Year End Christmas Giveaway!!!

Hello people! The festive mood is really contagious, isn’t it? I just came back from a Christmas event filled with Christmas cheers and songs. In fact, my mind can’t stop playing “White Christmas” over and over again. :) Anyway, since it’s end of the year and Christmas is near, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone of you who supported me throughout the whole time I was blogging this year! It really means a lot to me! Love you guys!

To make things a little more fun, I’m going to do it the Lucky Draw style! There are a total of 7 items, and in order to win the item, you just need to do the following:

1. Follow me on Twitter (@iamthewitch) OR “Like” me on Facebook Page (

2. Leave a comment in THIS BLOG and indicate the item # you wish for.

That’s it! At the end of one week, I would do a lucky draw for each item to determine the winner. If you’re lucky and no one else chooses that item, then you’re the automatic winner! :) Prizes will be couriered to each of you with care. 😉 So here goes!

Item #1: A pair of mugs courtesy of Sepang Gold Coast

Xmas Giveaway-4

Item #1: A pair of mugs

Xmas Giveaway-5

Item #1: A pair of mugs

Item #2: A pair of Red Wine glasses

Xmas Giveaway-7

Item #2: A pair of red wine glasses

Xmas Giveaway-6

Item #2: A pair of red wine glasses

Item #3: OSIS Body Me Volumizing serum

Xmas Giveaway-3

Item #3: OSIS Body Me Volumizing serum

Item #4: Seashell bracelet from Xiamen. I bought this bracelet from my recent Xiamen trip! Really authentic with fine details. The locals actually collected these shells from the beach to make them into a nice bracelet. :)

Xmas Giveaway-2

Item #4: Seashell bracelet from Xiamen

Item #5: A bottle Cham’alal White Wine (Halal). Even though it’s halal, it tastes a little like champagne! Really.

Xmas Giveaway-1

Item #5: A bottle Cham’alal White Wine (Halal)

Item #6: A set of Salt, Pepper, Vinegar and Oil organizer, courtesy of MIGF.

Xmas Giveaway-9

Item #6: A set of Salt, Pepper, Vinegar and Oil organizer, courtesy of MIGF

Xmas Giveaway-8

Item #6

Item #7: Habanero Hot Wings AND Taquitos de Pollo at Frontero Jaya One (worth RM25) from Groupsmore

Item #7: Habanero Hot wings


Voucher to be won :)

There you have it! All SEVEN items to be given away! Please don’t think that they’re meagre because I’m giving them away with my heart! 😉 Start commenting and results will be announced on Christmas Eve night (24th of December 2010).

Year End Poolside Party with a View

It’s that time of the year again where everyone’s mood is jolly, relaxed and festive! Year end not only indicates Christmas and New Year for some, it also means holidays and partayyy! I attended one myself at the recent Year End Party by Sirens Media at the prestigious KL Hilton! The party was held at the recently refurbished poolside restaurant called The Boardwalk, located at Level 8 of KL Hilton. It was my first time there and I must say I was really impressed with the place!

KL Hilton-1

Part of the lounge at Boardwalk

Boardwalk was recently renovated and had extended its area, making it appear more spacious and comfortable. There was even an enclosed glass room with air-conditioner just next to the poolside! Talk about comfort with style. I loved the concept of having classy dinner tables by the poolside, just perfect for a cozy dinner with close family and friends.

KL Hilton-2

View of the city from Boardwalk

The whole area is surrounded by a glass balcony, enabling patrons to have the full city view even when they’re kicking back with a drink or two. Not to forget the in-house DJ playing music all night long, this is definitely the place to chill out!

KL Hilton-3

Kick back and relax with a view

KL Hilton-4

Comfortable couches next to the balcony

The place could get a bit windy at night so it was really cool sitting out there, literally. :) Of course, if you’re up to something more fun, you could go with a bikini or swimming trunk and jump in for a swim at the pool! Just look at how gorgeous the pool is!

KL Hilton-6

Swimming pool at KL Hilton

KL Hilton-7

Pool at KL Hilton

Soon, our dinner started and we were all seated at the table inside the glass room.

KL Hilton-5

Elegant table within the glass room

We were served an array of finger food with lots of choices!

