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Just before we left Canberra, we made our way to the Australian War Memorial, which was recently named as the top landmark in Australia by TripAdvisor. As its name implies, the Australian War Memorial was built to honour the members of its armed forces and supporting parties who have perished or contributed to the wars of the Commonwealth of Australia. I was surprised that it was open even during public holidays (Easter weekend) and parking was a breeze in the undercover car park.


Australian War Memorial, Canberra


Australian flags in front of the memorial

My first impression of the memorial was that it was gigantic! I initially expected a museum-like experience that would be boring (no offense) but it was actually pretty interesting. There were areas encompassing World War I and another on World War II. There were pictures of soldiers all along the walkways and real-life fighter jets within the building too. I was just sorry I didn’t allocate more time for us to visit the memorial. We only reached there around noon and were planning to drive home around 2.30pm so we would reach home before dark. That left us with slightly more than an hour to roam around, leaving less than an hour for lunch.


View from the top near the entrance of the memorial


The huge war memorial


Making our way in


Pictures of soldiers


Little J didn’t seem very interested 😛


More pictures of soldiers


Badges of honour

We spotted something that looked like a metal cage during our visit and eventually realized it was flight trainer. It was from an Avro Anson plane that used to be a bomber and later salvaged as a training plane. It certainly did not look very comfortable in there and there was no screen whatsoever to display any information. It looks like we have really come a long way in the aviation industry.


Inside of the Avro Anson training plane


The olden days cockpit


The Avro Anson trainer information board

There were also a few life-size fighter jets and bomber displayed in the memorial. One of those was the Kittyhawk “Polly”, which I took a picture of because the Lieutenant who flew this plane actually named it after his girlfriend. So romantic! :)


Kittyhawk “Polly”


ANZAC Hall entrance


Another air craft


Avro Lancaster Mk I Bomber ‘G for George’

Just before we left, we took a stroll along the Memorial Courtyard. The weather was gorgeous and sunny, perfect for photography. I guess you can tell our visit wasn’t very comprehensive based on the sporadic pictures and short description on my post. Hopefully when Little J is a bit older, we would return to the memorial and allocate more time to fully appreciate the wealth of information it has to offer.


Memorial Courtyard


Some familiar countries on the wall


Our little family

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  1. says

    So nice to go visiting the city with your kid in tow…. this is called, learning from a young age… I went to Canberra in the 1984.. cannot remember much already….. where we went.. can only recall going to round the ambassy-s … :)

  2. says

    I love the courtyard. Very nice. I went to the memorial in Melbourne many many years ago – somehow it gave me the creeps, some kind of eerie feeling.

  3. says

    I love visiting war museums and I like Australia’s history, it’s quite a brave one, considering they don’t have a lot of people at the time.

    ANZAC day came up a couple of weeks when I first went to Melbourne for college and it was a holiday so everyone was off but I got myself a couple of packs of ANZAC biscuits (to be honest, they’re horrible oat biscuits but proceeds goes to war veteran charities) and went to the War Memorial. :)

    Nice photos, love the ones of the cockpit.

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