The Baron Cafe

Saucer is never a fan of cafe food. He thinks most of the cafe food are simple dishes that could be prepared at home. Therefore, whenever we dine outside, we rarely ever go to a cafe. However, a mother’s group that I joined was hyping about this cafe in our neighbourhood which is supposed to… 

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Pork Indulgence at Ante Kitchen

After indulging ourselves with plenty of Malaysian food in our last trip, we took a short break to try out a relatively new restaurant called Ante Kitchen and Bar at Solaris Dutamas. It was our first break from the various hawker and street food, so it was a nice change. We went there during lunch… 

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Back from Malaysia

Happy New Year 2013! First of all, I have to apologize for the long hiatus of my blog. I was back in Malaysia for 2 weeks during the Christmas holidays and vowed to myself not to be distracted by blogging and to just focus on enjoying the good food and great company with my family…. 

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Fun in the Park

Last weekend, in the midst of moving and packing, we attended my company’s Christmas party which was held in Luna Park Sydney . One of the more popular amusement parks in Sydney, I had always seen it brightly lit up at night but had never had the chance to visit. It was the perfect timing! We… 

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Juicy Korean BBQ Pork Ribs

I know I have just written about Korean food in my previous post, but believe it or not, writing that post triggered my cravings for yet another round of Korean food! So last weekend, Saucer and I ventured to the Korean part of Eastwood to satisfy my cravings. There were plenty of Korean restaurants just… 

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Pork Tofu Soup

Korean Soup for the Soul

What is your favourite Korean dish? For me, the one dish that I always never fail to order is either the Kimchi Soup or the Pork Tofu Soup. It really depends on my mood on whether I’d like something spicy that day or something milder, but I always love a good warm Korean soup. We… 

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Salmon XO Fried Rice

I don’t know about you, but I love XO sauce! Ever since I had my first taste of XO sauce at a relative’s place, I was always on the search for XO sauce to go with everything. Fortunately, XO Sauce is easily available here in Sydney, albeit at a premium. Some grocery stores even keep… 

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