dinner at Li Yen

It must have been a couple of months ago, when my friend Foong invited Saucer and I to dinner at Li Yen, Ritz-Carlton Hotel. We initially couldn’t make it on the scheduled date because we were going to be outstation, but he was so kind to come up with a few alternatives and finally all… 

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The Story of a Sandwich Lunch

I still remember some time last year, we had a training session in office and didn’t have time to go out for lunch. That day, we wanted something quick and convenient, so I decided to order sandwiches for all of us. But when the sandwiches arrived, most of the guys groaned by thinking that sandwiches… 

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Bussaracum Bangkok

Bussaracum Royal Thai Cuisine

It must have been ages since my first ever visit to Bangkok last year, but when I looked back at pictures taken from this particular restaurant, the memories came flooding back to me. Sometimes, when you eat something that is so good, the taste, the feeling, the texture all remain vividly in your mind even… 

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