KL Hilton-9

Tom Yam Gung (Chicken and Coconut soup)

KL Hilton-10

Lobster Summer Roll and Crabmeat, Fennel and Apple Salad in Rock Glass

KL Hilton-11

Smoked Salmon Pizzette

The mains:

KL Hilton-12

Mini Trattoria Burger

KL Hilton-13

Lamb with Carrot Puree, Mushroom Ravioli and Jus

KL Hilton-14

Shrimp and Soft Polenta, Poached Quail Egg and Beef Bacon

KL Hilton-16

Grilled Flat Iron Steak, Vanilla Parsnip Puree and Asparagus

KL Hilton-17

Thai Fried Chicken Wing on Glass Noodles, Hot and Sour sauce with Salted Mango

Last but not least, the desserts!

KL Hilton-18

Chocolate Fudge Mint Cream

KL Hilton-19

Lemon Banana Caramel Meringue Pie

KL Hilton-20

Orange Jivara Espuma topped with Macadamia Vanilla Crumble

KL Hilton-21

Mixed Berries Creme Brulee with Almond Croustillant

It was a fun night out, to be able to see new people and experience the new place. I’m happy to say that the party has just begun and there is more to come before the end of the year! :)

KL Hilton-8

KL Hilton

Hilton Kuala Lumpur Hotel
3 Jalan Stesen Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 60-3-2264-2264
Fax: 60-3-2264-2266

Christmas Cheers with the Boys from Agathians Shelter Home

Even though we always look forward to Christmas as a season of joy and merriment, there are always some people at some corner of the world who are not as lucky as we are. One such group of people are the boys from Agathians Shelter Home in PJ. This is a welfare home that cares for not only orphans, but also for abandoned, neglected or abused children. Therefore, when I found out that Prince Hotel KL is hosting a Christmas Brunch for these boys, I immediately agreed to tag along.

Prince Hotel Xmas-1

witch at Prince Hotel

The Christmas brunch started at 12pm, but before I show you those cute boys, let me show you the glorious spread of food that they had!

Prince Hotel Xmas-2

Mixed vegetables

Prince Hotel Xmas-3

Grilled chicken

Prince Hotel Xmas-4

Steamed fish

Prince Hotel Xmas-5


Prince Hotel Xmas-6

Seafood lasagna

Prince Hotel Xmas-7

The boys’ favourite – Noodles!

Prince Hotel Xmas-8


Prince Hotel Xmas-9

Spring rolls

Prince Hotel Xmas-10

Mini hot dogs

Prince Hotel Xmas-11

Baked fish

Prince Hotel Xmas-12

Fried chicken

The spread of desserts was also massive!

Prince Hotel Xmas-13

Gingerbread house :)

But my favourite dessert of all was this warm chocolate cake with ice-cream! It was gorgeous! The chocolate cake was kept warm with a steamer, while the ice-cream was fresh from the box. Combining the two of them together was the bomb!

Prince Hotel Xmas-33

Warm chocolate cake and vanilla ice-cream

I had a great time walking around and taking candid pictures of these kids while they were eating. They were really cute and friendly! Some of them saw me and offered to shake my hand! So polite! :) And they had such wonderful smiles, they melted my heart. <3

Prince Hotel Xmas-14

Busy kids eating

Prince Hotel Xmas-15

Nom nom nom

Prince Hotel Xmas-17


Prince Hotel Xmas-18


Prince Hotel Xmas-19

Hehe.. the case of wearing a hat larger than your head 😛

Prince Hotel Xmas-20

The Clown!

The Prince Residents’ Ladies and former residents of the Prince Serviced Apartment led by Mrs Pilar Palma-Pezar also kindly prepared X’mas gifts to each child from the home. They started preparation about a month earlier to ensure that each child received a special and personalized X’mas gift. So sweet and thoughtful of them!

Prince Hotel Xmas-16

X’mas gifts for the kids

Prince Hotel Xmas-21

Merry Christmas from Tim :)

Prince Hotel Xmas-22


Prince Hotel Xmas-23

Another happy recipient

Prince Hotel Xmas-24

Love this kid!

Prince Hotel also presented a cheque as donation to the Agathians Shelter, led by Mr Bala. I have to say that I was really impressed with Mr Bala, who single-handedly controlled a group of 30 over kids! Definitely not an easy task when everyone was excited and loud. :)

Prince Hotel Xmas-25

Cheque from Prince Hotel to Agathians Shelter Home

After that, the kids had fun decorating gingerbread man, led by the Head Chef DJ of Prince Hotel. This is him demonstrating how to decorate a gingerbread man. :)

Prince Hotel Xmas-27

Chef DJ demonstrating

Prince Hotel Xmas-28


And the kids followed suit. Fast learners, I tell you!

