5 Tips for Visiting Sea World, Gold Coast

After checking in on our first day, we took a nice nap, freshened up and went for dinner at a Japanese restaurant nearby. It was also raining so we didn’t do much afterwards but stayed in and watched some TV. The next morning, we woke up early because we were heading to the Sea World… 

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Day Out at Hyde Park

While the Hyde Park in Sydney may not be as popular as the one in London, it certainly has its own loving charm and amazing landscape that keep people returning every day. Since we were just across the road for our seafood buffet lunch the other day, where could be better to walk off our… 

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Feast on Seafood

Before leaving Malaysia, we applied for Starwood Privilege Card to enjoy some of the best fine-dining restaurants for up to 50% of the price. Not only can we enjoy discounts in Malaysia, we get to enjoy similar benefits in all Starwood chain hotels around the world. There is a little catch though, in that not… 

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Superb Rare Beef Noodles

Last weekend, we met up with a new Malaysian family who would be migrating to Sydney soon and we had dinner at a place recommended by them! Pho Ngon Vietnamese Restaurant  is located just a short walk from Westfield Hornsby, so parking was a breeze and there was plenty to do before or after the… 

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DIY: Sushi and Sushi Rolls

Sometimes, Saucer has random cravings for food and will keep yearning for it until he has had his fix. To me, I see it as an opportunity to explore new recipes and try new techniques, when I cook or prepare food that he’s craving for. Just a few weeks ago, he had a sudden craving… 

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Family Owned Tyrrell’s Wines

It may seem that we drink a lot during our trip to Hunter Valley, but we did so responsibly. Most of the time, we only took small sips of the wine and tossed the rest away, knowing that we would be driving afterwards. Another trick was to constantly hydrate ourselves with water, which was also… 

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The Secret to Cooking and Eating Great Malay Food

Situated for centuries at the crossroads of the ancient spice trade route linking the east and west, Malay cuisine has had time to soak up the influences of India, Portugal, Indonesia, China and Thailand. It has fused these diverse influences together and created its own perfect cuisines from them. Here are some quick tips to… 

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