Another Year Wiser

About 2 weeks ago, I was reminded by the fact that time waits for no one, and without realizing, I was another year older wiser. I really do believe that time seems to fly much faster when you have a baby! Every day is just a mad rush in the morning and right after work…. 

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Last Night at Sun Moon Lake

We spent a good whole 2 days in Sun Moon Lake, and during our one and only dinner opportunity, the chalet owner recommended us to visit Ah Rong’s Restaurant near the pier. Once we were seated, we were presented with a mostly-Chinese menu, except for a couple of pages of set menu in English. Since… 

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Turquoise Waters in Dee Why Beach

Sydney has been blessed with pretty good weather for the past couple of weeks, boasting of blue skies and bright sunshine. Having gorgeous weather especially during the weekend screamed for outdoor activities! Last weekend, we decided to venture out to an area we had never been to before, which was the northern beaches of Sydney…. 

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Banana Cake

Easy Peasy Banana Cake Recipe

I wonder what’s wrong with me, lately I have been on a banana cake-baking frenzy! It has been 3 weekends in a row that I’d baked banana cakes and I’m still not getting tired of it. Having said that though, I must admit the banana cake recipe is far from perfect. I still think that… 

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Yum Cha in Sea Treasure

It’s funny how we use different terms to mean different things when we’re in a different country. In Malaysia, ‘yum cha’ would most probably mean having a drink or supper at night after dinner in a mamak or some dessert restaurant. In Australia and many other parts of the world, yum cha refers to eating… 

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Morning Fix

If there’s one thing I observed about breakfast in Sydney, it’s that Bacon and Egg roll is a common item in the menu. In KL, breakfast would mean wanton noodles, roti canai, nasi lemak or pan mee. Needless to say, those items are not that easily available anymore, much less in the early morning. And… 

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Night and Day at Sun Moon Lake

A continuation of the sunset in Sun Moon Lake, we went back to the chalet to freshen up before dinner, and asked the owner to fetch us out after. Before that, we took some time to explore the pier when night fell and observed the night view of Sun Moon Lake. It was peaceful and… 

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