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Can’t believe I have not updated my blog for more than 2 weeks now. That’s a record! As usual, it goes without saying that Little J has been taking up all of my free time which made it almost impossible to do anything else. After work is usually the craziest and busiest hours until he sleeps. It gets worse if he’s teething or going through a milestone or feeling sick because that means we won’t even be able to have dinner or shower until he’s settled and that could take a good few hours! Anyway, on the days that he’s good, we would be able to have an uninterrupted dinner and even a short TV show before we call it a night. #nolifeafterbaby


Little J on his day out

A few weeks back, my parents were here for a one-week visit. At first I felt a bit apprehensive about it with Little J’s erratic sleeping pattern at night and him going through teething and all. But surprisingly he was pretty good during the week that they were here. So much so that we decided to bring him out for a day trip up north, to bring my dad fishing. Dad’s not an expert fisher, he just liked to outdoors for a nice change especially in our cool weather. Since Saucer had the necessary fishing gear, we decided to make a day trip to fish at Hawkesbury River. It was our first time there and we were honestly just driving around following road signs and asking the locals for a nice fishing spot. Thankfully, we found one! Not only was it quiet and peaceful, it also had all the amenities needed for a picnic too.


View from our picnic spot

There were several picnic booths with benches and tables just next to the river. And next to the booth, there was drinking water and a tap for washing hands. Just about 100m away, there was a public toilet for use. And lastly, car park was aplenty and free. It’s essentially all we needed for a day out! We went prepared with food and a pram for Little J to take his naps.


I like the feel of your face daddy


Are we there yet??

While dad and Saucer got their fishing equipment ready, I placed a picnic mat next to our table and placed Little J on it. It was a cool and cloudy day so it was nice to be out in the open. Little J seemed to love it too since he had the whole mat for himself. We spent a few hours there waiting for Saucer and dad to fish, but they ended up not getting any fish. LOL! I guess there’s a reason why the spot was so quiet then. :) But we still had a nice day out as a family and ate our packed nasi lemak for lunch.




#2 Whatchu looking at?





Little J was the model of the day! The lighting outdoors made it perfect for a photo shoot. When he was tired, we put him in the pram for a short nap, before leaving to go home. All in all, I was quite happy with how the day turned out and how cheerful Little J was. Perhaps we might be more adventurous and go out further next round!


#5 – My favourite shot – looking into the distance

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    hmmm, your parents are magic!! they can make your little J a good boy, haha.. so deserve the reward to bring them go fishing at this beautiful place.. and see, even J loves it~~ :0

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