Blue and Silver Christmas!

The festive Christmas is really getting to me! I don’t know about you but this year, I felt particularly Christmas-sy! I downloaded some Christmas songs, organized a Secret Santa party and did Christmas shopping! Oh, not to mention, the Christmas meals and turkey! I’m loving them all! :) This festive season, Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur takes us on a merry gastronomic journey where their Master Chefs present an array of irresistible yuletide indulgences.

Swiss Garden Xmas-17

Merry Christmas presented on a plate :)

A scrumptious traditional Christmas buffet dinner awaits diners as the aroma of Roasted Turkey fills the air at Flavors Restaurant. Among the Christmas highlights include the Traditional Oven Roasted Turkey with Walnut Bread and Raisin stuffing, Santa Fe Clam Chowder and Beef Wellington served with a selection of Giblet sauce, Cranberry sauce and Mushroom sauce.

Swiss Garden Xmas-13

Traditional Oven Roasted Turkey with Walnut Bread and Raisin stuffing

Just look at the size of the turkey! And the amazing aroma that it emitted was enough to make anyone drool. So we waited patiently at our table while waiting for the turkey to be carved. Within minutes, we had our plates of turkey! Yummy! I must say that I’m not a fan of turkey because I always thought that turkey meat tends to be a little dry compared to other meat. But the one I had in Flavors Restaurant turned out to be quite the opposite! It was tender, moist and more importantly, the gravy complemented the taste really well! It was the first time that I wanted more turkey on my plate, thank you! :)

Swiss Garden Xmas-9

Delicious, moist and tender turkey meat

There were various other items on the Christmas eve buffet dinner as well, and some of the items I picked were shown in the picture below.

Swiss Garden Xmas-10

Clockwise: Sushi, pasta bolognese, char kuey teow, lor bak and roasted chicken

To end our meal, there was the customary Christmas Yule Log, Swiss rolls and plenty of cakes!! On Christmas Eve, dinner comes with a glass of wine, door gifts, party packs, and lucky diners will even receive a surprise gift during the lucky draw. Santa will also make an appearance to spread the Christmas joy with presents!

Swiss Garden Xmas-1

Christmas cake #1

Swiss Garden Xmas-2

Christmas cake #2

Swiss Garden Xmas-3

Christmas cake #3

Swiss Garden Xmas-4

Christmas cake #4

Swiss Garden Xmas-5

Christmas cake #5

Swiss Garden Xmas-6

Chocolate cake

Swiss Garden Xmas-7

Christmas Yule Log

Swiss Garden Xmas-11

My plate of desserts :)

Apart from the cakes, I also had the ABC! It’s DIY so it’s quite fun to prepare! :)

Swiss Garden Xmas-12

ABC – shaved ice with various toppings

Love the creativity of the chef in creating a tree out of marshmallows! Doesn’t it make you want to pop one into your mouth? :)

Swiss Garden Xmas-8

Christmas tree made from marshmallows! <3

Swiss Garden Xmas-16

Christmas decoration at Flavors Restaurant, Swiss Garden Hotel and Residences, Kuala Lumpur

The Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner is starting from 6.30pm until 10.30pm, priced at RM88++/adult and RM45++/child @ senior citizen.

If you miss out on the Christmas Eve dinner, you could also join the fun during the Christmas Day Buffet Brunch from noon till 4pm, at RM68++ per adult and RM35++ per child / senior citizen.

Make your reservations before it’s too late!

Swiss Garden Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur
117 Jalan Pudu,
50100 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel no.: +603-2141 3333 ext 1190 / 1170

Cheap Banana Leaf Rice at Kanna

One fine Sunday night, I suddenly had the mood for lamb curry. I didn’t know why, but it was just so specific – lamb curry, that was it. I was reminiscing the heavenly Rogan Gosht that I had back in Sagar, but Saucer suggested something closer to home, and kinder to the wallet. :) That was how we ended up at Kanna Curry House. Both of us ordered Banana Leaf Rice and we were given the buckets of gravy filled with chicken curry, fish curry and dhal.

