East West Buffet Seafood

It’s not often that we go for all-you-can-eat or buffet meals these days, especially with Little J around. It’s simply too ambitious to think that one could leisurely stroll up and down the buffet spread while thinking which items to try, and then sit down and eat at a leisurely pace, and repeat the process… 

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All-You-Can-Eat Lebanese Food

A couple of weeks back, we spotted a Groupon deal for all-you-can-eat Lebanese food and contemplated on whether to get it since we didn’t quite trust group-buying purchases. We decided to get it in the end because it had been a while since we last had Lebanese food and we missed the bread with hummus!… 

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A Taste of Grill’d Burgers

There must be a burger craze going on in KL recently, for there are plenty of new burger joints mushrooming around and about town. Looking at all these lip-smacking burger pictures got Saucer and I craving for burgers too! So one day, we decided to have burgers for lunch at Grill’d. Priding themselves to serve… 

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My Kind of Breakfast

I’m sure by now you would agree with me that dining out in Sydney is not cheap. Almost every meal costs about AUD$10 per dish, and that is in a food court. In a restaurant or cafe, prices would most certainly be more than that. Which is why I was extremely excited when I found… 

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Most Scenic Vineyard in Hunter Valley

So far, we have been to several good vineyards in Hunter Valley including Wyndham Estate, Tyrrell’s Wines, Pepper Tree Wines and Tower Estate Winery. But I have to say that the one that offers the best and most picturesque view has to be Audrey Wilkinson Vineyard! We were there once during our trip to Hunter… 

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The Perfect Hainanese Chicken Rice

Everyone’s definition of perfect is different, so when I claim this to be the perfect Hainanese Chicken Rice, I really mean it’s perfect for me. My version of the perfect Hainanese Chicken rice is that the rice is flavourful, fragrant, not overly oily, fluffy and not soggy. Saucer had the cravings for Hainanese Chicken a… 

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Golden Lake Seafood Restaurant

Last weekend, Saucer and I went into gardening mode. Since early in the morning of Saturday, we spent our time clearing weeds, sweeping, loosening the garden bed and planting new flowers on our front lawn. It was quite a nice way to spend time together, not to mention the gorgeous weather that wasn’t too sunny… 

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