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Hunt for the other half of ice-cream, that is!  Ice-cream has always been my favourite dessert growing up. At the end of each meal, sometimes one might feel too stuffed for something overly sweet like a chocolate moist cake or a cheese cake. But ice-cream? Bring it on! There’s almost always no reason to turn it down, especially in the hot tropical weather like Malaysia’s. Wall’s being one of the prominent ice-cream manufacturers in Malaysia, has come up with 2 gorgeous flavours that would tickle most people’s fancy.

Walls Awesome Mix

One of the two awesome mix from Wall’s!

The flavour that got me the most excited is the Wall’s Selection Oreo! Ever since I was introduced to Oreo when I was a little kid, I was hooked. The chocolate cookie and the sweet vanilla cream just worked wonders. And now, couple that with creamy Wall’s vanilla ice-cream? That’s what I call an awesome mix! I can already tell that I could easily finish a tub of this on my own. :)


Wall’s Selection Oreo

If Oreo is not your thing (weirdo!), then perhaps Hershey’s Kisses might be your cup of tea. The second awesome mix from Wall’s is the Wall’s Hershey’s Ice Cream. It has not only the delicious Hershey’s Kisses chocolates, but also layered with glorious gooey chocolate syrup in between.


Wall’s Hershey’s Ice-cream


Hunt for the Other Half to get free scoops of ice-cream

Wall’s is so excited about the launch of their new flavours that they have created a cute game out of it, called Hunt for the Other Half. It is a quest to help Aiman (the little boy in the game) to hunt for his other half of an ice-cream! And playing the game is simple because you don’t need to pre-register (like many other games) if you don’t want to. Just sign in as a guest and play. Once you start the game, you get to choose your preferred outfit for Aiman, before he starts on an adventure to collect points.


Choose an outfit for Aiman

Playing the game is easy, one just needs to manoeuvre Aiman using the keyboard arrow keys and bump into a Wall’s ice-cream truck whenever you see it coming along the way. The map is also very colourful and filled with detours known as ‘Awesome Spot’s for you to collect points, such as the Pak Teka & Mak Teki game, which is a series of questions mostly related to ice-cream and chocolates. :) The more questions you get right, the more points you obtain and the closer you are to finding the other half!


How to play


Aiman is ready to start his adventure


Playing Pak Teka and Mak Teki


Any guess for this question? :)

I had a hand in playing the mini game for a while and found it quite cute. Not to mention that you actually get a glimpse of the 2 new flavours that Wall’s is going to release soon. Yes, it’s all in the game. I managed to collect 211 points after fiddling around with it for about 10 minutes. Think you can do better? Try it out at


My contribution

Remember: The points gained from the games will then be contributed to the Ice Cream meter so that the truck can go around nationwide to give out free scoops of ice-cream. Let’s all contribute to get free ice-cream for everyone!

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    that’s true, even at the end of the biggest buffet, even if i can barely walk, i can still enjoy some ice cream! the new hersheys flavor sounds like it’ll be loved by many thousands of kids! 😀

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