Our Favourite Malaysian Restaurant in Sydney

It’s no surprise that we love Malaysian food and would go to great lengths to get them – either in terms of traveling the distance or in attempting to replicate them at home. Every time we hear of a commendable Malaysian restaurant, we would try our best to give it a try usually during the… 

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Convocation at Nikko Hotel

This post is dedicated to my very good friend and fellow sickawan Chiaoju. She is now a proud graduate of an MBA. *applause* Stan, Yen and I went to her convocation in Nikko Hotel, since her university doesn’t really have a campus in Malaysia (I think). Before that, why is it that my stupid university… 

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Noodles with a twist

A few weeks ago, my parents came down to KL to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday. It was an extremely tiring event since it involved a group of almost 30 persons! Managing 30 persons including kids in one house was indeed a challenging task. Fortunately, the party was not held in MY place. It would have… 

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Teh Tarik Place in IOI Mall

Here’s a food post from somewhere really nearby my new humble abode. Located just about 10 minutes away in IOI Mall, Teh Tarik Place recently opened its doors to the public. Thank goodness for the posters they put up around the mall and outside the parking lot, or else I wouldn’t have known of its… 

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Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

One of the first places that I visited after moving down to KL was the KL Bird Park, thanks to my good friend Nick. Seeing that I’m such a newbie and all, he kindly offered to bring me around on the first weekend I was in KL to the famed Bird Park. We reached there… 

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First visit to Tony Roma’s

I have heard of Tony Roma’s for ages now but didn’t get a chance to try it out when I was in Penang. Therefore, after I moved to KL, one of the first places that I told Saucer I wanted to go was Tony Roma’s. And sure enough, we paid this restaurant a visit within… 

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Tourguiding in Penang – Day 2

After the somewhat tiring first day in Penang, we started the next day a little later. Waking up next to the sea was liberating, especially when the sound of waves seemed so near. All of us took a walk at the beach which was just within walking distance from the hotel. Of course, being me,… 

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