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Ever since Little J started solids, we would usually have lunch out at least once a week during the weekends. It’s just a little easier feeding him solids on the high chair compared to feeding him milk in a restaurant.:) We would normally wait for him to wake up from his morning nap, then steam his lunch of mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and broccoli, pack it in a container and off we go. 2 weeks ago, we decided to have something hot and spicy at a local Thai restaurant. Kinn Thai Restaurant used to be called Red Spoon in Castle Towers, and we heard quite a lot of good feedback from our friends on it. So we decided to drop by on a Saturday, and were pleased to get a table even though the restaurant was pretty busy.

Kinn Thai


We pushed Little J in while he’s on his pram, so one of the waitresses showed us to a table near the corner of the dining area, away from the busy human traffic. However, when I requested for a high chair, she seemed a little taken aback, almost as if thinking why I still wanted a high chair when the baby was already in his pram. Sure enough, she actually said out loud (with a sort of sour face), “Where are you going to place the high chair?” indicating that the pram had already taken the space. So I said I’d push the pram out of the way, so could you please place the high chair here? She reluctantly got me a high chair and we settled Little J in it. That wasn’t a nice start to my lunch, but thankfully she seemed to be the only bad apple I met that day. The next waitress who came was all smiles and served us politely throughout our lunch – refilling our water and entertaining Little J when he started to make noise. So fine, I’ll let it go, Miss Sourface.

Dining in a Thai restaurant is never complete without the customary order of the Tom Yum soup. For us, this soup makes or breaks a Thai restaurant, and sadly, we have never had any memorable ones in Sydney. They are usually not spicy enough! At Kinn Thai, the Tom Yum soup was served in a nice little steel pot that reminded me of how Thai restaurants in KL used to do it. The soup arrived steaming hot and very fragrant. It had 4 sizable and succulent prawns, lots of mushrooms, baby corn and lots of flavour! While this may not be the best Tom Yum soup that we’ve had, it was the best that we’ve had in Sydney. It was spicy, flavoursome and had a nice kick to it. We also loved that the portion was not too big or small, just perfect for the 2 of us to share.

Kinn Thai

Tom Yum Prawn Soup (AUD$11.90)

For our mains, we actually ordered out of our comfort zone. Instead of the usual basil stir-fry, or the green or red curry, we opted for the Chilli Kaffir Lime Barramundi listed in their ‘New dishes’ page. It was a plate of crispy barramundi strips, wok-tossed with Thai water spinach (kangkung) in chilli kaffir lime jam. And man, was it spicy! Yes, even for our taste buds, this had a good spicy kick to it, which made me wonder how this would go down with those who are not so accustomed to spicy food. But we absolutely loved it! Saucer was sweating buckets but he kept going for more. Maybe it’s the fact that he loves fish, or the fact that they used kangkung, reminding us of good old Malaysian food, or the awesome fact that their chilli jam was really like our sambal. Fiery and pedas. Just so close to home.

Kinn Thai

Chilli Kaffir Lime Barramundi (AUD$22.50)

Last but not least, we also tried the Caramelised Pork Hock, another item in the New Dishes list. There were 4 huge pieces of tender meat on thin, crispy pork skin served on caramelised sauce with chilli and lime sauce on the side. The pork was lean, which I loved, but also soft and moist. I wonder how they did it! And the skin, oh the crispy skin, I wish there was more of it. And the sauce, it’s caramelised, but it’s not overly sweet. It was just perfect with the pork, and with rice too. This was modern Thai at its best, I think. Even though there were only 4 pieces of it, they were generously sized and very filling too, since each piece was solid meat.

Kinn Thai

Caramelised Pork Hock (AUD$28)

Kinn Thai

Father and son at lunch

While we enjoyed our lunch, Little J was busy banging his hands on the table and looking around curiously at the other diners, at the waitresses, at everything! Every so often, he would scream for attention and then smile when he got it. But otherwise, we immensely enjoyed our lunch there (bar my experience with Miss Sourface). It was nothing like the old school Thai food that we’re used to, but we didn’t mind it one bit. The portions were generally above average so we left feeling stuffed even until past dinner time. We certainly have no qualms returning!

Kinn Thai

Whatchu lookin’ at?

Kinn Thai Restaurant
Shop 7, The Piazza Castle Towers,
6-14 Castle St
Castle Hill,
2154 NSW, Australia
Tel No.: (02) 9899 5669 / (02) 8677 9044

Red Spoon Castle Hill on Urbanspoon

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  1. says

    hmmm, i like this!! the tomyum looks appetising and the Chilli Kaffir Lime Barramundi looks so yummy, but then i think i would really like to try that Caramelized Pork Hock!! errr, second thought, you weren’t feeding Little J those spicy food right?? haha~~ 😀

  2. says

    I love Thai Food anytime!! Yes, their taste really suits me and I could see a lot of “salivating” dishes up there… I just put up my post yesterday on Thai food.. the tomyum was simply not enough for the 4 of us.. hahaha…
    So even Baby also seems to be enjoying Thai cuisine, ya! :)

  3. says

    Ughs, I hate that kind of service and that can be the make or break for me too, for any place I go to. Poor you, it’s not easy having to deal with a kid, but to be treated like that? Well, you’re right, just let her be and good for the next waitress who came to the rescue to change your impression.
    Looks like little J is clearly not affected either, lol, he’s growing up so fast! :-)
    I agree that the Tom Yum soup has got to be the most important dish in a Thai restaurant, and should not be messed up in any way, because simply, it’s like the icon of Thai food! 😛
    It’s always more spicy here in Asia; probably because the expectations and the definition of spicy differs between the east and the west? Or the taste buds are just conditioned differently? 😉 Well, as long as you enjoy your dining experience…yeah, sans the Miss Sourface! 😀

  4. says

    Your boy is getting cuter and cuter! Yes, as long as his tummy is full and not sleepy, he should be enjoying all the attention he gets! :)

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