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Finding time to blog is beginning to be a luxury these days, what with juggling work, house chores and caring for baby at the same time! Anyway, I’d hate for my blog to die so I’ll try my best to blog even if it means once a month or so. A few weeks back, Little J was due for his immunisation shots at the clinic so I got him ready and dressed in the morning, waiting for Saucer to come back from his appointment to fetch us all out. Little J had just got better from his bout of fever and cough then, and upon asking the doctor, he advised us to wait for a few more days before administering the shots. After all, there’s no disadvantage for taking the shots a few days later, he said. But we were all dressed and out early in the morning! So what did we do? We decided to drive to a neighbourhood cafe for breakfast. Arthur’s Cafe is a nice joint which we had heard a lot of good things about, but never had the chance to visit.


Hot chocolate AUD$4

Apparently it’s usually quite packed during the weekends, so we were lucky to get a table right next to the kids’ play area that morning. Arthur’s Cafe is well-known for its good coffee, and the fact that it’s a very kids-friendly cafe. There’s a play area with a train table at the back, next to a rack with books as well as a Lego wall. I’d imagine it would be enough to keep kids entertained at least for an hour or so while the parents lay back and sip their morning coffee and read the papers. Since Little J was still too young to play, he was seated on the high chair next to us, hands banging on the table. :)


Poached Eggs AUD$9.90

Saucer had a cup of their Cappuccino while I ordered the Hot Chocolate, which came served with 2 marshmallows. Cute! I did not try the coffee but Saucer (and everyone else who tried Arthur’s coffee before) had always had only good things to say about the coffee there. The hot chocolate was pretty good too – rich and smooth without being overly cloying. I am sure Little J would love this when he’s bigger.


Perfectly done poached eggs

For breakfast, I picked Poached Eggs that were served on English muffins with tomatoes and avocado. The eggs were faultless – they were perfectly poached and very consistent too. Loved the combination of eggs with avocado, and the fact that they all melted on top of the toasted English muffin was a plus. Normally 2 eggs would have made me full for a meal, but these were so good that I wished there were more! :)


Eggs Benedict with Ham AUD$13.90

Saucer, on the other hand, chose the Eggs Benedict with Ham. It’s only after our orders appeared did we realise that we actually ordered pretty similar items! LOL! I guess great minds think alike eh? :) The difference with his order was the Hollandaise sauce drizzled on top and the additional serving of ham. I loved the creamy Hollandaise sauce that mixed very well with the gooey egg yolk.


Father and son moment


Something was distracting Little J


Now we’re talking! :)

Little J was being very good that morning (perhaps he realised that he had just escaped getting the needles) and had fun hanging out with us. We loved the fact that the cafe was small and  cosy but not cramped. We would definitely return especially when Little J is a bit bigger so he can play with the toys and the trains there. Of course, it helped that the food was splendid too!

Arthur’s Cafe
26 Arthur St,
Baulkham Hills
NSW 2153
Tel No: (02) 9639 2255

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  1. says

    Oh? You had breakfast at my place? Wink! Wink! Food looks good, servings seem kinda small though.

    Oooooo….baby’s so so so cute!!!! Wanna pinch the cheeks!!! Hehehehehe!!!!!

  2. says

    Hello Sweetie!
    Good to see your post again… I can see that both husband and wife has lose some weight? :) And the baby has grown too!
    Love the poached eggs esp. the first one.. so reddish in colour..

  3. says

    it’s so cool to see the new addition to your food review posts: Little J! 😀 the poached eggs make this a very cheerful-looking post and the baby makes it even more cheerful! great pics 😀

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