Sweet and Sour Chicken by Air Fryer

Who doesn’t love sweet and sour dishes? Growing up, sweet and sour pork used to be my absolute favourite dish. If I was asked by grandma what I wanted to have for dinner, I would always answer ‘ku lou yoke’. Even to this day, I still have a soft spot for sweet and sour dishes… 

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Malaysia Fest in Sydney!

A couple of weeks back, Saucer and I attended the Malaysia Fest (MFest), an annual community and cultural festival organised by the Malaysian Student Community of Sydney. Impressively, this year marks the 22nd time this event has been held here, mainly to promote and raise awareness of the Malaysian diverse culture to the Australian community…. 

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MANGO Fall Winter 2012 Collection

Ever since my early twenties, I have been a big fan of MANGO (MNG) fashion line. I have always found their collection to be classy, elegant but not over-the-top. Also, if I waited until their yearly big sale, I would get pretty good deals for clothes that looked amazing! Therefore, I was more than happy… 

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Chinese Cuisine: Ginger and Shallots

Sydney is a home to many different cuisines, and Chinese is one of the more prominent ones. You can almost find a Chinese restaurant in all the shopping centers around the city and most suburbs! Last weekend, Saucer and I had dinner with a fellow Malaysian friend, and we decided to share a set meal… 

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Birthday Celebration

So that time of the year has come again. The big Birthday. And for the first time, I’m celebrating it thousands of miles from home. Well, to me it really doesn’t make a big difference where I celebrate it, not as much as who I celebrate it with. Yesterday, Saucer brought me to Ribs and… 

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Comfort Food: Steam Minced Pork with Mushrooms

It’s just amazing how time flies when you’re having holidays! We had a 3-day weekend last week due to NSW’s Labour Day, but 3 days passed by almost in a flash. While we recover from our holidays, let’s go home to some good old comfort food. Here is a simple recipe for Steam Minced Pork… 

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The New iPhone 5

Exactly 2.5 years ago, I laid my hands on my first ever iPhone 3Gs from Apple. Fast forward to year 2012, I am now an excited new owner of the brand new Apple iPhone 5! As you may well know, Apple has just released their latest and greatest iPhone 5 on the 21st of September… 

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