Fondue for 2 + 1

It’s the middle of winter in Sydney and what’s better than having a mug of piping, thick, hot chocolate to drink? A chocolate fondue, of course! We were at the Theobroma Chocolate Lounge a few weeks back on a rainy and cold afternoon for hot chocolate. After settling Little J down on his high chair,… 

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Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

One of the famous landmarks and postcard pictures of Taipei is the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, I noticed. We didn’t originally plan to visit this place at first, judging from our tight schedule, but it so happened that the bus we’re on one day stopped at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall and we decided there and… 

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Biennale (Bi-eh-na-le) of Sydney

In Italian, Biennale means ‘Biennial’, or an event that occurs once every 2 years. But it is most commonly used within the art world to describe a contemporary art festival originating from Venice. Sydney has a similar art event too, known as the Biennale of Sydney, and this year marks the 18th installment of the… 

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Disappointed at The Forbes

Last weekend, we bought a Groupon deal promising a 3-course set meal with wine at The Forbes Hotel, Sydney, with the promise that the meal would look something like  this: Picture shown on Groupon website We made our reservation a week before with a waiter who seemed busy and rushed, but we didn’t mind since… 

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Afternoon Tea in Wedgwood Tearoom

After days and days of having Taiwanese street food, we decided to have a change of taste and went for a fancy afternoon tea session. It was rather impromptu really, since we had a free day of shopping and happened to be in Sogo. While window-shopping, we somehow ended up on the 9th floor, and… 

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Quick Fix: Roti Canai Breakfast

A couple of weeks back, while doing our grocery shopping, we found some frozen paratha on sale. Well, we have never cooked frozen paratha / roti canai before in Malaysia since they are so readily available and cheap. But in Sydney, a plain roti with curry could easily cost AUD5-6 a piece, which could be… 

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Chocolate Indulgence at Guylian

Whenever the weather forecast shows sunny and clear skies during the weekend, we’d have the urge to go out, take a walk and just enjoy the sun. It didn’t matter where we go really, as long as we have a good dose of fresh air and bright sun under the blue sky. Yesterday was one… 

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