Korean Soup for the Soul

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What is your favourite Korean dish? For me, the one dish that I always never fail to order is either the Kimchi Soup or the Pork Tofu Soup. It really depends on my mood on whether I’d like something spicy that day or something milder, but I always love a good warm Korean soup. We were in QueTo BBQ Noodle restaurant the other day and decided to check out their Pork Tofu Soup. The restaurant was constantly busy but not over crowded. Customers would order at the counter and be given a number, and when your number is displayed, it means your food is ready.


Pork Tofu Soup

The Pork Tofu Soup was served with a bowl of white rice. The piping hot soup was thick and fragrant, topped with either a choice of beef or pork (we chose beef) and a poached egg. I absolutely loved the flavour of the soup. It was just slightly spicy with an umami-ness that  kept Saucer and I fighting over it. It’s a shame that it didn’t come in a bigger bowl! :) The beef slices were thinly sliced, and there was a generous amount of tofu and glass noodles within. I loved slurping on the glass noodles and tofu, which soaked up all the flavours of the soup. I could just eat this on its own without any rice. That’s my definition of comfort soup for the soul indeed! Unfortunately, the last couple of times that we were there, we realized that the portion of the soup was getting smaller. Not sure if it was because we were there late or they did reduce the portion, but at this rate, I wouldn’t be willing to share it. 😛


Pork Tofu soup with Rice (AUD11)

Another of our favourite dish is the Korean rice cake. They had the Chilli Rice Cake (Tuk bokki) version here, which I had been wanting to try for a while. We ordered it that night, and it came with plenty of rice cakes, slices of fish cake, cabbage and boiled egg. The sauce was sweet and spicy, which wasn’t too bad, but we thought the rice cakes were a tad too soft. We didn’t find them chewy enough, which was a shame, because everything else was good. But the sauce was really tasty, so we used some of them with the white rice and they went well together.


 Chilli Rice Cake (AUD9)


Boiled egg

Overall, QueTo offers a reasonably decent dining environment with good soups without burning a hole in our pocket. Whenever I crave for something hot and soothing, the pork tofu soup or the kimchi soup never failed to satisfy.


QueTo BBQ Noodle at Macquarie Centre

QueTo BBQ Noodle Korean Restaurant
Level 4, Shop 403A Macquarie Centre,
Corner of Herring and Waterloo Roads
North Ryde 2113
NSW Australia
Tel No: (02) 9870 7974
Opening Hours: Daily for lunch and dinner

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  1. says

    my fave korean would be bibimbap! i think it’s because i’m generally not a fan of kimchi. i’ve never tried a pork tofu soup in a korean restaurant before though. will keep a lookout for one 😀

    • says

      I love bibimbap too! Especially the one on hot stone. I used to order that most of the time in Korea because I couldn’t understand the rest of the menu! Haha.. luckily I loved it! :)

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