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One of the wineries that we were looking forward to visit in Hunter Valley was Wyndham Estate. Even when we were living in Malaysia, Saucer loved drinking Wyndham Estate’s Bin 555 Shiraz. So to be able see, feel and touch the actual winery in real life was pretty amazing. Wyndham was located some distance from the centre of Hunter Valley region where all the other wineries were, but we decided to do the half an hour drive anyway. We managed to reach there at 4pm, just in time for some wine-tasting on our own.


Wyndham Estate


Cellar door

George Wyndham became the father of Australian Shiraz after planting Australia’s first commercial Shiraz vineyard in 1830. His innovative spirit is a proud legacy that endures to this day at Wyndham Estate.


 Landscape at Wyndham Estate


Inside the cellar door

Once we were inside in the cellar door, we were greeted with barrels and barrels of wine around us, particularly the Bin 555 Shiraz. We were delighted! Since we were a little late, we were the only ones there, which meant getting full attention from the sommelier. She was a bubbly lady who was very excited to show us some of Wyndham’s best wines.


Club 555 barrels


Tasting bar


Wine list

We tried our favorite 555 and found that there’s even a sparkling version of it! We loved both of them and bought them back. At $16 a bottle, it’s also pretty reasonably priced. There’s a reason why George Wyndham is known as the father of Australian Shiraz indeed.


Wyndham Estate cellar


Wyndham Estate vineyard

That was the last winery we visited on Day 1 at Hunter Valley. We spent some time walking off the alcohol that we consumed that afternoon and admiring the vineyard outside the cellar door until it was time to drive back to our hotel. It had been a great first day at Hunter Valley and we’re going to be back for a couple more wineries the next day!


 Wyndham Estate, Hunter Valley

Wyndham Estate
700 Dalwood Road – Dalwood, NSW 2335
Ph: (+61) 2 4938 3444
Fax: (+612) 4938 3555
Tasting Hours: 9.30am – 4.30pm
Website: www.wyndhamestate.com 

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    great prices! but it does make me weep that because of the weaker currency here and the liquor tax, we have to fork out so much more in KL to afford these wines, ya…

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