Kanny Curry House-2

Chicken curry, fish curry and dhal

What I love about Kanna Curry House was how generous they were with all the side dishes and the curry! The buckets of curry above never left our table the whole time! It was a sign from them telling us that we could have as much of them as we wanted. Also, every once in a while, someone would come over and ask us if we needed anything – rice? Vegetables? Meat? Basically, just are we good? For RM4.50, this was an exceptional deal!

Kanny Curry House-3

Banana leaf rice set drenched with curry (RM4.50)

There were 4 types of side dishes given – acar, cabbage, cucumber and papadam. Oh don’t forget the complimentary rassam (soup) too! And yes, they’re all refillable.

Kanny Curry House-4

The side dishes

Of course, how could we forget the real reason we were there? Lamb curry! We ordered a plate of that, and even though it looked small, there were loads of lamb in it! Definitely a portion for sharing! The lamb was amazingly tender and tasty! There was definitely no gamey smell, and the curry was not overly spicy, but distinguishable from the rest of the curries on my rice. I kept having one piece after another, for it was just delicious!

Kanny Curry House-1

Lamb Curry (RM9)

Outside the restaurant, there was a frying area with a counter filled with marinated raw meat. I loved the idea of having freshly fried items upon order, unlike most restaurants where their fried items are all cooked and placed on trays. Here, the customer could go to the counter and pinpoint exactly which piece of meat he wants to be fried and it will be fried only upon order. This guarantees freshness and hygiene.

Kanny Curry House-9

Range of marinated meat

Kanny Curry House-10

Happily frying meat!

Since it was quite late when we were there (around 8-9pm), there was quite limited meat left. By limited, I meant there were only chicken wings! I’m definitely not a fan of chicken wings, more of a chicken thigh person but since chicken wings were the only part left, I ordered a piece. It came out to be pretty fragrant, alas a tad too dry for my liking.

Kanny Curry House-7

Fried chicken wing

Banana leaf rice experience wouldn’t be complete with a glass of mango lassi, in my humble opinion. It balances out the spiciness on your tongue as well as your stomach at the end of the meal. Even looking at my picture now is getting my stomach growling. *LOL*

Kanny Curry House-5

Wholesome banana leaf rice

Kanny Curry House-6

Drooling yet? :)

I used to eat Banana Leaf rice only during lunch, but eating it for dinner is quite a nice change too! For starters, I didn’t have to deal with the afternoon scorching sun and I didn’t have to go back to the office all sweaty and smelling of curry! 😛 Definitely coming back here again if only for that lamb curry! :)

Kanny Curry House-11

Kanna Curry House at Puchong

Kanna Curry House
No. 21, Jalan Kenari 17/D,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong,
Tel: +603-8075 2427
GPS Coordinates: 3°2’50″N   101°37’26″E

Merry Christmas at The Gardens!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Can we smell Christmas already? Not only did I smell, but I did hear lots of lovely Christmas songs whenever I go out to the malls around the Klang Valley. Ah, it IS the season of joy, isn’t it? This week, I’m going to show you some of the pictures I took at The Gardens, Mid Valley! They have donned up the place with plenty of Christmas trees complete with decoration and flowers!

Gardens Xmas-2-1

Christmas tree at The Gardens, Mid Valley

They also used bare tree branches to possible signify winter? :) And the crystal strings to emulate the hanging icicles! So creative!

Gardens Xmas-1-1

Bare tree with icicles :)

There were several booths specially decorated in accordance to the Christmas spirit, just as this one below.

Gardens Xmas-14-1

Stall decorated with the Christmas spirit

Of course, pictures of Christmas trees wouldn’t be complete without some camwhoring! *LOL* Come to think of it, I have been taking pictures of Christmas decorations for the past 2 years without fail! Here is the link to Christmas in 2008, and Christmas in 2009. Oh dear! You could even see how I’ve changed from 2 years ago! 😛

Gardens Xmas-3-1

Saucer with Christmas tree

Gardens Xmas-4-1

witch with Christmas tree

Gardens Xmas-5-1

Love these hanging icicles!

Gardens Xmas-6-1

A green ball! 😛

Gardens Xmas-8-1

Christmas tree on the roof top!

