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There must be a burger craze going on in KL recently, for there are plenty of new burger joints mushrooming around and about town. Looking at all these lip-smacking burger pictures got Saucer and I craving for burgers too! So one day, we decided to have burgers for lunch at Grill’d. Priding themselves to serve delicious and healthy burgers, Grill’d has a fuss-free menu with quite decent prices too. Going there on a weekend was not to stressful either, with tables easily available, probably due to the fast turnover of customers. I mean, how long can eating a burger take? :)


Burger and chips from Grill’d

Ordering at Grill’d means going to the cashier and pointing out what you want, then paying before you’re given a table stand with a number on it. When the food is ready, it would be served to you by a wait staff. While waiting, one could help oneself with a bottle of drinking water placed at the back of the restaurant.


Self-service drinking water

Before long, our orders arrived. Saucer had the Moroccan Lamb burger that came with a grilled 100% grass fed lean lamb, roasted peppers, tzatziki, salad and relish. We were also allowed to choose the type of buns to go with the burger, either the traditional wholemeal sesame bun, gluten-free bun or panini. Saucer had his burger with the traditional wholemeal bun, which was nicely toasted and still warm when served.


Moroccan Lamb (AUD$12.90)

Saucer gave two thumbs-up for this burger! He loved that they paid attention to detail. The bun, for example, tasted like it was freshly baked. The crust was crispy and inside it was warm and fluffy. The lamb was lean, tender and juicy without overpowering gaminess. What I loved the most was the combination of roasted peppers in the burger, that seemed to have brought the flavours to the next level. I thought that made a whole lot of difference, as my burger didn’t have it, and ended up sort of paling in comparison.


Nicely grilled lamb

As for me, I had the first item on the menu, which I suppose was also the most popular one – Simply Grill’d. It was made from grilled grass fed lean beef, salad, relish and herbed mayo. I opted for the panini bun, which was tasted really good. I loved the crusty exterior and warm, fluffiness within, making this burger stand out from the rest. The lean beef was pleasantly tender and juicy, while the herbed mayo gave it a nice flavour and fragrance. Best of all, it also came in a good size – nothing too huge that gets you feeling sick after too much of it, or too small that leaves you still feeling hungry. It was the right size, both of us agreed. However, if you still feel that the burger is too big to handle, there are knives provided on every table for the convenience of customers.

Grilld burger

Simply Grill’d (AUD$9.50)

The Hot Chips were available as a side order, and seeing that it’s quite popular among other tables, we decided to have one too. And we didn’t regret it. The chips were thickly cut (as how good chips should be), fried to a crispy finish and generously drizzled with herbs.


Regular Hot Chips (AUD$3.50)


Knife wrapper


Cutting across the Simply Grill’d burger

True to their promise, Grill’d has indeed delivered gorgeous burgers with good quality ingredients without putting our health at risk. We definitely enjoyed our experience here, and wouldn’t think twice about returning for the many other burgers listed on the menu.


Dining at Grill’d

Grill’d (at Macquarie Centre)
Level 4 (next to Max Brenner Chocolate),
Entrance via Herring St
North Ryde,
2113 NSW, Australia.
Tel No: 9888 7700
Opening Hours: Daily (11am – 10pm)
Website: www.grilld.com.au

Grill'd on Urbanspoon

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  1. says

    wow!! heavenly!! those burgers look so delicious, and i also love the chips too!! it comes with herbs bits sprinkled on them, must be more flavorful this way..

  2. says

    oooh, i’d choose the Simply Grill’d too! looks like the perfectly satisfying burger, with a good-sized chunk of beef, a lovely bun and well-thought-out toppings and accompaniments 😀 ya, when u return to kl the next time, u might find more than a dozen new burger outlets will have opened! 😀

  3. says

    Gosh!!! There too? Seems like everybody is into burgers these days – all shapes, all kinds, all colours…including black. On the other hand, the ONLY place that sells really really great burgers here have taken them off the menu – dunno why. Thank goodness I’m not really crazy about those things.

  4. says

    Hey! Didn’t I comment in this already? Just got news that the best burger place here has discontinued them on their menu… I wonder why. Luckily I am not really into those things – just don;t mind having once in a while so no great loss.

    • says

      Yes you did have a comment previously. :) Anyway, I guess you have so much more choices in Sibu like kampua noodles and sio bee that burgers are not really in your priority list! 😀

  5. says

    Grill’d burgers are massive but do love their dressings in general. There was an avocado mayo which is heavenly. Nice chips too.

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