My Long Shiny Legs at 62% Discount!

*Note: GroupsMore is now Groupon Malaysia.

Now before you go on hoping to ogle at sexy long legs (as if!), let me just share with you something exciting that I found out! is this young and trendy website founded by a group of Malaysians who believe that life should be exciting.

logo final

Groupsmore Logo

As a member of the GroupsMore movement:

  1. You get up to 90% discounts on exciting things to do every week.
    We work with the best retailers to give you great deals on the best food, entertainment, travel, group activities, and more in Malaysia. This makes it super affordable to try something new every week, without hurting your wallet!
  2. You get to meet and connect with people who want to do exciting stuff.
    As a member of GroupsMore, you not only get to enjoy member discounts – you’re also invited to exciting activities & events where you could meet other awesome people like you.
  3. You get tips on how to lead an exciting life.
    Our team is made out of young people who are passionate about living life to its fullest. Every week, we are committed to do something out of the ordinary. It could be as outrageous as wakeboarding, or as simple as giving a stranger a hug. And when we do that, we share them with you on our blog.

In other words, gets amazing deals from various merchants, some of them up to 90% discount, and shares it with all of us! If you don’t believe me, you can start browsing their website to check out their latest discounts. As for me, I spotted a voucher that tickled the girly in me – that is a Full Leg Wax Session at Apronbay at 62% off! Originally RM105, now I only need to pay RM39 to enjoy this service. This is where I got the deal:

How Groupsmore works

Once I got my voucher, I printed it and went to the store to redeem it. That’s it! Simple and fuss-free. I’d say it’s a pretty good idea for a gift too!


My Groupsmore voucher

So one fine day, I went to Apronbay in Bangsar for my Full Leg Wax appointment. It was my first ever time doing a leg wax so I was pretty nervous! Would it be painful? Would it take a long time? Would my leg hair come off? *LOL*

Apronbay Wax

Apronbay counter

I reached Apronbay and noticed the soothing and calming interior of the place. The white roses were already enough to put me at peace as they’re my favourite!

Apronbay Wax

Pretty flowers on the desk

Apronbay Wax

Various rooms for appointments

Apronbay Wax

Different types of wax

I had a talk with the lady in charge where she reassured me that it as going to be all right, even though some might find the waxing a little painful. She even showed me the list of services offered and the price list. Click on the picture below for a bigger view.

Apronbay Wax

List of services and price

Soon, I was shown in a room to do my full leg wax. I was asked to change and wrap my legs with a towel.

Apronbay Wax

The bed in my private room

Apronbay Wax

Some FAQs for first-timers :)

Apronbay Wax

Lamp in the room

Apronbay Wax

Here we go :)

First of all, the Waxing Lady/Specialist cleaned my legs with some wet wipes.

Apronbay Wax

Laying my legs bare

Then she applied some piping hot wax on my leg. Ouch! I have to admit, the first touch was pretty hot but I got used to it in no time!

Apronbay Wax

Applying a layer of wax on the leg

Then, she started her work by removing the hair on my legs with wax strips. And guess what? It wasn’t painful at all! I half-expected this to be a painful process but surprisingly it’s not! It’s almost like removing a loosely-adhered plaster from your skin. After a while I was almost oblivious to it and wanted to fall asleep! *LOL*

Apronbay Wax

Waxing my leg

She continued the process for the whole length of my leg and on both sides, bless her soul. My legs are so long I’m sure she was wondering why she had to use more wax strips than usual. 😛 Then she applied a layer of lotion on my legs to moisturize them.

Apronbay Wax

Applying lotion

And then it’s done! All within 45 minutes, I think. I was pretty impressed with their service that I decided to add-on another service on my own! I requested to do eye brow shaping (threading) after that since it was only RM12! For this, I was shown into another room, this one with a chair in it instead of a bed.

Apronbay Wax

Mirror inside the room

Apronbay Wax

My uneven eyebrows before that 😛

Apronbay Wax

Picture from the room

The same lady did her magic with her fingers and mouth (literally!) and worked her way with my eyebrow. Again, this process was also not painful. Perhaps my tolerance towards pain is pretty high? Or perhaps I’m already used to tweezing my eyebrows so this felt similar to that. :)

Apronbay Wax

Threading my eyebrow

All in all, I was really happy with the outcome of the waxing and threading! Best of all, I did it at 62% off! I mean, where else can you do a full leg wax at RM39? Thanks to Groupsmore for bringing in this awesome deal. :)