Prince Hotel Xmas-29

So serious!

Prince Hotel Xmas-30

Look at the happy crowd!

Prince Hotel Xmas-31

witch with the kids

Prince Hotel Xmas-32

Say cheese!

Last but not least, a happy group picture of the kids with the staff of Prince Hotel. Bravo to the hotel for organizing such a meaningful community event. :)

Prince Hotel Xmas-26

Group Picture

The Christmas Day Brunch featured above is available on Christmas Day from 12pm to 4pm, at RM108++ per person. It includes 1 complimentary glass of house wine or soft drink. If you’d like to offer your help to these less fortunate kids, do head on over to their website here.

Prince Hotel and Residence Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Conlay,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603-2170 8888

Best Fish Head Noodles, I Finally Found You!

Lunch time is always something that I look forward to, especially with my gang of adventurous colleagues. Every few days, we venture to somewhere new and exciting! This time, a colleague suggested a restaurant hidden in the unassuming shop lots in Kuchai Lama, supposedly selling amazing fish head noodles. “Unassuming”, I would say, because the restaurant is the only one serving food in the row of shops mostly servicing cars. Also, the surroundings are generally abandoned or old flats. But when you see the rows and rows of cars parking or even double parking around the area, you’d start wondering what are all these Mercedes, BMWs and Camrys doing here? And then you spot Goon Wah, a rather old restaurant with a faded signboard that is filled to the brim with people!

NOTE: Pictures taken with iPhone 3GS

Goon Wah-1

Winter Melon Longan Dessert

We started by ordering their famous dishes. If you’re in doubt, just look at the pictures on the wall and start pointing. It’s hard to be wrong. :) I ordered their dessert of the day for my drink, Winter Melon Longan. It was packed with ingredients, especially longan, which is my favourite! Definitely refreshing to the body on a hot afternoon.

Goon Wah-2

Winter Melon Longan picture taken with Instagram :)

My colleague raved about the XO Fish Head Noodles here so we simply had to order a pot! It arrived in a claypot, steaming hot with a frothy top! I liked the look of it already! :) It was served with thick vermicelli, with a smooth and slightly chewy texture, which was a delight to slurp!

Goon Wah-3

Claypot XO fish head noodles

The amount of fish meat given was so generous, this pot was definitely meant to be shared. I was expecting to get only fish head with lots of bones but to my surprise, there were plenty of fresh meaty parts in it. The fish was flaky and firm, with a slightly crisp edge due to deep frying before that. The star of the day though, was the soup! Not overly thick or creamy, it had just the right balance of flavours – sour, salty, gingery, sweet and a little tangy from the tomatoes and lime. Love love LOVE it to bits! Needless to say, the pot was polished right to the very last drop! :)

Goon Wah-4

Generous amount of fish meat in the clay pot

Our next order was also one of the signature, Claypot Lou Shu Fun, or they called it as Claypot Short Noodles with Pork. The presentation of the dish was already a sight to behold, with blaring hot fire underneath the charcoal black pot. It doesn’t get anymore authentic than this! Served with lots of minced pork, scallions, chilli and shallots on top, the waitress asked us to stir it well upon serving. And so, stir it we did!

Goon Wah-5

Claypot Lou Shu Fun

Goon Wah-6

Stirring it good and well

Goon Wah-7

Blaring hot fire at the bottom

While stirring, one can’t help but drool with the pleasant aroma emitting from the clay pot. I was that close to dripping my saliva onto the pot! *LOL* But the wait was worth it! The noodles ended up to be a nice concoction of all the ingredients, each piece of noodle well coated and bursting with flavour. Oh, be careful while eating this or you might end up burning your tongue. I loved the combination of savoury and spicy taste that the noodles had. Very appetizing and delicious!

Goon Wah-8

Well-mixed claypot lou shu fun

From what the other tables order, we couldn’t help but notice this plate of Special Sauce Chicken Wings, which I later found out to be cooked with Stout! Each piece of wing was not overly oily, and the meat was so tender it fell off the bones! Although they claimed to have stout in the sauce, I could barely taste it. It was more like a sweet and sour sauce, with a thicker texture like that of the honey. Still, I had no complaints on the wings.

Goon Wah-9

Chicken Wings

Goon Wah-10

Another shot by Instagram – which one do you prefer?

