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It’s interesting to know that a baby’s full moon celebration is really only practiced by the Chinese customs when a baby turns one month old. Needless to say, when I talked about this tradition with my Australian colleagues, all of them were intrigued. To be honest, I am not very familiar with this tradition either but I learnt that a baby’s full moon celebration is sort of an unveiling party to present the baby to friends and relatives for the first time after he’s born. It is also held to celebrate the health of the baby, where visitors give their blessings and gifts. Little J had his full moon celebration a couple of months back, when my mom was around to help out. Since we don’t have many relatives here, we only had a mini celebration with simple home cooked dishes by my mom.


Red eggs to symbolize fertility and harmony

On the night before the celebration, my mom prepared the pork trotter’s dish because she said that it would taste much better left overnight. It was a good call because it turned out that on the next day, there was so much to do that she just barely got everything ready in time for lunch. We only had a few relatives joining us – namely my cousin brother and his wife, my dad’s cousin and her family, plus my grandmother’s good friend, all of whom are residing in Sydney.


Little J after he just woke up

Just before lunch, Little J woke up from his morning nap. As usual, he would expect to be fed once he’s awake. When he wasn’t fed after a while, he started getting cranky and started to protest with a cry. It was quite stressful to keep him entertained while we warmed up his milk, because this boy is not patient at all. If he wants something and he doesn’t get it, he will make it known with a big loud wail. Saucer helped by placing him in different positions to distract him, but it only worked for a while before he realized he wasn’t getting any milk yet!


Little mister cranky


“Where is my milk?”

Of course, once his milk was ready, he immediately gulped it down contentedly. That’s one of the reasons I found it hard to feed him with a bottle, because his wakings were sometimes unpredictable and it’s stressful to listen to him cry while waiting for the milk to be warmed. Staying with him at home meant that I could do without bottles for now and feed him on demand, thankfully.


Saucer feeding Little J


Little J with his first ang pow

When my cousin and his wife arrived, they presented Little J with his first ang pow as a blessing for surviving the first month. He was obviously oblivious to the fact that he was holding the ang pow since he was busy feeding. LOL! Once he’s fed, it was time for us the adults to eat. I thank my mom for putting in so much effort to cook up a meal for all of us within the same morning. We had the traditional Pork Trotter Vinegar, Chinese Wine Chicken, Red Eggs, some vegetables and Curry Chicken.


Full moon feast


Pork Trotter Vinegar

I know there are many other traditional dishes that are common during full moon celebrations, such as the Ang Koo (glutinous rice cakes) and pickled ginger, but we simply did not have time to do all that. It was a one-man-show for my mom, since I was in serious sleep-deprivation which meant I couldn’t help her out. But we had a nice feast all right, and most importantly, we had the company of our relatives who were there to give their blessings to Little J.


Simple full moon celebration

Looking back at the pictures here when Little J was just one month old, I’m amazed by how much he’s grown! I have pictures of him with the same outfit now and it’s so snug on him, compared to the one above which appeared to be big and loose. Babies really grow too fast! I will attempt to document any significant milestones of Little J here in my blog, with the hope that he would find them interesting to read when he’s older. :)

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    Wahhhh!!!! 1 month already, so fact. Soon it will be one year…and before you know it, he has grown to become a man! Enjoy these happy moments while they last – these are the best times of your lives. So cute the baby crying when Saucer was carrying him – papa hasn’t got the touch yet, is it? LOL!!!!

  2. says

    oh, your Australian colleagues must be very curious about the full moon celebration.. did you bring them some “red eggs and ang koo”?? haha.. well, of course you won’t be able to have a grand celebration there, but i guess that feast “directed” by your mom was good enough.. :)

  3. says

    love the pics of little j being fed … and even when he’s cranky, he looks really cute in the photos! i hope it becomes easier in the months ahead, as his sleeping times take on a routine perhaps…

  4. says

    Uhm, I’m a bit worried on how this guy handles the baby. He must at least use his arms to hold the baby, not just his hand.. it’s a bit distracting.

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