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Apart from Malaysian food, I sometimes like to have Japanese food as well. Unlike Malaysia (KL in particular) where Japanese food is aplenty, most shopping malls here only have Japanese stalls in food courts, selling sushi or rolls, mainly for takeaway. There would be more choices in the city centre, but we seldom go to the city so we have to make do with whatever available around our area. A few weeks back, we happened to shop in Ikea Rhodes and spotted this Japanese restaurant near the entrance where the food court is. Since we had not had Japanese food for a long time, I suggested to Saucer to give Tomodachi a try.


Tempura roll

The restaurant was fairly spacious with long tables and benches on one side, and a row of bar seats surrounding the kaiten belt on the other side. We opted to sit at the benches since we were more interested in the bento instead of sushi. Also, do not forget the fact that we had Little J in the pram with us anyway, so sitting at the bar would not be convenient for us. Yes, everything we do revolves around the little one now.


Miso soup with the set

I ordered the Salmon Bento set, which came with sashimi, sushi roll, some skewers, salad, fruits and of course grilled salmon with rice. I liked the variety provided in the set, which allowed us to try a bit of everything – sushi, sashimi, salmon, you name it. I was a little intrigued by the skewers though, which was definitely something new in a Japanese place. Interestingly, they tasted very similar to cucur udang back in Malaysia! Saucer and I couldn’t figure out what they were, but we both agreed that they were delicious! I also liked that the salad was dressed with black sesame dressing, which made it so fragrant and yummy. The sashimi slices were fresh and the unagi roll I had was not bad too. The salmon was reasonably portioned and nicely grilled. In fact, after finishing the whole set, I was feeling quite full (and mind you, I eat a lot these days, I blame it on breastfeeding!), so I think the portion in total was decent but not overly large.


Salmon Bento (~AUD$23)

Saucer chose the Unagi Bento since we had not had unagi for the longest time! I actually regretted not following suit because I thought his unagi tasted really good! Or maybe it’s just that I missed having unagi. Aside from the main course, the side dishes for both bento were the same. Each set also came with a bowl of miso soup, which was good as a starter while we waited for the bento.


Unagi Bento (~AUD$23)

Apart from the sets, I also ordered a plate of Tempura Roll to try. They were topped with tempura crumbs, which made it a bit messy to eat. The rolls were actually quite small in size, but I guess they made it up by providing more in quantity. These were nothing to shout about and I would probably not order this again next time.


Tempura Roll (~AUD$13)

Overall, the food here is probably slightly above average, just speaking from the point of bento. We didn’t try any of the sushi so we couldn’t vouch for that. One thing we both agreed is that the prices here are definitely on the higher side too, and perhaps we might expect more for the price paid. Also, we were not quite happy with the service of the staff there. My order of salmon bento didn’t arrive even when Saucer was already halfway through his. When I mentioned this to the waiter, he was surprised and asked me repeatedly if I was sure, as if I was trying to cheat him for an extra serving. Also, our request for water didn’t come until we repeated it 2 times to 2 different waiters. It’s no wonder this restaurant obtained a low rating from Urbanspoon, which I’m guessing is due to the service more than the food.

Tomodachi on Urbanspoon

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  1. says

    In that case, better learn how to make your own bento set, Mei Yee… :p Cheaper, tastier and comes with the best service… you can have many helpings as you like if you make them yourself.. :)

  2. says

    yikes, 34 percent liking it on urbanspoons does seem like a rather low rating, as you mentioned… hopefully they’ll address those issues before they lose too many customers … i haven’t had unagi for a really long time too. i feel like having some! 😀

  3. says

    since you also didn’t find the sushi roll quite nice, then i am not worried to say that the first instance i looked at that photo, i was like “HUH?? APA TU??” hahaha.. price wise, certainly fairly expensive i would say, ah, maybe start saving up and fly to Japan for the real authentic bento, nice and cheap, if you could find the places.. :)

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