Our New Year’s Eve 2013

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Can you believe it? 2013 has come and gone, some might say in a blink of an eye, but to me, it has been a fruitful one. It was one where Little J was born and brought into our world, making it more lively and happy with his wide grins. Sure, with the little one around, many of our activities are limited and revolve around him. Heck, he even dictates when I can go to the toilet or bathroom, or our lunch and dinner time, and most importantly, our shopping time. When I say shopping, I don’t mean shopping for clothes or window-shopping – no, we certainly don’t have that luxury anymore. When I say shopping, I meant shopping for groceries and necessities, things we need to survive like food, toiletries, nappies, etc. And even so, we have to multitask so that we can go out and come back before he starts getting cranky for his nap time.


Our bundle of joy

On the day of new year’s eve, we spent it like any other day. I have started training Little J to drink using the bottle since I will be starting work next week (:() and I wanted to make sure that he would drink from the bottle when he’s at the child care centre. Saucer has been doing the father duty of feeding Little J, but sometimes, the little one gets curious and holds his own bottle. It lasts only a few minutes at a time though, before he gets distracted by something else (like his feet) and decides to grab those instead. LOL!


Drinking from the bottle

While Saucer helped with the feeding, I decided to do some baking myself. We had some leftover taro/yam from making bubur cha cha a few days ago, so I decided to make some use out of them. What better way to use yam than to make yam cake? It was my first time making it and honestly, it’s not that difficult. In fact, I made the yam cake twice in two days, to get rid of all the remaining taro that I had in my fridge. The preparation took about half an hour or so, and the rest was leaving it to steam. But after all the hard work, it felt so good to taste home made yam cake!


Yam Cake


Served with chilli sauce

Saucer is a fan of yam cake and adored my version to bits! We gave some away to our friends and relatives so we didn’t have much left for ourselves, which explained why I decided to make the second batch on the next day. Now I still have less than half a tray in the fridge and I’m treating it as my treasured possession. LOL!


Strawberry milkshake

Saucer got me a milkshake maker for Christmas and he made me a really nice and cooling strawberry milkshake on New Year’s Eve! I used to love chocolate milkshake as a kid, but now my favorite flavor is strawberry. I guess it’s just less rich and cloying compared to chocolate? Anyway, it was the perfect  beverage for a hot summer afternoon!


New Year’s Eve potluck dinner

Our neighbor and Saucer’s cycling buddy hosted a new year’s eve dinner in the form of potluck. Being understanding, they started dinner early so that we could be done before the little one’s bed time. There were 3 families, all from different countries – the hosts were from Australia and New Zealand, serving appetizers of chips, salad, crackers and dips, and the famous Australian BBQ and rolls. The other couple was from South Africa and served their version of a sweet trifle-like dessert, which was made with everything starting with ‘C’ – cookies, cream, custard, condensed milk – yum! And us, being Malaysians, decided to serve our famous Nasi Lemak! I was surprised that they took it quite well, considering the sambal was quite hot, even for my standards. Of course, the cucumber slices proved to be a saviour. :) Dinner started at around 6pm and we left after a quick dessert around 8.30pm. It was indeed a great meal with a good conversation, even though we didn’t stay long enough to watch the fireworks.


Happy New Year 2014!

As usual, Little J dictates our bed time too, so when he started getting cranky, we had to quickly rush back, changed and fed him before putting him to bed. By 10.30pm I was already exhausted from the day’s work of baking and cooking that I went to bed at 11pm. No, we didn’t manage to stay til midnight to welcome the new year, but our little boy certainly was happy to welcome the new day with us early next morning. Happy New Year to everyone and may the new year 2014 bring lots of joy and happiness!

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  1. says

    We had steamboat – the significance – all good things going in…and family unity, cooking and eating together. Very symbolic, eh?

    Happy 2014 to you and Saucer and the little one! Cheers!

  2. says

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!! Oh, yummy New Year’s Eve potluck party! Once you have a baby, your life will revolve around your baby. I see it happens to all the parents hahaha!! Little J will be your priority from now on, so enjoy yeah? 😀

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