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Easy KL Hokkien Mee

For the longest time, I had been craving for the authentic KL version of hawker-style Fried Hokkien Mee – thick, dark, slippery, sticky noodles with lots of gooey, caramelized gravy and a breath of wok. If you recall, my previous encounter with Hokkien Mee was at Temasek restaurant, which did a terrible job at promoting… 

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Kai See Hor Fun

Growing up in Perak, it is a given that we have had some experience with Kai See Hor Fun or Nga Choy Kai in Ipoh at some point or other in our lives. The likes of Lou Wong or Onn Kee are common to anyone who visits Ipoh for the famous and smooth hor fun… 

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Spice Gourmet Thai Food

Other than Chinese food, Thai food is probably the next popular Asian cuisine in Sydney, if not on par. We have been to a couple of Thai restaurants before and they’re usually packed with customers. Last weekend, we decided to give Spice Gourmet Thai a shot since we were craving for something hot and spicy… 

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Chinese Steamed Fish Recipe

Today’s post is contributed by a guest writer, Tom Lee, who is also a lover of fish! The following recipe is something that I ate all the time when I was younger. Coming from a family with a Chinese heritage, steamed foods were very common. My favorite was a soy sauce steamed fish. The finished… 

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PappaRich in Sydney!

In the spirit of Malaysia’s elections coming, I will be featuring more Malaysian food found in Sydney here. Somehow, having Malaysian food does make one feel closer to the country, especially when the restaurant is a franchise from Malaysia! Yes, I have previously dined in several Malaysian restaurants that were founded locally in Australia but… 

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Penang Cuisine

Being Malaysians, we do constantly crave for a taste of home. So when I heard about Penang Cuisine from my fellow colleagues who went there for lunch, I told Saucer that we simply had to give it a try. My colleagues who were non-Malaysians gave pretty good ratings for the restaurant, so I was quite… 

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Easy Lasagne Recipe

One of the recipes that I love to follow when the weather is cold and I feel lazy is a good Lasagne. I have only started to make lasagne after I moved to Australia, simply because I always thought it to be something too rich and filling to cook for 2 people. But during the… 

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