Fondue for 2 + 1

It’s the middle of winter in Sydney and what’s better than having a mug of piping, thick, hot chocolate to drink? A chocolate fondue, of course! We were at the Theobroma Chocolate Lounge a few weeks back on a rainy and cold afternoon for hot chocolate. After settling Little J down on his high chair,… 

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Canton-I in Penang

This was my second visit to the relatively new Canton-I in Queensbay Mall, Penang. I didn’t manage to take any pictures the first time around, so I thought it was a good idea for a re-visit, with Saucer and Wailian. We went there during the weekend for lunch, and wanted to order their goose meat,… 

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One Step Closer

At last. :)))

Earth Hour 2009

After much hype and publicity, the Earth Hour has come and gone. What did you do during that one hour on 28th of March 2009? As for me, I was back in my hometown in Kampar, spending time with my family members. When we talked about Earth Hour, especially with my grandparents, they shooed away… 

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The ideal honeymoon

No, no, I’m not talking about my honeymoon, I bet that would be the first idea that came across your mind, yes? Instead, I would like to talk about the different types of vacation honeymooners could have, and what would be your ideal choice. What if you’re given three distinctive choices for a holiday with… 

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Feasting like a Prince

Short note: I am getting more and more flamer’s attack on my recent post of Bravo Italiana. Seriously, these people have nothing better to do and than to read posts written by “BITCH Malaysian” eh? Ever since the famous Korean drama Coffee Prince aired on our TV, I started noticing new branches of Prince Cafe…. 

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Traditional toasted bread at Toh Soon Cafe

What comes up to your mind when you think about breakfast? Ham and eggs? Noodles? For me, it’s toasted bread! Well, on that particular morning, that is. Saucer came to visit in Penang, and we met up with his ex-colleague Wailian, who’s a true blue Penangite. He always has a long list of famous eateries… 

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