Gardens Xmas-7-1

Closer look

To be honest, I have always enjoyed shopping in The Gardens compared to everywhere else in KL. I love the spacious design, the architecture, the toilets and the fact that it’s less crowded than its neighbour Mid Valley Megamall!

Gardens Xmas-9-1

Christmas decoration at The Gardens

Took this picture below when everyone was walking by and I kept telling Saucer “faster! faster!” but he purposely took his own sweet time! 😛

Gardens Xmas-10-1

witch at The Gardens

Gardens Xmas-11-1

Couldn’t resist the “icicles” 😛

Gardens Xmas-13-1

Saucer and witch <3

Now that I looked back at my previous entries on Christmas, I actually saw my old look with straight hair! Just out of curiousity, do you think I should keep my current hairstyle or should I go back to straight hair? 😉

Gardens Xmas-15-1

Merry Christmas

Last but not least,


Birthday Celebration at Pasta Zanmai

Early this month, it was Panda Foong‘s birthday and being the nice tweeples that we are, we organized a birthday dinner for him. :) What was originally a party of 9 persons soon turned into 6 when several of us couldn’t make it at the last minute. We reached Pasta Zanmai just before 8pm on a Tuesday, only to find the restaurant full! Served us right for not making a reservation in advance. So we waited and waited and we got our table about 15-20 minutes later.

Pasta Zanmai-1

Chopsticks for us

It was my first time at Pasta Zanmai Mid Valley and I found the environment pretty clean, bright and fuss-free. Chopsticks were placed altogether in a basket instead of individually arranged. Our green tea was to be ordered in pots instead of cups, but each pot could be shared by up to 3 persons. I wonder why such a policy?

Pasta Zanmai-2

Dining environment of Pasta Zanmai Mid Valley

I saw many items that I wanted to try that night, most of all the pasta! But Saucer had his eye on the Unagi Kabayaki set as well as the Grilled Chicken set, so being the nice person that I am *cough* I ordered the Unagi so that he could have a bit of it. The Unagi set came with quite a sizable amount of unagi, thickly sliced with sweet teriyaki sauce, a bowl of miso soup, rice and salad. The salad was nothing to shout about, just some slices of lettuce and cabbage topped with some salad dressing.

Pasta Zanmai-3

Unagi Kabayaki Set (RM20)

The unagi slices were firm and fresh, instead of mashy. It was pretty tasty except that I would have preferred more sauce. Eating only this with white rice could prove to be rather dry.

Pasta Zanmai-4

Unagi with teriyaki sauce

Pasta Zanmai-5

Ready to feast? :)

We ordered 2 other dishes to be share, one of which was the Assorted Mini Canapes, which were small pieces of crackers with various fillings in between them. One of them had a slice of salmon in between, another had tuna, while the one I had was soft shell crab. Even though they looked cute, they were really quite ordinary. Definitely not something that I would order again.

Pasta Zanmai-10

Assorted Mini Canapes

The Turkey Ham and Japanese Mushroom Pizza was one of December Specials that was recommended by the waitress. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite find anything special about it. Perhaps it had something to do with the cheese used? I found that it wasn’t fragrant or cheesy enough, if you would. It was merely a piece of savoury pastry topped with ham slices to me.

Pasta Zanmai-13

Turkey Ham and Japanese Mushroom Pizza

One of the nicer dishes that night was actually Saucer’s Sizzling Grilled Spring Chicken with Mushroom Sauce. It definitely arrived with much fanfare, as with most sizzling dishes, and definitely became the attention of the night when mushroom sauce was poured over the chicken in front of watching patrons.

