Our Favourite Malaysian Restaurant in Sydney

It’s no surprise that we love Malaysian food and would go to great lengths to get them – either in terms of traveling the distance or in attempting to replicate them at home. Every time we hear of a commendable Malaysian restaurant, we would try our best to give it a try usually during the… 

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The Rocks Foodies Market

When I first came to Sydney about 7 years ago for holidays, one of the places that I remember visiting was The Rocks. To be honest, most Sydneysiders would tell you that there is really nothing much at The Rocks but an over commercialized touristy place. Well, since Saucer had never been there before, we… 

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Crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is without a doubt, one of the iconic landmarks in Sydney, Australia. The weather had been gloomy for the past couple of weeks, so when I saw a forecast of clear skies last Saturday, I decided to drag Saucer to walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Spanning just over 1km long,… 

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My Bidding Experience

Last week, I wrote a post about the latest bidding site in town called ChikaPowWow. It has rapidly caught up with the trends now with more and more people joining the bidding party. I know that because I was one of the excited bidders last week. When I thought the website was still new, hence… 

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Snacking in Shilin Night Market

During our second night in Taipei, we decided to explore one of Taipei’s most famous night market in Shilin. Getting to Shilin Night Market was pretty easy by MRT.The market was just across the road from Shilin Station, and it’s hard to miss judging from the huge crowd along the street. There were plenty of… 

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Taipei’s Attraction: Longshan Temple

Taipei is not only famous for shopping and street food, it also houses one of the oldest temples in the world. Longshan Temple was built circa 1738 during the reign of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty, and has remained as one of the most famous attractions in Taipei to date. Getting to Longshan Temple was easy, as there… 

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$10 Steaks at The Ranch

If you don’t already know, Saucer has finally joined me here in Sydney since last week! To celebrate this occasion, I decided to bring him to a bistro that serves really cheap and good steaks at The Ranch Bistro. On normal days, steaks here would cost around $28 and above, but on Wednesdays, there is… 

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