Australian War Memorial

Just before we left Canberra, we made our way to the Australian War Memorial, which was recently named as the top landmark in Australia by TripAdvisor. As its name implies, the Australian War Memorial was built to honour the members of its armed forces and supporting parties who have perished or contributed to the wars… 

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Not Just Ginger Chicken

Ginger and Spring Onion chicken is a common dish in Chinese restaurants, but I was out of spring onion the other day, and did a little improvising of my own. Instead of spring onion, I used celery leaves! And instead of shallots, I used onions. To my surprise, the result turned out pretty well, and… 

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Good Old Peanut Soup

They say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, but I say, the way to a man’s heart is through a bowl of good old soup! How often do you hear men saying they miss drinking their mother’s home-made soup? Too often, I say. Most guys that I know, ranging from peers… 

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Australian Koi Farm

Of all the places to visit, my relative brought me to the Australian Koi Farm one weekend to look at koi fishes. To be honest, a koi farm would not rank very high on my list of agenda, but I went along with it anyway since I was free. It was quite a drive towards… 

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Bacon & Egg with Love

After eating Bacon and Egg roll for a good few weekends now, I decided to to come up with my own simple version of it. It is perhaps one of the simplest way to prepare a wholesome and delicious breakfast in a short amount of time. After all, how could bacon and egg roll go… 

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Cheap Italian Food and Taipei 101

After checking in and getting freshened at Grand Hyatt Taipei hotel, we made our way towards Taipei 101 on the last night of our trip. The mere distance from our hotel to Taipei 101 meant that we could easily reach there within 5 minutes of walk. It was unfortunate that during our stay there, the… 

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Grand Hyatt Hotel Taipei

After our long journey back from Sun Moon Lake, we only had one night left in Taipei. Our final hotel stay was at Grand Hyatt Taipei, by way of redeeming points. We managed to book the Grand King room that came with a huge and comfortable king size bed in a spacious room. Checking in… 

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