Neglected Feet

I love shoes! Well, who doesn’t? But after having Little J in our lives, I find that I don’t have time to go out anymore, not to mention shoe-shopping. So, my only other resort was online shopping. The drawback with online shopping is that you can’t see the actual product before buying, and when it… 

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Sheraton Imperial Afternoon Tea Buffet

During the final week before I left Malaysia, I was pretty free especially during the day time. When Yen suggested for afternoon tea together at Pavilions Lounge, Sheraton Imperial KL, I immediately agreed to it. For one, this tea is only available during weekdays and I never had the chance to try it when I… 

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TITANIC: Mystery Solved

Titanic – they said it’s unsinkable. Without realizing, it is now approaching the 100th anniversary since its legendary sinking incident on April 15th, 1912 in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. A team of scientists, engineers, archaeologists and imaging experts have come together to answer one of the most haunting questions surrounding the legendary… 

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The Famous James Cendol

When the weather is hot, our body is automatically programmed to look for something cold and refreshing, don’t you think so? Well, that was what happened on the afternoon right after lunch at Ishin. Yen decided that since we’re along Old Klang Road, we should hunt for the Famous James Cendol from Sitiawan. After making… 

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Set Lunch at Ishin

About a week before I left Malaysia, Yen suggested to try out the set lunch at Ishin Japanese restaurant along Old Klang Road. Since it was literally walking distance from my place, I agreed immediately. Who would have thought that we even managed to squeeze some time out of Kenny’s busy schedule to have lunch… 

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Steaks at Qba Latin Grill

I have been receiving many messages regarding my whereabouts lately, so if you don’t already know, I have just moved to Australia. It’s not a sudden move, and it’s something we have planned for a while but it’s definitely not easy. Anyway, before I start writing on my new adventure, allow me to complete the… 

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Venuss Beauty E-Light Facial

A few days after I wrote about myImart website, I couldn’t stop myself from browsing through the deals and trying out myself! I scrolled up and down, read every single deal and thought of what would be most suitable for me. Since I did not have plans to travel, I only focused on the lifestyle… 

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