Neglected Feet

I love shoes! Well, who doesn’t? But after having Little J in our lives, I find that I don’t have time to go out anymore, not to mention shoe-shopping. So, my only other resort was online shopping. The drawback with online shopping is that you can’t see the actual product before buying, and when it… 

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Chinese Steamed Fish Recipe

Today’s post is contributed by a guest writer, Tom Lee, who is also a lover of fish! The following recipe is something that I ate all the time when I was younger. Coming from a family with a Chinese heritage, steamed foods were very common. My favorite was a soy sauce steamed fish. The finished… 

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PappaRich in Sydney!

In the spirit of Malaysia’s elections coming, I will be featuring more Malaysian food found in Sydney here. Somehow, having Malaysian food does make one feel closer to the country, especially when the restaurant is a franchise from Malaysia! Yes, I have previously dined in several Malaysian restaurants that were founded locally in Australia but… 

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Penang Cuisine

Being Malaysians, we do constantly crave for a taste of home. So when I heard about Penang Cuisine from my fellow colleagues who went there for lunch, I told Saucer that we simply had to give it a try. My colleagues who were non-Malaysians gave pretty good ratings for the restaurant, so I was quite… 

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Easy Lasagne Recipe

One of the recipes that I love to follow when the weather is cold and I feel lazy is a good Lasagne. I have only started to make lasagne after I moved to Australia, simply because I always thought it to be something too rich and filling to cook for 2 people. But during the… 

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Visiting a Beer Brewery

It has been ages since my last update, I know. I have been so busy with work recently with a new task assignment on top of my current workload that I found it difficult to allocate time for blogging! Anyway, I looked through my album and discovered a place that I had been wanting to… 

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All-You-Can-Eat Lebanese Food

A couple of weeks back, we spotted a Groupon deal for all-you-can-eat Lebanese food and contemplated on whether to get it since we didn’t quite trust group-buying purchases. We decided to get it in the end because it had been a while since we last had Lebanese food and we missed the bread with hummus!… 

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