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Saucer had always wanted to try Brazilian BBQ buffet, where waiters would bring over skewers of meat and slice them in front of you. There must be something about meat and men that make them so excited, don’t you think so? :) That’s why when there was a group-buying deal offered for exactly what he wanted, he jumped straight to it. We went to Pau Brasil on one Sunday afternoon for their buffet lunch and were greeted with an amazingly upbeat manager who welcomed us as one of their first customers that afternoon.


Grilled garlic beef

Our buffet not only included the unlimited skewers, but the hot and cold food bar as well. There was a decent selection of salad leaves with various dressings available, as well as a hot food bar with pasta, fried fish fillets, chips, grilled vegetables and more. Since the skewers would need another 10 minutes to be ready, we were advised to start with the buffet spread first, but “Do not fill yourselves up!” warned the manager over and over again. So we did just that, took a small portion of everything just to sample them while waiting for the main course to arrive.


Salad bar


 Some of the hot dishes from the buffet bar



Our deal also came with a choice of drink each, and we could choose any drinks from the menu! Saucer chose the one that tempted him the most, a Mojito, and was given the thumbs-up by the manager, saying that it’s his favourite drink as well. Saucer certainly enjoyed his drink very much!


Some of the selections from the hot food bar – loved the mushrooms!


Garlic bread

The first item that came out on a skewer was the Garlic Bread. And I had to give it a special mention because it was so good! It was hot from the oven with gorgeous-smelling garlic and butter that got us salivating. I would have had more if not for the fact that the meat skewers were just coming closely behind.




 Tender Chicken Thigh

We had just one serving of each of the meat skewers, and still we ended up being overly stuffed! There were at least 10 types of different BBQ meat being served, not to mention some of the seafood offered. Some of the BBQ meat we had were Garlic Beef, Mustard Beef, Chorizo, Beef Tri Tip, Pork Neck, Chicken Thigh, Lamb Leg, Peri-Peri Lamb and Chicken Wings, just to name a few. Out of all, I found the memorable ones to be the BBQ Pork Neck, Peri-Peri Lamb and Chicken Wings. I loved that each meat had a different marinade and most importantly, they were so tender and juicy! The only one that I remembered being a tad dry was the Garlic Beef, but a small miss compared to all the other yummy meat selections.


Lamb leg


Pork Neck


Various sauces

There were various types of dipping sauce that we could pick from the buffet bar, and I only chose the ones that looked spicy! :) However, I thought most of the meat were good on their own so I didn’t really use much of the sauce at all! The selection of seafood paled in comparison to the meat, but we didn’t have much room left for seafood anyway.


Gorgeous grilled pork neck


Some selection of seafood

One item that impressed us very much was the Cinnamon Pineapple. It didn’t look very interesting but when we bit into it, the combination just worked really well. Also, the fact that we had this when we were stuffed gave us a nice refreshing twist to our palate. The pineapple was juicy and sweet with a slight tang, while the cinnamon gave it a nice sweet aroma. Pretty good!


BBQ Pineapple with Cinnamon


Saucer waiting for his meat

Apart from the above average food, we were also happy with the service provided, considering we dined with group-buying voucher. The staff were friendly and accommodating, and the meat skewers came as fast as we could finish what’s on our plate. In fact, towards the end of the meal, we had to turn a lot of skewers away just because we were too full. We paid AUD$28/person for this, where it would cost AUD$49 normally. We were overall happy with the purchase and the dining experience and perhaps would consider going again if similar deals come up in the future! :)


Dining environment (before a party of 30 came in later)


Pau Brasil Brazilian BBQ Restaurant

Pau Brasil Churrascaria
214 Parramatta Road
NSW 2140 Australia
Tel No.: (02) 9746 9046
Opening Hours: Daily (6pm – late), Sunday (1-3pm)

Pau Brasil on Urbanspoon

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  1. says

    OMG this is something i like!! love all those grills and skewers!! the beef, chorizos, lamb, chicken, pork, seafood and even the spiced pineapple – EVERYTHING!! and what??!! you only paid A$28 instead of A$49?? that’s very worth it, even can have this deal in KL, or maybe only from Groupon, hahaha~~ 😀

    • says

      Oh? RM49 eh? Also cheap. In Kuching, carveries like this – at least RM50…so ringgit to dollar, really not expensive…and getting that for only $29 was really a steal! So nice!

  2. says

    Oooo…all the meat looks so good – the beef, the lamb, the pork… Salivating! How much per head? Ahhhh…live entertainment, eh? What did they have? Wink! Wink! Saucer’s waiting for that kah? Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  3. says

    ooo $28 for this is a nice deal indeed (especially with a cocktail added in)! and it was kind/considerate of the manager to advise you not to fill up on the pre-meat buffet. the pork neck looks amazingly succulent, almost like lovely slabs of red meat! 😀

  4. says

    Tried the Brazillian buffet in KL (Damansara) once and was in love with it ! The BBQ pineapple was juice and nice. Love the meat too….really creative for the chef to comes out with this type of method of cooking. Love this type of buffet.

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