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Happy Valentine’s Day! It has been almost a month since I last posted on my blog, and that is not because I’m lazy. There has been so much going on for the past few weeks, it’s crazy! For starters, Little J is attending child care, and I have returned to work full-time. That means I have to wake up extra early on working days and sleep earlier as well, on top of doing the normal chores that I usually did before having a baby. My weekday routine is so hectic, it’s a wonder how I don’t collapse at the end of the day, every day.


His latest obsession with his feet

I usually wake up at around 6.30am, take my shower, change and pack up lunch for work. Then I wake Little J up at around 7am, feed him, change and pack his stuff (clothes, sheets, milk) for day care use. By 7.30am, we would be out of the house, with our first stop at the child care centre. By the time I reach office, it would be around 8.20am or so, depending on traffic. Then it’s the normal working routine until about 4.45pm when I start to get ready to go home. After-work traffic is usually busy, so by the time I reach the child care, it would be around 5.30 or later. We reach home slightly before 6pm and it’s a mad rush after! Bathe the baby, feed him, put him to bed, and in the midst of it all, try to prepare dinner! Once he goes to bed, then it’s my turn to shower, eat, wash up the dishes and wash the bottles. By the time it’s all done, I have to express milk and prepare milk for the next day. Needless to say, at the end of the day, I’d be exhausted! Luckily, I have Saucer to help with washing up and sometimes cooking, but it’s still physically demanding to go through the day, not to mention having to wake up still in the middle of the night when the baby wakes. *phew*

When things have just begun to slowly get into a working routine, Little J started to get sick! I suppose it’s to be expected since he’s attending child care with plenty of other kids and exposed to many germs and viruses all over. On the bright side, it’s part of building up his immunity which has to happen sooner or later. But when it strikes, it pushes our already hectic schedule even further!

The first time Little J fell sick was about 2 weeks after attending child care. He started with a running nose, which eventually became stuffed and disrupted his sleep at night. I tried putting onion slices in the room, applying Vicks, using a humidifier, nothing really worked. And we had to hold him until he slept every night, and repeated it every time he woke up during the night. Very tiring holding an almost 10kg baby and rocking him every hour! The running nose slowly developed into a fever and went to as high as 39C! Obviously we got worried since it was the first time he fell sick. Luckily it subsided after a few doses of paracetamol.

He then went back to child care as usual for a couple of days, before he got hit by a vomiting bout. He vomited around 9 times in the span of less than 2 hours, and became so listless and tired – a side of him that I had never seen before. He is usually loud and cranky but on that day, no matter what we did, he just looked pale and sleepy, so we decided to bring him to the hospital (after seeing a doctor at the medical centre). At the hospital, he was fed some Hydralyte to replenish whatever fluids that he had expelled, but he still threw up after. So the doctor said we had to put him on an IV drip! :( That was such a hard and traumatizing thing to watch, especially for a baby of just 6 months old! I was surprised that he took it all quite well. He only protested a little bit when the needle was injected into his arm, I was so proud of him at that point of time. He was put on the drip for 4 hours at the hospital. We were given a room with a cot for him to lie down, unfortunately he refused to be left on the cot and only wanted to be held. I guess I can’t blame him after going through so much in a day, and to be in a totally strange environment. As for me, I was absolutely exhausted by then, after having to hold him from about 4pm until we left the hospital at around midnight.


My brave boy

I kept telling the doctor that we wanted to go home even though he told us it’s better for us to stay so that they could monitor his progress (in case he continued vomiting). Thankfully, he settled down later on during the night and the doctor finally allowed us to go home.


Only way he would slept was in my arms


Checking is nappy for pee


Lying at the hospital cot

Once that episode settled down, we sent him back to child care again only to receive another call 2 days later! The staff told me that Little J had developed a temperature and was coughing a lot. I rushed back from work again and took him to the doctors. He was then diagnosed to have a throat infection, which led to coughing and the high temperature. He was prescribed with antibiotics for a 6-day course, and the doctor said that he wouldn’t be fit to attend child care during those days. That only meant that I had to take leave from work for that period of time too. Also, due to the antibiotics, Little J was much harder to settle and sleep at night. I guessed the antibiotics gave him stomach discomfort, and top that off with endless coughing and runny nose, and you get an upset baby. During those days when he was still on antibiotics, the nights were horrible. It was like a visit back to his newborn days, when he refused to be put down on the cot and would wake up every hour through the night. It pains me to see him suffering even though I knew deep down that he was going to get better.


The next day – note the plaster on his arm


Still obsessed with his feet

Thankfully, after the antibiotics course was over, he started to gradually become himself again. All in all, he had a total of 8 absent days from the child care in a matter of 2 or 3 weeks! Between juggling him, house work, cooking and office work, I was just about as exhausted as I could be! Things have finally sort of settled down a little bit for now, which is why I decided to record down my experience for future reference. I have read that babies will get sick around 8 times a year, so I know this period of calm won’t last long. But for now, I’ll take whatever I can get!

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  1. says

    Sorry to hear Baby J was not well. Must have been painful to see him getting all those jabs.

    By the way, did he get the Rotavirus jab? Heard if sending to daycare, better to get rotavirus jab.

  2. says

    Oh dear. Glad he’s better now. Kids get sick very often. Can be worrying and very stressful but it’s good for them – will build up antibodies, make them strong.

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