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When you watch too much American shows, you would know what Hooters is all about. Whenever Hooters is mentioned, I think of a restaurant with skimpily clad, attractive, well-proportioned waitresses wearing low cut, tight-fitting white singlets and super-short hot pants in bright orange colour. So when I found out there’s actually a Hooters restaurant in Sydney, I had some doubts about visiting it, partly because I wasn’t sure if it’s meant for female diners, and partly because I didn’t want Saucer to get too distracted. LOL! But I’m a fan of American shows and American food, so I couldn’t take my mind off of it and decided that we should go there for lunch one weekend. We visited Hooters in Parramatta, which had a spacious undercover and free parking space, so a plus point for that!

Hooters burgers

Burger – the classic American meal

We went during an odd hour of 3pm and were glad that the restaurant was open with a good few tables occupied. I was also surprised to see a few tables with families and kids around, so my qualms about being a female diner vanished. The place was also bright with plenty of natural light due to the many windows surrounding the perimeter. Bottom line was, it made me feel as if I was in TGIF or Chilli’s in Malaysia, which was quite at ease! Once we’re seated, a Hooters Girl (as they are referred to) attended to us with a smile and informed us that she was going to serve us. Indeed girls there were attractive and sweet, but not in a slutty way, if you know what I mean! :)

Spicy Hooters Wings

3 Mile Island Chicken Wings – 2nd hottest level (AUD$14.95/10 pcs)

The first thing that caught my attention on the menu was the Spicy Chicken Wings! They’re not any normal chicken wings, they came in 7 levels of spiciness. And if you know me well, you’d know that I absolutely have no resistance over anything that’s spicy! :) So we went ahead to order a 10-pcs chicken wings at Level 2 spiciness, at which point the Hooters Girl confirmed with us “It is the second hottest level, are you sure?”. Oh yes, absolutely! The chicken wings came in a much bigger portion that we expected. It was later that we found out from our bill that she put in our order wrongly as 20 pieces instead of 10, which explained the massive amount of wings. Thankfully, she happily corrected her mistake. Now, the wings were breaded and fried, then coated with the awesome spicy sauce which was fiery yet addictive. I loved how the marinade went through the skin to the meat as well, and the wings were still juicy and tender. Both of us were so engrossed with the wings that we almost forgot about our mains!

Hooters burgers

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (AUD$18.95)

I ordered a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, which was essentially fried chicken breast coated with my choice of wing sauce. Since I had already ordered Level 2 for the wings, I went down a notch and ordered Level 3 for the burger. Thinking back, I should have just stuck to Level 2, or become more adventurous and tried Level 1 instead, because I thought the Level 3 was a little too mild for me. 😛 Still, the chicken breast was surprisingly still tender and the hot sauce was a nice change to the normal ketchup or mayo in a burger. But what I loved more was the curley fries on the side! Ahh how I love curley fries! There’s just something about the texture of the fries that makes it so addictive and delicious. The portion of fries given was huge, yet I managed to finish all of it! In fact, I managed to finish the fries but not the burger (the opposite is usually true :) )

Hooters burgers

Fried chicken breast with Hot sauce

Saucer, on the other hand, ordered the Mushroom-Swiss Burger, which was a tender beef patty topped with glorious oozing cheese. Again, his burger was huge and the patty thick and juicy. He thought he still preferred the Grill’d version more because of the addition of herbs to the patty, but this didn’t fare too bad either. He, just like me, loved the curley fries too! Thank God both our burgers came with fries so we didn’t have to share. 😛

Hooters burgers

Mushroom-Swiss Burger (AUD$19.95)

Hooters burgers

Tender beef burger with oozing cheese

At the end of our late lunch/early dinner, we were absolutely stuffed! We could only finish half of the chicken wings even though they were so addictive, and took away the rest together with half of my burger.

Dining at Hooters

Too much food for 2 persons

We had a great time at Hooters, mainly because we were there during off-peak hours and the place was still relatively quiet with music in the background. The staff there were friendly but not intrusive, so we were basically left alone most of the time except for towards the middle of the meal when they came over to ask if everything was OK. I’m not sure about the other food items on the menu, but I’d definitely return should I develop cravings for hot and spicy wings plus the wicked curley fries!


Bright and spacious environment at Hooters


Hooters Australia in Parramatta

Hooters Parramatta
132 James Ruse Drive Parramatta NSW 2150
Tel No.: 02 9633 5160
Opening Hours: Daily from 12pm – late

Hooters Parramatta on Urbanspoon

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  1. says

    Nice!!! I’d go for these when I travel overseas…no Asian, no Malaysian, thank you very much. Want to eat those, I’d just stay at home.

    The wings are soooo cheap – works out to less than 1.50 each…

  2. says

    Dunno bout the burgers.. but i heard the hooters are the main attraction .. haha 😛 why no fotos of these arrr 😛 Gourmet burgers are all the rage in KL now too.. did u know? LOL

  3. says

    it does look like a very wholesome, sleaze-free restaurant, nice for customers of all ages and genders 😀 the chicken wings look finger-lickin’-good, and the burgers look very hearty and satisfying (i like that they don’t use the normal fast-food sesame buns). i wonder if we’ll ever see a hooters branch in malaysia in our lifetimes 😀

  4. says

    oooh, i love that especially the chicken wings!! huge portion and i think it would be just nice to share one sandwich and the wings huh??

    BTW, should take a photo of the hooter girl and compare with what you saw on TV~~ 😀

  5. says

    Great review as always.

    Didn’t know about this chain until a friend from Taiwan told me about it. I don’t think it exists in Germany, but at least the food sounds pretty solid?
    Over here you often combine American cuisine with junk food a la Mc Donalds or Burger King.

  6. says

    i have been to the one in US and still wanna to go to Singapore one. BTW, do you know what is the signature of Hooters? 😉

  7. says

    OMG!! That amount of chicken wings and only you both ate?! LOL! Can feed a family!! Yum!! I like curly fries too! And yes, I think you should have gone for Spiciness Level 1!! : )

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