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After a couple of meals of steak and ribs in Tea Gardens, we decided it was time for a change. I was in the mood for something Asian, and we started searching for it. Situated along the beautiful Marine Drive, was a Chinese restaurant named Ocean Breeze. It looked romantically lit up at night, facing the calm waters and full moon, so we decided that was it. Since we were quite early, we managed to get a nice quiet table just by the window, complete with flowers and all.

Tea Gardens

Pork Chops

Tea Gardens

Table by the window

It must have been quite a popular restaurant among tourists and locals alike, for we saw a continuous stream of people coming in for takeaway and the tables were constantly filled up. Thankfully, our orders did not take too long to arrive. The first to come was the Pork Chops in Peking Sauce. Until now, I am still not sure what Peking sauce really means, but it tasted something similar to sweet and sour, sticky and savory. The pork chops were deep fried first before they were mixed with the sticky sauce, and they were absolutely delicious! The pork was still crispy and hot, while the meat inside was juicy and tender (and perhaps a tad oily but that’s fine by me!). The portion was generous too but we had no problems finishing it because it was good.

Tea Gardens

Pork Chops in Peking Sauce AUD$15

Tea Gardens

Superb pork chop

As with most Chinese, a meal would not be complete without rice. We had the option of getting white rice or fried rice, so we chose the latter. The fried rice portion was for one person, but it was big enough to fill up 2 rice bowls, twice! So we each had 2 bowls of rice, scattered with plump prawns (somehow the angle of the picture below did not capture the prawns), chicken and ham. You know how some restaurants pre-cook their fried rice because it is such a commonly ordered dish, that you can taste the slightly stale or cold texture from the rice? Well, this restaurant did not do it. The rice came piping hot, even the prawns tasted fresh and succulent.

Tea Gardens

Fried Rice AUD$6

Tea Gardens

Plump and succulent prawn

Last but not least, to have a balanced meal, one must always have greens. The Mixed Vegetables dish was not on the menu, but when we asked for it, the lady gladly said she could put in the order for us. This was nothing extraordinary but a plate of fresh greens filled with cauliflower, broccoli, baby corn, carrots and mushrooms. We wanted our serving of greens, and we got it, so no complaints with that. :)

Tea Gardens

Mixed Vegetables AUD$8

Overall, we were pretty happy with our dinner, and were stuffed and satiated. The restaurant had al-fresco seats too, but it was too cold (<10C) during the winter to be sitting outdoors. If you happen to visit Tea Gardens and crave for Chinese food like we did, do pay Ocean Breeze a visit. I can imagine sitting outdoors during summer and facing the ocean would have been splendid.

Tea Gardens

Ocean Breeze Restaurant, Tea Gardens

Ocean Breeze Chinese Restaurant
79 Marine Dr,
Tea Gardens
NSW 2324 Australia
Phone: (+612) 4997 1247
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  1. says

    yeah, very true, even after having too much meat we want some plain veggie too, not to mention some chinese, hehe!! and indeed very chinese lah this meal.. fried rice and mixed veggie, and sweet & sour pork’s brother.. errr, where is the spring roll?? hehe~~ :p

  2. says

    It’s good that they have an efficient kitchen. Though crowded with customers but food being served fast.

    Recently been to one “cafe” waited for an hour for food to be served. They ran out of that item. They had to cook it again but tarak inform us. Banned that restaurant already.

  3. says

    Sounds great! The price is not too expensive if we do not convert, the usual saying.. hahaha…
    Now I know why I lose weight if I travel to western countries.. I will end up craving for chinese food and it is not easy to get cos they are too pricey.. and thus end up losing weight cos I don’t take much of the western food..

  4. says

    Nice looking pork chops. Reminds me of what I had for dinner that day – except that mine was supposed to be western…and it tasted Chinese. Tsk Tsk! Post on that coming soon.

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