Visiting Malaysia 2014-15

Work has been really crazy for the past couple of weeks. I finally have some time to take a breather and post a long overdue update on our trip back to Malaysia! In the interest of time, this post will contain mostly pictures and less words since a picture speaks a thousand words right? So… 

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The Story of a Sandwich Lunch

I still remember some time last year, we had a training session in office and didn’t have time to go out for lunch. That day, we wanted something quick and convenient, so I decided to order sandwiches for all of us. But when the sandwiches arrived, most of the guys groaned by thinking that sandwiches… 

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Bussaracum Bangkok

Bussaracum Royal Thai Cuisine

It must have been ages since my first ever visit to Bangkok last year, but when I looked back at pictures taken from this particular restaurant, the memories came flooding back to me. Sometimes, when you eat something that is so good, the taste, the feeling, the texture all remain vividly in your mind even… 

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Amber Chia Photo Class

Amber Chia’s Signature Course

Modeling Advanced Photo and Video was my final course at Amber Chia Academy, and one that was fully taught by none other than Amber Chia herself. I took this class end of last year, when there were only about 8 of us in it. The small class guaranteed full attention from Amber, as well as… 

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A Little Bit Of Taiwan

Time flies when you are having fun, it’s true. Without realizing it, we have spent 8 days in Taiwan and came back fully satisfied but exhausted. All the walking, waiting and flying are taking a toll on me. I will definitely need some time to get adjusted to my daily routine again but in the… 

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M Hotel in Singapore

A couple of weekends ago, Saucer and I went to Singapore for a short weekend trip. During our 3-night escapade, we stayed in 2 different hotels, the first being the M Hotel in Tanjung Pagar. It was our first time staying in this hotel and even though we had corporate rate, the charge was SGD260++… 

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Going Italian at Favola

Favola is an Italian restaurant that I’ve been wanting to go for quite some time. Without a Starwood card, I have been procrastinating my visit for the longest time until Marcky decided to share his 50% group discount out, so a date was set! 6 of us met up for dinner that night, sharing stories… 

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