Black Sesame Balls / Jin Dui Recipe

About a few weeks back, Saucer suddenly said to me, “Could you make me those black sesame balls that we had from the restaurant the other day during lunch?”. He was referring to those deep fried glutinous rice balls coated with sesame seeds with a black sesame paste filling. Most yum cha places here have… 

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First Time at Hooters!

When you watch too much American shows, you would know what Hooters is all about. Whenever Hooters is mentioned, I think of a restaurant with skimpily clad, attractive, well-proportioned waitresses wearing low cut, tight-fitting white singlets and super-short hot pants in bright orange colour. So when I found out there’s actually a Hooters restaurant in… 

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Authentic Brazilian Buffet

Saucer had always wanted to try Brazilian BBQ buffet, where waiters would bring over skewers of meat and slice them in front of you. There must be something about meat and men that make them so excited, don’t you think so? That’s why when there was a group-buying deal offered for exactly what he wanted,… 

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Hunt for the Other Half

Hunt for the other half of ice-cream, that is!  Ice-cream has always been my favourite dessert growing up. At the end of each meal, sometimes one might feel too stuffed for something overly sweet like a chocolate moist cake or a cheese cake. But ice-cream? Bring it on! There’s almost always no reason to turn… 

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Yum Cha at Tingha Palace

I’d always wanted to have dim sum for the past few weekends, but somehow, certain events always came up during the last minute and the plan had to be put on hold. That was the case, until last Sunday, when I finally managed to get a leisurely few hours to have dim sum for lunch… 

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Cheap Japanese Fast Food

I have always thought that eating out in Sydney is expensive, especially coming from Malaysia where we still tend to convert prices from AUD$ to RM (sometimes it comes naturally!). Of course, I don’t do that now, or I’ll end up staying at home all the time. But just a few weeks ago, my cousin… 

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Home-Made Char Kuey Teow

Whenever I describe Char Kuey Teow to someone in Australia, he/she would immediately say, “That sounds like Pad Thai!”. While Pad Thai may have some similar ingredients as Char Kuey Teow, they are definitely not the same dish, in that the sauce and preparation are very different. Having worked in Penang for a good few… 

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