Little J’s Latest Obsession

Is it December already? My, how time flies! I can still remember vividly my experience of giving birth to Little J in July, and now it has been more than 4 months already! As expected, with a baby around, our outings became less, which means less food posts. You must be thinking, that should give way to more recipe posts instead, since I’d be cooking most meals? Well, cooking has been a quick-fix affair – pasta, chicken rice, oven-baked dishes, anything that requires minimal cooking time/supervision gets my vote. I can’t tell you the many times that I would be preparing the raw ingredients to cook when Little J would choose to scream for my attention. Then, I would be darting to and fro the kitchen trying to keep him entertained for the next few minutes so that I could finish my cutting/marinating/cooking/washing. Really, if you want to learn multitasking, take care of a baby. LOL. Which explains why there would be less recipe posts as well, since my dishes are mostly a combination of what is available in the fridge.


Little J at 4 months

When I scroll through my phone, I notice that more than 90% of my pictures are now filled with Little J (used to be food). This means it only makes sense that my blog posts would be focusing more on my baby, for now at least. Here are some of the pictures that I took when he just turned 4 months old and was in a good mood. I absolutely love the quiet afternoons spent with him, just the 2 of us, at home. Thinking about this reminds me that I would be starting work soon and would miss all the times that we’d be spending together. :(



When he’s in a good mood, I always try to put him on his tummy to strengthen his neck and back muscles. Being a curious boy also helps in photography because he kept staring at my camera, perhaps wondering what it was. :)


Tummy time!



Love his rosy cheeks!


For the past month or so, however, he developed a new obsession – sucking on his little fingers. I’m telling you, every waking moment that he has when he is not distracted, he would be gnawing on his fingers or sometimes, fist. When he first started, I thought it was because he’s hungry so I fed him. But immediately after feeding, he would place his fingers in his mouth again. So I am now convinced that it’s nothing to do with hunger and he just loves chewing his fingers! Obviously I can’t monitor him 24/7, so all I can do is to make sure that his hands are always clean whenever I place him on his play mat or when he goes to sleep.


Suck suck


Nom nom nom


My latest obsession

I hope this is just a developmental phase instead of a habit that sticks!