And to satisfy the carb cravings of the guys, we had the Fried Rice and Fried Glass Noodles. Perhaps all the dishes were really tasty, that when I took a bite of the fried rice, I thought it was a little on the bland side? Or, it could also have to do with the fact that we asked them not to use pork in the fried rice since one of us didn’t eat pork. Either way, I thought the fried rice was pretty average.

Goon Wah-12

Fried rice

The Fried Glass Noodles though, was another of my favourite! Gosh, I’ve never had so many favourites in one shop! 😛 The noodles were light and not oily, but really tasty! I know how hard it is to fry a plate of glass noodles, they always tend to clump or end up being too crumbly. But look at what a splendid job they did! If I had it my way, I would have eaten this all by myself. Oh, but that would apply to the Fish Head Noodles and the Claypot Lou Shu Fun as well. Ah, if only I had a bigger stomach.

Goon Wah-11

Fried Glass Noodles

Goon Wah-13

Short working hours!

With such amazing food, it was no wonder the surroundings of the shop were filled with cars! And the interior of it filled with people. Even before we finished our food, there were other people standing by waiting for tables. Business was really brisk! Guess what? Their working hours are even shorter than mine! Only opened from 9.30am to 3.30pm and off on Saturday and Sunday! My goodness! Just shows how good their business is to thrive with such short working hours, right?

Goon Wah-14

Full house restaurant

Goon Wah-15

Goon Wah Restaurant

I really enjoyed my lunch here, but my only gripe is that they should open for dinner as well! Ah, that pot of steaming hot fish head noodles and the claypot lou shu fun, wouldn’t that be a delight to eat during cold nights? Oh well. By the way, the above dishes were for 4 persons, and bill came up to only RM13/person!


Goon Wah Restaurant
G13, Jalan 3/115C, Block KP2,
Taman Kuchai Jaya,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-79820048/79840722
Fax: 03-79820163
Business Hours: 9.30am – 3.30pm, Off on Sat and Sun

Blue and Silver Christmas!

The festive Christmas is really getting to me! I don’t know about you but this year, I felt particularly Christmas-sy! I downloaded some Christmas songs, organized a Secret Santa party and did Christmas shopping! Oh, not to mention, the Christmas meals and turkey! I’m loving them all! :) This festive season, Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur takes us on a merry gastronomic journey where their Master Chefs present an array of irresistible yuletide indulgences.

Swiss Garden Xmas-17

Merry Christmas presented on a plate :)

A scrumptious traditional Christmas buffet dinner awaits diners as the aroma of Roasted Turkey fills the air at Flavors Restaurant. Among the Christmas highlights include the Traditional Oven Roasted Turkey with Walnut Bread and Raisin stuffing, Santa Fe Clam Chowder and Beef Wellington served with a selection of Giblet sauce, Cranberry sauce and Mushroom sauce.

Swiss Garden Xmas-13

Traditional Oven Roasted Turkey with Walnut Bread and Raisin stuffing

Just look at the size of the turkey! And the amazing aroma that it emitted was enough to make anyone drool. So we waited patiently at our table while waiting for the turkey to be carved. Within minutes, we had our plates of turkey! Yummy! I must say that I’m not a fan of turkey because I always thought that turkey meat tends to be a little dry compared to other meat. But the one I had in Flavors Restaurant turned out to be quite the opposite! It was tender, moist and more importantly, the gravy complemented the taste really well! It was the first time that I wanted more turkey on my plate, thank you! :)

Swiss Garden Xmas-9

Delicious, moist and tender turkey meat

There were various other items on the Christmas eve buffet dinner as well, and some of the items I picked were shown in the picture below.

Swiss Garden Xmas-10

Clockwise: Sushi, pasta bolognese, char kuey teow, lor bak and roasted chicken

To end our meal, there was the customary Christmas Yule Log, Swiss rolls and plenty of cakes!! On Christmas Eve, dinner comes with a glass of wine, door gifts, party packs, and lucky diners will even receive a surprise gift during the lucky draw. Santa will also make an appearance to spread the Christmas joy with presents!

