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Some of you may already have known this – the reason that I have been blogging a lot less for the past few months is that I was pregnant. Yes, I used the past tense, because I have recently given birth to a beautiful baby boy. :) The feeling is indescribable to say the least. I am currently still under the Asian practice of confinement for a month, and at the same time getting used to waking up every 3 hours to feed the baby. It’s definitely not easy and it’s taking a toll on me by making me a constant zombie. But I’m sure things will only get better. :) In the mean time, I would like to just quickly blog about our mini baby moon that we had about 2 months before baby was due. We went for a weekend trip to Tea Gardens near Port Stephens, about 3 hours from Sydney.


About 36 weeksย 

Port Stephens is known for its many gorgeous beaches, but the ones we were closest to were located at Hawks Nest. During our visit, the weather was mostly windy and cloudy, making it extremely cold to stay out for long. The good thing about it was that the beaches were deserted and it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.

Tea Gardens

Beach at Hawks Nest

Before heading out to the beach, we checked in to our accommodation at Tea Gardens Club Inn Motel. We paid for a double room but found out that there was an extra bed given on the side. I thought this was convenient for families.

Tea Gardens

Our beds

Tea Gardens

Queen size bed

Tea Gardens

Sliding door entrance

The room was nothing to shout about – everything provided was basic and practical. There was complimentary breakfast provided but only in the form of cereals, milk, some bread and jam.

Tea Gardens

Complimentary breakfast

The bathroom was huge, with a spa bath included! We didn’t use the spa bath though, since we thought it would waste quite a lot of hot water. Such environmental-friendly of us. *LOL* The toiletries provided were very basic, there wasn’t even toothbrush or toothpaste in the set.

Tea Gardens

Bathroom with spa bath

Tea Gardens

Basic toiletries

Once we checked ourselves in and freshened up, we headed to the nearest beach which was about 5 minutes drive away – Bennett’s Beach. Due to the cloudy and windy weather, the pictures did not turn up to be as nice as they should be. Also, it was so windy and cold that we only managed to stay there for around half an hour before we decided to head back.

Tea Gardens

Bennett’s Beach

Tea Gardens

We had the whole beach to ourselves!

Tea Gardens

A beer in hand to keep Saucer warm :)

Tea Gardens

Us at Bennett’s Beach

Couldn’t even keep my hair in place for a picture! :) Despite the cold weather and the wind, standing there facing the deserted beach listening to the sound of strong waves lapping did make us forget the world. It was a nice ending to whatever was left of the short daylight time that we had. Tea Gardens is such a small and quaint town that it took barely a couple of minutes to finish exploring the town centre. It was also filled with friendly people with smiles, so we felt right at ease. Our next task was to find a place for dinner!

Tea Gardens

Bennett’s Beach in the evening

Tea Gardens Club Inn Motel
2 Yalinbah Street
Tea Gardens, NSW Australia.
Phone: 02 4997 0911
Email:ย clubinn@bigpond.com.au
Website:ย www.teagardensclubinn.com.au

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  1. says

    A boy? Congratulations to you and to Saucer! Must be a real bundle of joy.

    I think I did think you were expecting – can’t remember but perhaps, I did ask you a few times…as you looked radiant in your photographs. They say mums look radiant when expecting males…and their looks will change when expecting females as they share the same hormones.

  2. says

    CONGRATULATIONS SWEET WITCH AND SAUCER!!! What a sweet and happy surprise!! So glad for both of you… I am looking forward to seeing your baby pictures!! Please post them up… YEH!!!

  3. says

    omigosh! congratulations to you and saucer on this wonderful event! the kid’s lucky to have great parents in both of you. looking forward to eventually seeing him in photos of food outings with you, as he learns to enjoy eating out someday too ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. littlelamb says

    Congrats to Mamawitch and hubs. It was a pleasant surprise. Do blog more once you got chance ๐Ÿ˜‰ Very happy for both of you.

    Also, your single pic, you looked radiant.

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