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I love the Internet! There are simply limitless possibilities to it, from connecting with people around the world, to watching live shows, to learning just about everything and not forgetting, shopping! Now there’s even more reason to love the Internet!

Have you ever wanted to make an important phone call, only to pick up your phone and realize that you ran out of credit? How about wanting to access the internet but your access has expired? Or your friends call you for an online gaming session but oops you ran out of credit for your favourite MMORPG! You run downstairs to jump into your car only to find that your brother has taken your car out!

Arghhhhhh! You pull your hair in despair and bang your head against the wall!

Don’t fret! Now you have a very simple solution to that! Just head over to https://www.mruncit.com/.

M-what? MRuncit – the new store in town and it’s one that you can access anywhere as long as you have an internet / mobile data connection!

MRuncit stands for Mobile Runcit, an online virtual product store which offers prepaid services with loyalty point schemes and easy payment options for community members in real-time via online and mobile devices.

Here are some stuffs that you can purchase from MRuncit.com:

Online Games Reloads

You don’t need to go to the cybercafé to buy these anymore! You can buy Garena, Gash, OffGamers, Game Pro, MOL and lots more! Online gamers rejoice! Now you can play online games without interruption!


Mobile Airtime Reloads

Need to call your girl/boyfriend but you’re running low on credit and you can’t get to a convenience store? No worries as MRuncit offers many different pre-paid top-ups!

Tune Talk, U Mobile and X Pax are some of the bigger ones while there are a couple of others as well.

 Airtime Reload

IDD/ STD and Internet Access Reloads

With loads of products you can choose from including iTalk, IDD5Plus, NJoy, Chatz and more for IDD and STD you can select the one that suits you best.

You can even get Jaring and P1 internet access reloads.

IDD and Internet Reload 2

Mobile and Gadget Accessories

Want to make your phone look cooler? Try browsing through the many accessories on MRuncit! There are accessories for the most popular phones such as this case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 which has multiple colours for you to choose from!


Redemption Store

Now this is why you should buy from MRuncit – earn rewards points that you can use to redeem products by simply buying what you need from MRuncit.com. Your next reload or top-up could be free!

 Redemption Store

Even more reason to purchase now – win a car!

Purchase any of the virtual/ reload products from MRuncit.com from 1 November to 31  December 2012 and you will be eligible to join the WOW! Contest organized by ePay. Prizes include a car, bicycles and iPod Nanos.

 Head over here for contest details – https://www.mruncit.com/mruncit-wow-contest.


So what are you waiting for? Head over to https://www.mruncit.com/ today and who knows? You might just be the one driving home with a new car!

Stay in the know of the latest MRuncit promotions and contests by ‘Liking’ the MRuncit Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/mruncit


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