Vivid Sydney Festival

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Last Saturday, Saucer and I decided to head out to the city to catch the final days of Vivid Sydney, a festival of light, music and ideas. Vivid is an annual affair that transforms Sydney into a canvas of light projections and music that display the creativity and ideas of local talents. The colourful festival is set to run from 24 May to 10 June 2013, with lights turning on after dark. Since it’s winter, the sky turns dark pretty early and we get to see the lights turning on starting from 6pm.

 Vivid Festival 2013

Vivid Sydney 2013

We took the train to the city, knowing that traffic would be bad and using public transport was going to be the best way to get in and out of the Sydney. And we were right. The weather was starting to be gloomy when we were in the train in the afternoon, and before we knew it, it started raining. And the rain didn’t stop for most part of the night! It was one thing to brave the crowd, but it was another to go through it with umbrellas tangling into one another along the way. It was indeed quite a challenge with the occasional strong winds blowing our umbrellas away too! I thought that with the rain pouring, there would be less crowd, but clearly the rain didn’t dampen the spirits of many.

Vivid Festival 2013 Opera House

View of the Sydney Opera House

Vivid Festival 2013 Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge

Anyway, since we were already there, we persevered and walked along The Rocks to Circular Quay, the Museum of Contemporary Arts and all the way to the Sydney Opera House. The photos were taken with iPhone 5, so pardon the quality. And as you can imagine, there would be a number of photos with umbrellas in it! :)

Sydney Opera House

Umbrellas and the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Vivid lights on the Opera House

Vivid Festival 2013

Light installations that looked like Light Sabers

Vivid Festival 2013

A light tunnel

An interesting location to watch the lights was at the Museum of Contemporary Arts. I managed to get quite a nice spot to capture the pictures and a video, together with the audio to go along with it. It definitely reminded me of the Symphony of Lights that I watched before in Hong Kong, watching the lights and music working in harmony.

Vivid Festival 2013 Museum of Contemporary Arts

Museum of Contemporary Arts

Museum of Contemporary Arts

Museum of Contemporary Arts

Museum of Contemporary Arts

Museum of Contemporary Arts

Video of Vivid Sydney at the Museum of Contemporary Arts

There were many other light installations that we didn’t get to visit, mainly because of the rain. However, being a first-timer, we were quite happy to be part of the spirited crowd that night, that braved on through the constant rain and wind. Hopefully, before the festival is over, we would get another chance to witness it in a better weather.

Vivid Festival 2013

View of Circular Quay Railway Station

Vivid Festival 2013

View of Sydney Opera House from The Rocks

Vivid Festival 2013

Vivid Sydney Festival 2013

For more information and timetable, visit

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  1. says

    Spectacular and awesome sights! Planned to visit Sydney or Melbourne with my kids early next year.. well… just talk talk first.. no tickets confirmation as yet.. :)

  2. says

    Ooo! We were there too, thanks to tourism NSW! Too bad we didn’t bump into each other haha! Loved Sydney.. can’t wait to go back:)

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