Black Sesame Balls / Jin Dui Recipe

About a few weeks back, Saucer suddenly said to me, “Could you make me those black sesame balls that we had from the restaurant the other day during lunch?”. He was referring to those deep fried glutinous rice balls coated with sesame seeds with a black sesame paste filling. Most yum cha places here have… 

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Things I will miss the most

Thank you everybody for your warm wishes and good luck comments on my previous post. Most of you have successfully guessed where I’m going, and probably why too. It’s a big move on my side, and it’s a move I hope I will never regret. This move marks a first on a lot of experience… 

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Just when I…

.. start to understand more conversations spoken in Hokkien,.. get used to the Friday after-work traffic jams,.. am comfortable with conversing in Mandarin,.. fell in love with the fresh coconut drinks that are vastly available everywhere,.. become more familiar with the roads around Georgetown,.. signed up a new facial package with the beauty parlour here,….. 

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Sushi Tomo at SS2

Sushi Tomo is this Japanese restaurant located in the heart of SS2, just nearby Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. We passed by this place pretty often due to its strategic location, until one day Saucer decided to give it a try. The interior of the restaurant was a little on the dim side, hence the… 

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Fancy the best Nasi Lemak in town?

Deemed ‘The Best Nasi lemak in Uptown’ by themselves, Village Park opens its doors to full house almost every morning and lunch. It is especially busy on weekend mornings, with plenty of families and young adults alike looking for a plate of glorious nasi lemak and a glass of teh tarik.I first found out about… 

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Bharat Coffee House and fresh flowers

Soon, it was my final day in Cameron Highlands and that day turned out to be scorching hot! We went to Tringkap Restaurant again for lunch, since it was reasonably priced and delicious. On our way back, we passed by another tea shop by the name of Bharat Tea plantations. Cameron Highlands is so famous… 

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There is still honesty

It was 1.30pm, and my bus ticket showed 4.45pm for my ride back. I sighed, thinking how to fill up the next 3 hours or so, being alone and bored. Then, I recalled I had the name card of the bus company that I bought the ticket from, and called up to enquire whether there… 

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