Apronbay Wax

Entrance to Apronbay

Apronbay Wax

Apronbay on first floor

The next day, I took a picture of my leg and brows, just to see the after-effect. My legs are super smooth and hairless! 😛

Apronbay Wax

Hairless leg

And my brows are neater and more even now too! Yay! :)

Apronbay Wax

Even brows finally :)

Apronbay (Just opposite Delicious, Bangsar Village II)
6-1, 1st Floor, Jalan Telawi 4,
59100 Bangsar Baru,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact no.: +603-2287 8081

A Place for Your Girly Secrets

Hello everybody! Today I shall blog about something out of the ordinary, something that I never blog about – that is lingerie! :) Surprised? The truth is, I found this new online shop called Girly Secret, selling good quality lingerie in Malaysia.


Girly Secret website –

This online lingerie store has just been launched recently, and the Opening Promotion is just too good to resist!

small size 2

For a LIMITED period only, Girly Secret will be having an OPENING PROMOTION of 50% discount off ALL items! Not only that, we will be offering FREE DELIVERY to anywhere within Malaysia!

Of course, with such a brilliant offer, I didn’t waste much time and started browsing through the site and placed my orders. I have in fact, placed my orders for the two items below! Waiting excitedly for my items to arrive within the next 2 days. :)


Sexy black lingerie

GSBB028 (1)

Lacy nightwear

The models looked really sexy, don’t they? LOL! The items are really cheap too, costing RM40+ per piece.

About Girly Secret:

Girly Secret is all about serving girls’ needs and helping them achieve the intimacy needed either within the bedroom or out of it. “Secret” because all of us have a secret inner desire to feel sexy, sometimes without the knowledge of the public. Therefore, purchasing lingerie online would be the perfect idea to guarantee anonymity and to unleash your inner desires.

Girly Secret sells only top quality merchandise with excellent customer service. We appreciate your testimonials after receiving the items, to share the love with the rest of the female community. No worries, anonymity is guaranteed. ;) After all, it’s our little Secret. :)

Loving their concept of intimacy. Quick, check out their site and place your orders before the Opening Promotion ends! :)

OSIS Makes Straight Hair & Curls Possible!

Time for another dose of hair styling tips from the witch! *LOL* Recently, I discovered that OSIS not only has styling products for long curly hair like mine, but there’s also a range for straight hair as well! Being a girl who used to have straight hair, I know just too well the problems of straight hair! I used to hate it when my hair was frizzy especially after shampooing it. Worse still, when it’s frizzy, my hair appeared hard and without life – definitely not a good hair day.

Now, you know very well that I have since permed my hair curly. But just to show you how powerful OSIS styling products are, I’m going to experiment with my curly hair using the OSIS Soft N’ Straight!

OSIS Kill Routine

OSIS Soft N’ Straight

Benefits of OSIS Soft N’ Straight:

  • Works significantly to prevent split ends & hair-breakage.
  • Smooth silky consistency makes easy work of sleek styling.
  • Protects from blow-dry heat.

Just to make sure I started with a clean slate, I shampooed my hair first and towel dried it.

OSIS Kill Routine

Damp hair after shampoo

Squeezed a coin-size amount of Soft N’ Straight onto my fingers and smoothed through a portion of my hair. I only tried it on the front part of my hair so that you could see the difference between my curly and the resulting straight hair. :)

OSIS Kill Routine

Coin-size Soft N’ Straight

And lo and behold, after blow drying the portion of my hair, it became silky straight and soft! It’s amazing! Even my curly hair was transformed into silky straight, so if you had straight hair, I’m sure the effect would be even better! I was expecting my hair to be hard after applying styling products on it, but no – Soft N’ Straight really made my hair naturally soft without the greasy and hard after effect of styling products. I’d definitely get this when I decide to have straight hair in the future. :)

OSIS Kill Routine

Silky smooth and soft straight hair

To compare with my curly hair, I used the OSIS 4-Play moulding paste, which had a control level of 2. The benefits of 4-play:

  • Smooth style separation.
  • Mouldable! You can reshape your hair any time in any way.
  • Natural shine & feel.
  • Perfect base to intermix and personalize.

OSIS Kill Routine

OSIS 4-Play moulding paste

The paste was thick and creamy, so I didn’t have to use much.

OSIS Kill Routine

Squeeze a dollop of OSIS 4-Play

Now, I applied 4-play on the other side of my hair, and ruffled it through my curls. To be honest, I really like the texture of 4-play on my hair. It was easy to style and the curls developed were soft and wavy. I even applied it for work today. Love it! But if you prefer harder or more control over your hair, then OSIS Gelastic with control level 4 might be the one for you.

