Hidden Retreat at Lake Macquarie

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Public holidays are hard to come by in Sydney, and when they do, especially on a weekend, they’re highly treasured. So when we had a 3-day long weekend a couple of weeks back, I took matters into my own hands and planned a little getaway of our own up north. My first plan was to visit the vineyards and wineries in Hunter Valley for 2 nights, but it proved to be impossible to book a room for both nights. I must had been too late. After much pondering, I decided to stop by Lake Macquarie on the first night, since it’s halfway between Sydney to Hunter Valley.


Beautiful Lake Macquarie from the room


Welcoming us to Norfolk Pine Retreat


Comfortable Queen-size bed

Finding a room at Lake Macquarie one week in advance was no easy feat too. I almost had to lay that plan to rest, until a kind lady recommended a hidden gem to me – Norfolk Pine Retreat. It was, literally, a hidden gem, because this retreat was not advertised on any of the hotel or Lake Macquarie websites. I told myself, this was it. If I still couldn’t get a room, I’d give up the idea completely. And as luck would have it, Carol, the person in charge for Norfolk Pine Retreat, confirmed that the room was available! I was just overjoyed.


Studio room at Norfolk Pine Retreat


Combined lounge and bedroom area of the Studio


Lounge and TV area

Come Saturday morning, Saucer and I packed our bags in the car and began our journey up north. Weather was fabulous and sun was shining unto us like a happy, laughing kid. We cruised up effortlessly and with the help of the GPS, found the place located in Wangi Wangi. Wangi Wangi (pronouned as wan-ji) is, coincidentally, the home to the Australian Olympic gold-medal sailors who just returned from London a few months back. It was an amazing little town, surrounded on almost all sides by the beautiful Lake Macquarie.


View of Lake Macquarie from the balcony


Spacious balcony


Sundeck and dining table on the balcony

Upon parking our car, Carol greeted us warmly and brought us to her home to fill up some paperwork. And then, we were shown to our studio. With a lovely view of the lake, the studio had everything that we wanted! It was spacious, cosy and had a really huge balcony. The whole place had a constant scent of flowers, partly from the newly bloomed spring flowers, I’m sure. It was also the one and only studio available for rent, which guaranteed privacy and exclusivity.


Entrance to the Studio


The little touch that mattered






Quality toiletries

Everything about the studio screamed home – the plush pillows, the soft bed, the comfortable couch, the candles, right up to the soothing CDs that accompanied us at night after dinner. At some point, I almost wished I was going to stay there for the whole 2 nights instead of just one.


Norfolk Pine Retreat

The next morning, we awoke to a simple but healthy breakfast that was included with our room – freshly baked croissants, milk, juice, cereal, bread and jam, yogurt and coffee. We certainly had a memorable and enjoyable stay at Norfolk Pine Retreat, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a getaway at beautiful Lake Macquarie.

For more information on Norfolk Pine Retreat: norfolkpineretreat.com.au

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  1. says

    Ooooo…what a lovely place! Can feel the tranquility just looking at your photos. I love such places – just laze around all day, relaxing, doing nothing… That’s my kind of life!

  2. says

    Hi Mei

    I have only just seen this, and I thank you so much, your photos and write up is lovely, to be honest it took me by surprise.
    Took me ages to work out who you were, when I saw your photo it was not hard to remember. Hope you are still enjoying Australia. Would love some of your photos of my place, thy are really great.
    Are you still fishing, if so hope you are doing better than you did in Lake Macquarie that weekend.

    Keep writing you are great at it.

    Kind regards Carol.

  3. says

    Hi Mei

    I have just seen this blog and I was blown away with it. Thank you so much it is great, fabulous photos and you are such a good writer.
    It was lovely having you both here and I hope you you have cought a few more fish than you did in lake Macquarie.

    It took me a while to work out who you were, but after seeing your photo it was not hard to remember.

    Love your site, keep it up you are very good at it.
    Any chance of getting a couple of your photos??

    Kind regards
    Carol jones

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