Neglected Feet

I love shoes! Well, who doesn’t? But after having Little J in our lives, I find that I don’t have time to go out anymore, not to mention shoe-shopping. So, my only other resort was online shopping. The drawback with online shopping is that you can’t see the actual product before buying, and when it… 

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Morning Fix

If there’s one thing I observed about breakfast in Sydney, it’s that Bacon and Egg roll is a common item in the menu. In KL, breakfast would mean wanton noodles, roti canai, nasi lemak or pan mee. Needless to say, those items are not that easily available anymore, much less in the early morning. And… 

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Night and Day at Sun Moon Lake

A continuation of the sunset in Sun Moon Lake, we went back to the chalet to freshen up before dinner, and asked the owner to fetch us out after. Before that, we took some time to explore the pier when night fell and observed the night view of Sun Moon Lake. It was peaceful and… 

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Crystal Jade Chalet

Our one night at Sun Moon Lake was spent at Crystal Jade Chalet, a random hotel we found from the internet. There were plenty of chalets and hotels around the Sun Moon Lake city centre where the pier was, but we thought that to be too noisy and commercialized. After much scouting, we called up… 

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Sunset in Sun Moon Lake

It’s Monday morning, and as with most people, a lazy one. Which is why I’m going to do the right thing by posting more pictures and less words in this post. While we were in Taiwan, we did the adventurous thing of taking public transport and traveling all the way to Sun Moon Lake for… 

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Street Food in Jiufen Old Street

Many people have reminded us over and over again not to forget to visit Jiufen when we were in Taiwan. Located in the mountainous area in the Ruifang district, the cheapest way to go up would be by taking a bus. We did just that by taking a bus from Keelung, and reached Jiufen in… 

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Chocolate Fix at San Churro

Ever since arriving in Sydney, I’ve always wanted to try churros, simply because I’m a fan of fried pastries and chocolate. Last weekend, while shopping in Chatswood, we spotted Chocolateria San Churro and decided that we should pop in for a snack. Churros are also known as Spanish doughnuts that are long and lean, with… 

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