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I love cooking. I just hate cleaning up afterwards. I used to pride myself in being able to keep the kitchen in a spotless condition, and to always keep the sink empty of dirty plates or cutlery. With Little J around, however, I had started to cut myself some slack and dishes are sometimes left in the sink for a few hours being they’re being tended to. I still don’t like the sight of dirty plates around but what’s a girl to do? During dinner, thankfully Saucer would be around to help with washing up. But I don’t know if it’s the same with all guys, I always felt that he wasn’t thorough enough in cleaning. I know he’s being kind and helpful around but maybe he can’t help it if his cleaning standards are not up to mine. Therefore, my best friend in this case is the dishwasher.


My dishwasher

When we moved in to our new place last year, we were surprised to find that the previous owner did not remove the dishwasher from our kitchen. It looked pretty new and clean, definitely didn’t look like a broken dishwasher, so I was more than happy to welcome this addition to our kitchen. I always thought that using a dishwasher would waste more water and electricity, especially when there’s just the 2 of us around. But I was surprised to find out that you can save energy by just loading a dishwasher more than half full. Think of it like a washing machine, surely it is more energy efficient to be using the machine than to hand wash if you have a load of laundry to do?


Wine glasses with wine stains and finger prints


Wine stains

One of the things that Saucer doesn’t clean very well is wine glasses. I guess it’s due to the fragile nature of the wine glass that he doesn’t dare to spend too much time washing it, in case he breaks it. So most of the time, he would just rinse it with water and let it dry. This, of course, is not enough especially if it is used for drinking red wine. Over time, the wine stains would accumulate and cause the wine glass to have a reddish stain at the bottom. Since I was going to use the dishwasher, I decided to load it with all our wine glasses for a good rinse.


Finish products


Inside the dishwasher

If you live in Australia, you would most certainly have heard of the brand Finish. In fact, Finish is so well-known in the dishwashing category that it is synonymous to Tupperware being the plastic container brand. I was sent some Finish products to try out the other day, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to really test if the product is worth its weight. So one night after dinner, I decided to load the dishwasher with all the dirty cookware, pot, plates, cutlery and wine glasses that were stained. I used a tablet of the Finish Powerball together with the Finish Protector that would give additional shine to glassware.


Finish Powerball


Finish Powerball dishwashing tablet


Just place it in the dishwasher compartment

Using the Finish Powerball was so easy. Each tablet was ready to use, just pop it in the dishwasher compartment without any mess. The Finish Protector looked like a diamond, and was supposed to give extra shine especially to glassware. According to the packet, it would also last up to 50 washes! Using this was easy too – just clip it on the bottom rack of the dishwasher as recommended on the pack.


Finish Protector


Clip it on the bottom rack


Dishwasher fully loaded

Finally, my dishwasher was fully loaded and ready to go. Pressed the button to start and I went on performing my motherly duties – aka feeding Little J and coaxing him to sleep at night. Having the extra time from not having to do the dishes also meant I could play with him a little longer before bed time. Win-win situation. :)


Fresh from the dishwasher

The next morning, I opened the dishwasher to a clean rack of plates, bowls and glasses. It might have been psychology but the plates were spotless and super shiny. The wine glasses were free of stains too, impressive! I was very happy with the results, and how sparkling clean everything looked! :)


Shiny wine glasses


Spotless wine glass

In fact, just out of curiosity, I compared the cutlery that was cleaned with the dishwasher to a hand washed one – it was obvious how the hand washed cutlery still had water spots and streaks on them, while the one from the dishwasher was flawless. I know it’s just a small detail but if you have good and expensive silverware, you wouldn’t want their shine to be compromised, would you?


Top – dishwasher, bottom – hand wash

I guess this experiment just shows how handy a dishwasher is and how Finish products have proven their worth. If there is one downside to using a dishwasher, it is probably the long turnaround time to complete the washing (more than an hour). So, if I have less than half the dishwasher load to do, it would still be more efficient doing it manually. Otherwise, I would be more than happy to start the dishwasher – having guests over for dinner would also be a breeze!

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    Everyone I know overseas has one…very convenient but some dump everything in the sink all day and that’s such a mess, a real eyesore as they will wash everything once a day. Old man tak tahan tengok.

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