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“You can take a girl out of Malaysia, but you can never take Malaysia out of a girl”. I think that pretty much sums up what food I had recently. :) Yes, we are in Sydney, and yes, I know “when in Rome, do as Romans do” but sometimes a girl is just home sick! Well, in this case, Saucer too. So a few weekends ago, we decided to visit a Malaysian restaurant for lunch. There are not many great Malaysian restaurants near where we live, so we were crossing our fingers hoping that Ma’leisia Cafe wouldn’t disappoint.

photo 1

Prawn mee

The good thing about going there during the weekend was how quiet the streets were. It was also very easy to get a table during lunch, and with a baby pram in hand, we chose to dine al-fresco, you know, just in case the baby chose to wail in the midst of our dining. I had the Penang-style Prawn Mee or Har Mee which came in a huge bowl! I know Sydney portions are supposed to be huge but this was really big that I couldn’t finish the noodles. And mind you, I have been finishing most of my meals now even though they are in bigger portions. I loved the richness and aroma of the prawn-based broth, although Saucer thought he had had a better version in the city. I also liked the succulent prawns and the generous amount of fried shallots on top. I thought there was way too much chicken meat, I would have loved more prawns and less chicken please. Otherwise, it was a good bowl of prawn mee that was sufficient to satisfy the occasional craving.

photo 2

Nasi Lemak with Bali Chicken

Saucer ordered the Nasi Lemak with a side of Bali Chicken. We were puzzled with what Bali chicken was, and were told that it’s fried chicken covered with a spicy gravy. Well, thank goodness we gave it a try because Saucer absolutely loved the chicken and gravy! It was spicy, peanut-y and very fragrant. Best of all, there was more than enough gravy and sambal to go with the rice. Don’t you hate it when there’s not enough sambal to go around with your nasi? Again, the portion for this was generous, with 3-4 big pieces of chicken. Saucer commented that for the first time, there’s actually more chicken in the nasi lemak than rice. LOL! He loved it so much that when we returned the next time, he ordered the exact same thing.

photo 5


Last but not least, I couldn’t resist a bowl of Cendol whenever I see it on a menu, on any menu. The one served here had pretty much what a cendol should have – gula melaka and all, but I would have loved the ice to be shaved finer. Otherwise, the gula  melaka and coconut milk combination was just a recipe for success. Obviously, the food here can’t be compared to what we had in Malaysia but we’re happy to see more and more Malaysian eateries cropping up around the city and spreading the delicious Malaysian cuisine to all!

Ma’Leisia Cafe
5/2 Horwood Pl,
Parramatta NSW 1740
Tel No: (02) 8677 9575
Opening Hours: Sun – Wed (11:00 am – 3:00 pm) Thurs – Sat (11:00 am – 8:30 pm)

Ma'leisia Cafe on Urbanspoon

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    Wow that looks so yummy! I notice the prawn mee did not have kangkung; the way it’s supposed to be. Nasi Lemak looks fantastic! Your photos make me home sick too! I’ll be heading to this place soon! Seeing as you managed a pram there I’m gathering its quite spacious?

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