Swiss Garden Xmas-1

Christmas cake #1

Swiss Garden Xmas-2

Christmas cake #2

Swiss Garden Xmas-3

Christmas cake #3

Swiss Garden Xmas-4

Christmas cake #4

Swiss Garden Xmas-5

Christmas cake #5

Swiss Garden Xmas-6

Chocolate cake

Swiss Garden Xmas-7

Christmas Yule Log

Swiss Garden Xmas-11

My plate of desserts :)

Apart from the cakes, I also had the ABC! It’s DIY so it’s quite fun to prepare! :)

Swiss Garden Xmas-12

ABC – shaved ice with various toppings

Love the creativity of the chef in creating a tree out of marshmallows! Doesn’t it make you want to pop one into your mouth? :)

Swiss Garden Xmas-8

Christmas tree made from marshmallows! <3

Swiss Garden Xmas-16

Christmas decoration at Flavors Restaurant, Swiss Garden Hotel and Residences, Kuala Lumpur

The Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner is starting from 6.30pm until 10.30pm, priced at RM88++/adult and RM45++/child @ senior citizen.

If you miss out on the Christmas Eve dinner, you could also join the fun during the Christmas Day Buffet Brunch from noon till 4pm, at RM68++ per adult and RM35++ per child / senior citizen.

Make your reservations before it’s too late!

Swiss Garden Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur
117 Jalan Pudu,
50100 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel no.: +603-2141 3333 ext 1190 / 1170

Cheap Banana Leaf Rice at Kanna

One fine Sunday night, I suddenly had the mood for lamb curry. I didn’t know why, but it was just so specific – lamb curry, that was it. I was reminiscing the heavenly Rogan Gosht that I had back in Sagar, but Saucer suggested something closer to home, and kinder to the wallet. :) That was how we ended up at Kanna Curry House. Both of us ordered Banana Leaf Rice and we were given the buckets of gravy filled with chicken curry, fish curry and dhal.

Kanny Curry House-2

Chicken curry, fish curry and dhal

What I love about Kanna Curry House was how generous they were with all the side dishes and the curry! The buckets of curry above never left our table the whole time! It was a sign from them telling us that we could have as much of them as we wanted. Also, every once in a while, someone would come over and ask us if we needed anything – rice? Vegetables? Meat? Basically, just are we good? For RM4.50, this was an exceptional deal!

Kanny Curry House-3

Banana leaf rice set drenched with curry (RM4.50)

There were 4 types of side dishes given – acar, cabbage, cucumber and papadam. Oh don’t forget the complimentary rassam (soup) too! And yes, they’re all refillable.

Kanny Curry House-4

The side dishes

Of course, how could we forget the real reason we were there? Lamb curry! We ordered a plate of that, and even though it looked small, there were loads of lamb in it! Definitely a portion for sharing! The lamb was amazingly tender and tasty! There was definitely no gamey smell, and the curry was not overly spicy, but distinguishable from the rest of the curries on my rice. I kept having one piece after another, for it was just delicious!

Kanny Curry House-1

Lamb Curry (RM9)

Outside the restaurant, there was a frying area with a counter filled with marinated raw meat. I loved the idea of having freshly fried items upon order, unlike most restaurants where their fried items are all cooked and placed on trays. Here, the customer could go to the counter and pinpoint exactly which piece of meat he wants to be fried and it will be fried only upon order. This guarantees freshness and hygiene.

Kanny Curry House-9

Range of marinated meat

Kanny Curry House-10

Happily frying meat!

Since it was quite late when we were there (around 8-9pm), there was quite limited meat left. By limited, I meant there were only chicken wings! I’m definitely not a fan of chicken wings, more of a chicken thigh person but since chicken wings were the only part left, I ordered a piece. It came out to be pretty fragrant, alas a tad too dry for my liking.

Kanny Curry House-7

Fried chicken wing

Banana leaf rice experience wouldn’t be complete with a glass of mango lassi, in my humble opinion. It balances out the spiciness on your tongue as well as your stomach at the end of the meal. Even looking at my picture now is getting my stomach growling. *LOL*

Kanny Curry House-5

Wholesome banana leaf rice

Kanny Curry House-6

Drooling yet? :)

I used to eat Banana Leaf rice only during lunch, but eating it for dinner is quite a nice change too! For starters, I didn’t have to deal with the afternoon scorching sun and I didn’t have to go back to the office all sweaty and smelling of curry! 😛 Definitely coming back here again if only for that lamb curry! :)

Kanny Curry House-11

Kanna Curry House at Puchong

Kanna Curry House
No. 21, Jalan Kenari 17/D,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong,
Tel: +603-8075 2427
GPS Coordinates: 3°2’50″N   101°37’26″E