OSIS Kill Routine

OSIS Gelastic

So how did I look with curls on one side and straight hair on the other? *LOL*

OSIS Kill Routine

Curly or straight?

I know my styling technique is really near to zero, so I was delighted when I found out that a famous hair stylist Judy Lin, would be coming over to The Gardens, KL, to share some of her styling secrets with us! The details of her workshop are as follows:

Date: 17th October 2010
Time: 11am – 1pm
Venue: The Gardens Hotel & Residences – Ballroom (Level 5)
Registration fee: RM80

What’s more? Every participant will get to take home a goodie bag worth RM226! Isn’t that good value for money or what? I’m definitely going there to learn how to kill routine, I hope to see you too! :) More details on the flyers below:


English version: Click here for larger view


Chinese version: Click here for larger view

OSIS Kill Routine for guys!

By now you should have known that I’m using OSIS hair products regularly in my routine to maintain my curls and volume. But, don’t be misunderstood that OSIS products are just for girls like me! In fact, they appeal to both genders and just to prove this, I managed to persuade (*Note: BEG) Saucer to be my model of the day. *LOL* Look at how he looked moody at first.

OSIS Kill Routine

Saucer with a fake smile 😛

After more persuasion, he gave me a better smile. :)

OSIS Kill Routine

I was going to experiment a few different products with his hair, starting with the OSIS Mess Up. It came in a handy box with solid matt gum material, which was very thick in texture.

  • Incredible ultra matt finish.
  • Dry texture effect.
  • Gives choppy & rough style distortion.

OSIS Kill Routine

OSIS Mess Up

I only used like 2 small dollops of the product and applied it on Saucer’s hair when it was wet.

OSIS Kill Routine

The amount I used

It has the Hold level of 2, which meant not too hard or soft. After applying, I waited for a while before I styled his hair. You could see that the texture was matt instead of greasy and shiny like most hair gel.

OSIS Kill Routine

After applying OSIS Mess Up

To style his hair, I took my inspiration from this OSIS model below! *LOL* Just shove all the hair upwards, seems easy?

OS 10 Rel Gelastic_SF_edited

OSIS hair model

Since Saucer’s hair was not as long, this was what I managed! Not too bad! *LOL*

OSIS Kill Routine

After styling with OSIS Mess Up

To ensure stronger hold, I sprayed on a tiny bit of OSIS Hold Miracle. Not too much, because I wouldn’t want the hair to look too hard or greasy. And the hair did stay up like that for the whole night! Incredible!

OSIS Kill Routine

OSIS Hold Miracle

When Saucer saw the final look that I did for him, he was happy! *Finally* And gave me a genuine smile this time. *yay!*

OSIS Kill Routine

Happy Saucer :)

The next day, when we had a dinner event to attend to, Saucer actually ASKED for OSIS products from me to use! Can you imagine that? It could only mean that he liked the products too! So, being the adventurous me, I gave him a different wax to use – OSIS Flexwax. This had a Hold Level of 4, which meant you don’t need a hair spray to hold it after.

  • Continuously re-mouldable formulation for unlimited style possibilities.
  • Natural, non greasy shine finish.
  • Instantly washes out.

OSIS Kill Routine

OSIS Flex Wax

According to him, he only needed to use a small amount to style the whole head. It was easy to apply and not greasy at all. Look at the way he styled his hair!

OSIS Kill Routine

Using OSIS Flex Wax

I am grateful for OSIS Hair Products because Saucer can now have nicer hair styles. *LOL*

OSIS Kill Routine

Saucer with OSIS Flex Wax

So you see, OSIS products not just for girls! These new releases are currently available at the following salons:

1) Derrick & Team ( Mid Valley Megamall / Tel: 03-22822788)
2) O’Inno Hair Salon ( TTDI / Tel: 03-77262180)
3) Ivan & Max ( Damansara Perdana / Tel : 03-77105606)
4) 8 Days ( Bukit Bintang / Tel: 03-21424888)
5) Red of Hair ( Setapak / Tel: 03-41496383)

Power of Powder

Power? Powder? Is that a play of words? The fact is, I tried on some new hair products from OSIS lately and surprisingly, they came in the form of powder! I never thought powder could style hair, I thought it wouldn’t stick to the hair anyway. So, out of curiosity, I tested them on my hair.

First one to try was OSIS Dust It:

  • Lightweight powder to texturize
  • Soft matt effect
  • Versatile control effect: the more you apply the more control you get
  • Incredible volume


OSIS Dust It

Pour out some to my palm, rub it into a creamy fluid and apply it to my hair. It’s pretty amazing how the powder turned into a partial liquid, partial cream texture! Rub it onto my hair and it gave me some curls while maintaining a matte effect.


OSIS Dust It powder


Matte effect

Now, for some shine, there’s the OSIS Shine Duster.


  • Innovative powder consistency that transforms into creamy fluid when rubbed into your hands before applying.
  • Lightweight movable texture.
  • Velvet iridescent shine.
  • Soft hold and a stylish dry gloss effect.


OSIS Shine Duster

I was looking forward to try this out and see the shine!


Shine Duster powder

As usual, rub it for a while before applying to my hair.


After applying, I really did notice my hair to be shinier!


Hair with shine duster

Here’s a close up shot of my hair. Can you notice the shiny and fine particles?


Shine Duster on hair

The Shine Duster would definitely be great for wedding or formal dinners – making my hair all glittery and shiny.

But, to maximize the potential of the shiny hair, one should have volume as well. Else, the shine wouldn’t be as attractive. This is where the OSIS Body Me comes into picture.

  • Significantly increases the fuller hair feeling.
  • Delivers up to 100% more volume.
  • Smooth touchable volumized hair feeling.
  • Protects from blow-dry heat.


OSIS Body Me

Tried out by squeezing a small volume to my fingers. Then, I rubbed it over one section of my hair.


Body Me liquid





After rubbing and fluffing my hair with the liquid, that particular section of my hair became more bouncy and had more volume. In fact, my curls became nicer too! That’s just my simple way of using OSIS latest products. If you have your own crazy way, do share them at

OSIS new range of products can now be purchased at:

1) Derrick & Team ( Mid Valley Megamall / Tel: 03-22822788)
2) O’Inno Hair Salon ( TTDI / Tel: 03-77262180)
3) Ivan & Max ( Damansara Perdana / Tel : 03-77105606)
4) 8 Days ( Bukit Bintang / Tel: 03-21424888)
5) Red of Hair ( Setapak / Tel: 03-41496383)

Kill Routine

If you have been following my tweets while I was in Australia, you would have noticed that I complained about losing my curls once I was there. I don’t know why, perhaps due to the weather or the humidity, my hair just became straight! And I spent more than RM300 to perm it before, so I was pretty upset about it.

So when I got back, I talked to some friends about it and found out that I could still safe my hair curls! The answer is OSiS+!

With the announcement of the rebellious re-launch of OSiS+, you can push the boundaries of your styling thanks to exciting trends, new products, smashing consistencies and slick packaging that will inspire you to get creative.

With the tag line of “Kill routine“, the new OSiS+ re-launch  aims to reveal the individuality of each of us by creating our very own style. Now, I don’t have a big ambition so I would just like to revive my curls please!

Let me show you my picture when I was in Australia:


Straight hair witch

When I returned, I quickly looked through the new range of OSiS+ products to pick a suitable one for curls.


OSiS Products (Click for larger image)

The full OSiS range is now grouped into 3 product directions for easily identifiable style results (style, texture, finish), and under the direction of Style for Curls, there’s only one product – easy! Curl Me Soft. Let’s see if it works!

OS 10 CurlMeSoft_150ml

Curl Me Soft (RM60)


1. Apply a small amount from hand to damp hair.
2. Work into curls.
3. Diffuse or blow dry as usual.
4. Use a slow speed, medium heat hair-dryer to prevent flyaway.

Now I was rushing for work, so I didn’t completely blow dry my hair. But look at the results! Even in a rush, I managed to get my curls back! :) They’re not very prominent, well because my hair had been straight for 2 weeks! Give it some time and I’m pretty sure they’ll come back to life! *LOL*


Side view of curls

I hate it when styling products turn my hair to be stiff, oily and greasy. After trying the OSiS Curl Me Soft for a day at work, I’m happy to say that my curls were still soft and bouncy! I’m loving this already! Notice the number 2 at the bottom of the bottle? That’s the Control Level, ranging from 1-4. The higher it is, the more control it gives your hair.


My newly revived curls

OSiS+ Kill Routine definitely inspires one to do away with the normal routine and be yourself. Find your individual look. I was hoping perhaps one day I could achieve bouncy curls like this?


Bouncy curls

There are so many other products in the OSiS+ range and I’m already tempted to try out the 4-play, and not because of the name! *LOL*