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During our day trip at Nelson Bay, we finally tried one of Sydney’s popular steak place – the Hog’s Breath Cafe. This chain of restaurant is available in many major suburbs around Sydney so it really sort of didn’t make sense that we chose this place when we were all the way at Nelson Bay! But Saucer was in the mood for steaks and I was eyeing those delicious curly fries, so be it!

Tea Gardens

Signature Prime Rib

Tea Gardens

Hog’s Breath Cafe coaster

It was a cloudy day, with a promise of rain coming so we decided to go under covers just in case. Since we were early, we managed to get a nice table at the balcony, with a magnificent view of the marina. After browsing through their extensive menu, Saucer finally decided on the Rib & Steak Combo, consisting of a flame-grilled sirloin steak and a small rack of baby back ribs smothered with hickory smoked BBQ sauce served on Cajun rice. Oh don’t forget those lovely curly fries, which are dubbed as Hog tail fries here (how cute!). We loved the sweet and savoury sticky BBQ covered ribs and thought we should have ordered more of that. However, the same couldn’t be said about the steak, which was pretty ordinary after the nice viking cutlet we had the day before.

Tea Gardens

Rib & Steak Combo AUD$31.95

Tea Gardens

Loved the ribs

For a place that calls itself after a pig, we’re surprised to find that its signature is actually the prime rib steak. Hog’s Breath Prime Rib steak is slow cooked for at least 18 hours, then finished with a high temperature searing on a char grill to seal in the flavour. Sounds like something that we had to try! I opted for the Blackened Prime Rib, which was seared with a Cajun-flavoured blackened seasoning. I had it done medium, but it came out to me looking a tad well done. It could be the way they cooked the steak though, for after 18 hours, I’m guessing any meat would have been well-cooked! 😛 Just kidding! Apparently, the slow-cooking of 18 hours was done at a low temperature that would not over cook the meat. Anyway, we found the steak to be more flavourful than the sirloin that Saucer had, but we’d still prefer the texture to be more tender and moist. Even from the picture, you could tell that it was a little too dry. The saving grace, sad to say, was the Hog tail fries again. Usually the fries are the only item that we would not finish on the plate, but this time, both of us finished those crispy and yummy fries! It was well worth the carbs, I’m telling you. :)

Tea Gardens

Blackened Prime Rib AUD$22.95

At this point, both of us were already stuffed, but the weather took a turn for the worse. It started raining quite heavily and we thought, why not stay longer for dessert then? Our ferry was not due for another hour anyway. So we ordered the Mississippi Mud Cake from the dessert menu (it was the obvious choice for me!). Chocolate, cake and ice-cream, what’s not to love? The cake was served warm and moist, and the chocolate sauce was decadent. Couple that with the cold vanilla ice-cream, it was just a match made in heaven. I was this close to thanking the rain for making us stay longer and have this dessert. LOL!

Tea Gardens

Mississippi Mud Cake AUD$8.95

Tea Gardens

Notice that small glass of port! AUD$5.50

Tea Gardens

Saucer chilling out by the wharf

Overall, while the steaks were a little disappointing to us, we did not mind the pork ribs, the Hog tail fries and the yummy dessert. Most importantly, we had a great time enjoying the gorgeous view by the marina and listening to the sound of rain in the afternoon. It was just the right type of meal and environment for our baby moon.

Tea Gardens

View from our table

Hog’s Breath Cafe
Shop 16, Upper d’Albora Marina
Teramby Road
Nelson Bay
NSW 2315 Australia
Tel No: (+612) 4984 2842
Opening Hours: Lunch (11:30am – 2:30pm Mon-Fri), Dinner (5:30pm – Late Mon-Fri / 11:30am – Late Sat-Sun)
Website: www.hogsbreath.com.au

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  1. says

    wow, nice view nice food and of course nice company!! hehehe, the ribs and steak look so yummy, even the sides are delicious too!! hmmmm, it’s your destiny that day to have that sinful dessert, even the sky wanted you to do so~~ :p

  2. says

    the home of hogspitality! what a cute catchphrase! made me smile 😀 and yeah, the ambiance for this place looks nice indeed, great for relaxing and enjoying the scenery and the company of a loved one 😀

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