Fondue for 2 + 1

It’s the middle of winter in Sydney and what’s better than having a mug of piping, thick, hot chocolate to drink? A chocolate fondue, of course! We were at the Theobroma Chocolate Lounge a few weeks back on a rainy and cold afternoon for hot chocolate. After settling Little J down on his high chair,… 

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Crispy Salmon with Asparagus Recipe

I have always been cooking chicken and pork dishes at home that last weekend, I decided to do something different. We were doing our usual grocery-shopping when I saw some fresh-looking salmon fillet on sale. Now I’ve never cooked salmon before because I’ve always thought them to be too expensive, but I bought a good… 

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Sculpture by the Sea

Last weekend marked the beginning of the annual Sculpture by the Sea event at Bondi Beach. Held along the 2km stretch of coastal walk from Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach, it is one of the biggest free to public events in the world. Being first-timers there, Saucer and I headed to the beach early in… 

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Escapade to Hunter Valley Wine Region

Moving to Australia was a big change for us, and one that did not come cheap too. Apart from the clear blue skies, we have to, unfortunately, live with the high cost of living here. Food costs 2 to 3 times more than back home, even before conversion. And for us new starters, we have… 

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Fishing in Lake Macquarie

Lake Macquarie prides itself by being the largest coastal salt water lake in Australia, as well as the largest permanent salt water lake in the Southern Hemisphere. In the presence of such a huge lake, what was left to do but to fish? Saucer loves fishing so we made sure we had all the equipment… 

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Hidden Retreat at Lake Macquarie

Public holidays are hard to come by in Sydney, and when they do, especially on a weekend, they’re highly treasured. So when we had a 3-day long weekend a couple of weeks back, I took matters into my own hands and planned a little getaway of our own up north. My first plan was to… 

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Malaysia Fest in Sydney!

A couple of weeks back, Saucer and I attended the Malaysia Fest (MFest), an annual community and cultural festival organised by the Malaysian Student Community of Sydney. Impressively, this year marks the 22nd time this event has been held here, mainly to promote and raise awareness of the Malaysian diverse culture to the Australian community…. 

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