Black Sesame Balls / Jin Dui Recipe

About a few weeks back, Saucer suddenly said to me, “Could you make me those black sesame balls that we had from the restaurant the other day during lunch?”. He was referring to those deep fried glutinous rice balls coated with sesame seeds with a black sesame paste filling. Most yum cha places here have… 

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The Secret to Cooking and Eating Great Malay Food

Situated for centuries at the crossroads of the ancient spice trade route linking the east and west, Malay cuisine has had time to soak up the influences of India, Portugal, Indonesia, China and Thailand. It has fused these diverse influences together and created its own perfect cuisines from them. Here are some quick tips to… 

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Bangers and Mash

After visiting a couple of wineries at Pepper Tree Wines and Tower Estate, our stomachs were crying out for food. And the timing was perfect because it was exactly lunch time too. We did a quick search with the map from our hotel and saw that Harrigan’s Irish Pub was nearby, so we decided to… 

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Wine-Tasting at Tower Estate

Our second winery stop in Hunter Valley was at Tower Estate, a gorgeous Spanish inspired castle-like building in the middle of a beautiful landscape garden. Tower Estate is relatively new, so it has that modern and chic design in the cellar door and tasting area. I absolutely loved the road on the way to the… 

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Chewy Yam Abacus Recipe

Even though both Saucer and I are not Hakka, once in a while, we do miss authentic Hakka dishes. One of the more well-known Hakka dishes that we both enjoy is the Yam Abacus Beads. Unfortunately, I have never made it before, nor was I exposed to it in my family. But that’s where the… 

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Wine-Tasting at Pepper Tree Wines, Hunter Valley

Continuing with our weekend excursion to the famous Hunter Valley wine region, our first winery stop was at Pepper Tree Wines. Somehow, a few of the people we met highly recommended this winery to us, so we made that our very first stop. Even though it was a public holiday weekend, the crowd was not… 

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Crispy Salmon with Asparagus Recipe

I have always been cooking chicken and pork dishes at home that last weekend, I decided to do something different. We were doing our usual grocery-shopping when I saw some fresh-looking salmon fillet on sale. Now I’ve never cooked salmon before because I’ve always thought them to be too expensive, but I bought a good… 

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