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It may seem that we drink a lot during our trip to Hunter Valley, but we did so responsibly. :) Most of the time, we only took small sips of the wine and tossed the rest away, knowing that we would be driving afterwards. Another trick was to constantly hydrate ourselves with water, which was also available at the cellar doors, to clear our palate in between wines. The next winery that was on our list, highly recommended by the locals, was the family-owned Tyrrell’s Wines.

Tyrrells winery

Tyrrell’s Wines at Hunter Valley

Established in 1858 by English immigrant Edward Tyrrell, Tyrrell’s Wines is one of Australia’s pre-eminent family owned wine companies with vineyards extending from their historic home in the Hunter Valley to the Limestone Coast (SA) and Heathcote (VIC).

Tyrrells vineyard

Tyrrell’s vineyard

The cellar door was pretty busy that afternoon, and there was no spot available at the tasting bar. While waiting, we were entertained by the educational information on wine cycle across the four seasons, shown on the black board near the entrance. It certainly looks like maintaining a vineyard requires a lot of work! There’s plenty to during each season, not to mention that the quality of grapes would be subject to different weather changes as well.

Tyrrells wine cycle

Wine cycle

Tyrrells tasting bar

Wines at Tyrrell’s

Soon, a spot was freed up and we made our way to the tasting bar. The wine list was pretty extensive, ranging from sparkling, reds, whites and dessert wines. As usual, we asked for recommendations from the sommelier, and the first wine that was introduced to us was the Arabella Rose. It was light pink in colour and had a nice fruity smell. We also tried some of the sweeter white wines, and found our favourite!

Tyrrells wine list

Wine for tasting

Tyrrells wine list

Wine list

Tyrrells wine tasting


Thanks to the voucher booklet that we got from Harrigan’s Irish Pub, we were given 20% discount of any wine purchase from Tyrrell’s. We ended up purchasing the Riesling, which was really nice to drink and really fruity. After discount, it cost us less than $10 for the bottle. Pretty decent, I’d say!

Tyrrells wine tasting

Crowd at the tasting bar

Hunter Valley

Taking a rest before the next winery

After we’re done with the wine-tasting, we took a walk outside and absorbed the breath-taking view of the vineyard. The sky was clear and blue, the sun was shining bright, it was the perfect day for a walk outdoors. There were benches near the vineyard for patrons to take a rest if they think they’ve had too much of wine. We just took the opportunity to soak in the atmosphere before moving on to the next winery on our list!

Tyrrells vineyard

Grape trees in spring

Tyrrells wines

Tyrrell’s Wines at Polkolbin, Hunter Valley

Tyrrell’s Wines
1838 Broke Road
Pokolbin NSW 2320 Australia
Tel No: (02) 4993 7000
Opening Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm (Monday to Saturday) 10:00am – 4:00pm (Sunday)
Closed on: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day,  New Years Eve, New Years Day & Good Friday

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    oooh, i’ve tried some of tyrell’s wines, i think. i feel like i have a good impression of them, that they struck a nice balance between being wallet-friendly and also being satisfyingly tasty! 😀 and that’s a nice photo of the both of you. looks like it was a moderately windy day! 😀

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