5 Tips for Flying with a Baby

We have just recently returned from a 2-week holiday in Malaysia. Before the holidays, part of me was really excited in getting the chance to meet family and old friends after 2 years but part of me was also very nervous about the 8-hour plus flight back. For the first time, we will be bringing… 

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Yum Cha at Tingha Palace

I’d always wanted to have dim sum for the past few weekends, but somehow, certain events always came up during the last minute and the plan had to be put on hold. That was the case, until last Sunday, when I finally managed to get a leisurely few hours to have dim sum for lunch… 

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Cheap Japanese Fast Food

I have always thought that eating out in Sydney is expensive, especially coming from Malaysia where we still tend to convert prices from AUD$ to RM (sometimes it comes naturally!). Of course, I don’t do that now, or I’ll end up staying at home all the time. But just a few weeks ago, my cousin… 

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Home-Made Char Kuey Teow

Whenever I describe Char Kuey Teow to someone in Australia, he/she would immediately say, “That sounds like Pad Thai!”. While Pad Thai may have some similar ingredients as Char Kuey Teow, they are definitely not the same dish, in that the sauce and preparation are very different. Having worked in Penang for a good few… 

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Vivid Sydney Festival

Last Saturday, Saucer and I decided to head out to the city to catch the final days of Vivid Sydney, a festival of light, music and ideas. Vivid is an annual affair that transforms Sydney into a canvas of light projections and music that display the creativity and ideas of local talents. The colourful festival… 

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Playa Real Resort 2

Costa Adeje: Perfect Tenerife

Weekend is coming soon, and what else does one do other than letting one’s hair down and have some beach fun? Today’s guest post is in collaboration with Playa Real resort, a gorgeous paradise in the beautiful Costa Adeje resort area in the island of Tenerife. Being one of the latest resort area in town,… 

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Kai See Hor Fun

Growing up in Perak, it is a given that we have had some experience with Kai See Hor Fun or Nga Choy Kai in Ipoh at some point or other in our lives. The likes of Lou Wong or Onn Kee are common to anyone who visits Ipoh for the famous and smooth hor fun… 

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