Pasta Zanmai-14

Sizzling Grilled Spring Chicken with Mushroom Sauce

I’m happy to say that the chicken was not only gorgeous in looks and smell, it actually was tasty! Considering a spring chicken was used, it was actually quite huge. Half of it! The meat was well-marinated, the skin was lightly crispy and the the mushroom sauce was oh-so-heavenly! The meat was fall-of-the-bone tender! I almost regretted I didn’t choose this dish over the unagi. :/

Pasta Zanmai-15

Tender and smooth chicken meat with delicious mushroom sauce

Here are some of the pictures of food ordered by the rest of the gang:

Pasta Zanmai-6

Mini Tempura Prawn Sesame Pasta

Pasta Zanmai-11

Unagi on Rice

Both the items above were actually part of a ‘Mini Pasta Set’, which didn’t turn out to be that mini after all! In fact, I think the unagi portion in this mini set was quite similar to the Unagi Kabayaki set that I ordered! Which was why I was so annoyed with myself for not ordering the mini set! I could have had a taste of the pasta as well! Smart people like Foong, Erika and Grey ordered this. :)

Pasta Zanmai-12

Mini Tempura Prawn Sesame Pasta & Unagi on Rice with Miso Soup (RM23)

Eric also ordered a Mini Pasta Set, but of a different combination.

Pasta Zanmai-7

Mini Shortneck Clamsoup Pasta

Pasta Zanmai-8

Mini Grilled Chicken Cutlet on Rice

Pasta Zanmai-9

Mini Shortneck Clam Soup Pasta & Mini Grilled Chicken Cutlet on Rice (RM23)

Overall, apart from the appetizers, I was quite satisfied with the quality and portion served at Pasta Zanmai. In fact, since I didn’t have the chance to eat pasta that day, I told Saucer that we had to go back there and try the set! After all, what’s a visit to Pasta Zanmai if you had not tasted their pasta before, right?

Confession: OK, I did have a taste of the pasta from Foong’s serving, but I thought telling the story the way I did would be more interesting. 😛


Group picture: Saucer, witch, Eric, Grey and Erika (picture courtesy of Foong)

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a group picture now, would it? As usual, Foong’s face would be off limits! Just imagine him as a Panda! LOL! Anyway, I hope he had a wonderful birthday celebration because we certainly did have a great time catching up! :)

Where is the Best Beef / Ngau Lam Noodles?

I am personally not a huge fan of beef tripe noodles or ‘ngau lam mee’ in Cantonese. Saucer, though, is more active in looking for nice beef noodles whenever he’s in the mood. When his friend came over to visit him a few months ago, they found out that the beef tripe noodles at Chong Loy Restaurant were good!

Chong Loy-7

Beef Tripe Noodles

So, one fine day, I suggested to Saucer to revisit the restaurant since I haven’t been there before. We were there on a Sunday morning around 10+am to find the restaurant more than half full.

Chong Loy-1

Interior of Chong Loy restaurant

What struck me the most was how polite and friendly the lady owner was! I was walking in at the entrance, wondering if I should place my order at the counter or take a seat first, when the lady gave me a big warm smile and asked me what I wanted. She, in the midst of cooking the noodles, immediately put me at ease, unlike many stall owners who don’t have the courtesy to ask the customers what they want.

Chong Loy-2

Freshly roasted duck, chicken and pork

After placing my order, I actually changed it a few times – first I ordered medium sized noodles, then I went back and changed to small sized noodles but adding a bowl of ‘sui kow’ and a plate of BBQ pork ‘char siew’, and then Saucer went back again and requested for her to add in some roasted pork ‘siu yoke’ as well. But all those times, she was just smiling and never showing even a sign of irritation! I love her already! :)

Chong Loy-3

BBQ pork and roasted pork (Char siew and siu yoke)

The plate of roasted meat arrived first, and I hungrily gobbled up the ‘char siew‘ which was charred at the edges and had lean meat, just the way I like it! It is also important to note that the lean meat was tender and juicy instead of dry. Of course, the addition of gravy on top gave it a thumbs-up! Unfortunately, I couldn’t say the same for the roasted pork or ‘siu yoke’, which turned out to be rather dry and hard. I also thought that the skin could be more fragrant and crispy compared to what they served that morning.

