Which Freezer Should I Choose?

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From my dishwasher post, lets move on to another kitchen appliance that we can’t live without – freezer! Here is a guest post on how to choose the perfect freezer for your kitchen.


There are two types of domestic kitchen freezer available, upright and chest freezers. Both types come in four sizes: Compact (5 cubic feet), Small (six to nine cubic feet), medium (twelve to eighteen cubic feet) and large (eighteen+ cubic feet). For a typical family of four, a compact or small freezer will usually suffice. However, when choosing a suitable freezer for the family home, there are a number of other factors that should be taken into consideration as well as just size.


Chest freezer


A compact freezer will often start at around $150 whereas top of the range large freezers can set you back almost $2000. The average freezer for a family home typically costs between $400 to $800 dollars – slightly less for a chest freezer. More expensive freezers usually come with extra features such as frost-free or automatic defrost.


Chest freezer is slightly cheaper than upright freezer


Upright freezers typically come with four or five racks and sometimes with extra storage in the door. Chest freezers take up more floor space and have a lid that opens upwards. Upright freezers allow you to organise your food on separate racks whereas chest freezers have baskets or one large space. If you don’t want to rummage around, then upright freezers are a better storage option.


Upright freezer for better storage


Because they take up less floor space, upright freezers are more suitable for smaller kitchens. If you have extra storage space such as a garage, plus a large family or wish to freeze and store a lot of food, then go for a chest freezer.


Upright freezer takes up less space


Although they are often larger, chest freezers tend to use less energy than uprights. This is because more cold air escapes from an upright than a chest freezer when it is opened. Because cold air falls rather than rises, there is much less time for it to escape from a chest than an upright freezer. This said, all models should come with an energy efficiency rating, so read up on these and study a range of freezers carefully in store to see how they compare.

So, in summary, think about how much you wish to spend, how much food you store and consume, how much floor or storage space you have and consider energy consumption. Happy freezing!

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    So which one did you buy? If you ask my missus, she will tell you the bigger the better…but don’t be like my friend’s wife- she got a big one, so big that it could not go through the kitchen door – so they had to leave it in the living room. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

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