Chong Loy-4

Delicious char siew

The dumpling or ‘sui kow’ came in sizable pieces, even larger than the size of a spoon! It was filled with minced meat, chives and mushrooms, making the whole combination a delight to eat. In actual fact, I’m a sucker for any ‘sui kow’ which is large and had thin skin. :)

Chong Loy-5

Delicious and huge ‘sui kow’

Last but not least, the main star of the day – Beef Tripe noodles or Ngau Lam Mee! Even though we ordered the ‘small’ size, it was big enough to make me full. And I’m not a small eater, really. The noodles used were not of the springy type, but more like the soft and smooth version, the ones that you could slurp them in heartily. :) Even from the pictures, one could tell that they’re pretty generous with the amount of beef tripe served! They were tender and fragrant, but with no gamey smell at all. I could tell that the beef tripe was definitely braised for some hours to result in such a soft and tender goodness.

Chong Loy-6

Beef tripe noodles

Chong Loy-8

witch enjoying her noodles

The total bill for everything we had (2 plates of ngau lam mein, a bowl of ‘sui kow’, a plate of roasted pork and ‘char siew’ with 2 drinks) was RM24. Reasonable? To be honest, this was my first time having beef tripe and innards noodles after I moved to KL and I thought this was very good. I’m sure there are many more of the same kind out there, just waiting to be discovered! After this try, I’m sold! Where is the next Ngau Lam Mein restaurant that I should go to? Suggestions? :)

Chong Loy-9

Restoran Chong Loy

Restoran Chong Loy (Beef Brisket Noodles)
Jalan PJS 10/9,
Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
GPS: 3.076731, 101.603934

Second Best Hotel in Xiamen, China – Part 3

As mentioned earlier in my first post of Xiamen, we were supposed to switch hotels after the first night. The second hotel, without a doubt, was much better than the one we stayed in. The next morning, we went for breakfast, packed and took a cab to the next hotel.

Xiamen Part 3-1

Couldn’t resist taking the picture of giant sneakers!

The hotel that we were going to was called Wyndham Hotel Xiamen, which is also ranked #2 by TripAdvisor. Once we entered the lobby, it felt like we were in a different world altogether. The majestic chandeliers were so grand and sparkly, the floors so smooth and shiny, and the area so spacious! Luxurious, definitely luxurious.

Xiamen Part 3-15

Grand chandelier in the lobby

Xiamen Part 3-16

Spiral staircase

While Saucer was performing the necessary check in procedures, I couldn’t help but be awed by my surroundings.

Xiamen Part 3-17

Spacious reception area

Xiamen Part 3-18

witch at Wyndham Hotel

Soon, our room was ready and we were given a key card. Look, even the lift lobby was so classy!

Xiamen Part 3-14

Lift lobby at 15th floor

We were given a twin bed room, but each bed was wide enough for 2 persons! It was larger than the standard size single bed, but just slightly smaller than a queen bed. Best of all? The bed was super comfy and the pillows were made from down. Heavenly! :)

Xiamen Part 3-2

The large twin beds

Xiamen Part 3-3

Study desk by the window

The room had a floor to ceiling window which opened to a  glorious view of the river!

Xiamen Part 3-5

View of the room

Xiamen Part 3-6

Coffee and tea making facilities

Each day, two bottles of complimentary water were given.

Xiamen Part 3-8

Complimentary drinking water

The bathroom was spacious, with a cubicle for shower and a cubicle for toilet.

Xiamen Part 3-7

Basin in the washroom

The shower head was huge with strong water pressure – exactly what a good shower is made of. :)

Xiamen Part 3-9

Huge shower head

Xiamen Part 3-10

Toilet bowl in a separate cubicle

But what I love most of the wash room is the bath tub! I actually spent a lot of my time in the tub having a bubble bath! Exceptionally delightful especially after working out in the gym. :)

Xiamen Part 3-11


Every morning, we woke up to the amazing view of the river.

Xiamen Part 3-4

Morning view from the room

And every evening, we were treated to a beautiful sunset, all from the comfort of our room. The island opposite of the river is called Gulangyu, which is synonymous to Xiamen’s pride. It’s an island that we visited a few days later, together with my friends from Beijing. :)

Xiamen Part 3-12

Sunset from our room

Needless to say, our experience in Wyndham Hotel had been nothing short of fabulous. Well, when the room rate is about RMB1,000+ per night, some expectations are bound to be there, no?

Xiamen Part 3-13

Wyndham Hotel Xiamen

For more information of the hotel, check out this website: