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So that time of the year has come again. The big Birthday. And for the first time, I’m celebrating it thousands of miles from home. Well, to me it really doesn’t make a big difference where I celebrate it, not as much as who I celebrate it with. :) Yesterday, Saucer brought me to Ribs and Rumps Restaurant in North Ryde for a feast of pork and lamb ribs! It was my first time there, and I was surprised to see the amount of people dining out on a weekday evening! Thankfully, we had no problems getting a table since we made a reservation.


Cute Ribs and Rumps shaker


James Squire beer ($7.95)

To start with, Saucer had a bottle of James Squire Amber ale, which was pretty smooth and easy to drink, especially when chilled. We ordered an Entree Platter for Two to share for starters, which came with Farmers sausage (Boerewors), buffalo wings with tangy BBQ relish and calamari with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. The sausages were served on top of a bed of polenta with a somewhat spicy and sour sauce, which was pretty moreish. I found it strange that I would be attracted to the polenta and sauce the most when there were so many other interesting dishes on the plate. The calamari was juicy and flavourful, but I’d prefer them to be more crispy and less soggy. The tangy buffalo wings were nice as an appetizer and got us ready for the next dish.


Entree Platter for Two ($29.95)


Sausages and the delicious sauce


Buffalo wings

Of course, when we’re at a restaurant called Ribs and Rumps, we could not resist from trying their signature dishes. We had the Ribs and Rumps Combo of pork ribs, lamb ribs and a 220g of rump steak, done medium rare. Now usually the combo would be served with chips, but Saucer being the health-conscious one, requested for it to be served with baked potatoes instead. I didn’t care much for the potatoes, when the star attraction was calling out to me. Ribs! I absolutely loved the pork ribs here. They were grilled to a nice charred finish without drying the meat. And the sweet and sticky sauce was out of the world. I could go on and on licking the sauce and not get tired of it. Most importantly, the meat was tender and flavourful, just like how the perfect rib should be.


Ribs and Rumps Combo ($46.95)

I enjoyed the lamb ribs as well, with the slight and subtle gamey flavour that was not overpowering. The rump steak was cooked perfectly medium rare, with enough heat that gave it a nice charred skin that we both enjoyed. It was very juicy and moist, but not overly bloody. If only all steak houses could cook the steak just right.


Medium rare steak


Saucer licking his rib clean


Look at the cute bib

Overall we had an enjoyable dinner during my birthday, and the portions were so huge that we couldn’t finish them off. The staff was accommodating enough to help us take away some of the leftover food, which we ended up eating for lunch. :) Now that we’ve tried the pork and lamb ribs, perhaps we would go with beef ribs next! (Who am I kidding? I still love pork ribs the most!)


Ribs and rumps serviette


Ribs and Rumps North Ryde

Ribs and Rumps
11 Talavera Road
North Ryde
NSW Australia.
Tel No.: +612 9805 1199
Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs (12 – 3pm & 6 – 10pm), Fri – Sun (12 – 3pm & 5.30 – 10pm)

After dinner, we went home and had a mini celebration with a fruit cake that Saucer bought. And since there was no candle, he used an iPhone app as one! It was so cute! The candle would really go off when I blew into it. If you have an iPhone, you should search for the app and try it out. :) Thank you dear for planning a sweet and nice dinner celebration for my birthday! :)


Fake Candle on the cake


Happy birthday to me :)

Ribs and Rumps on Urbanspoon

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  1. says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mei Yee!! hmmm, both your birthdays are just few days apart?? i remember reading about Lionel’s birthday just not too long ago..

    delicious platters and ribs!! and did he finished everything on your behalf too?? hehehe.. and you both were wearing the same shirt as well?? :p

    • says

      Yea our birthday are just 2 weeks plus apart! Thank you!! :) We didn’t finish the food, packed some back. :) And no, we’re not wearing the same shirts! Saucer’s shirt had stripes on it, but was not captured by the camera I guess.

  2. says

    happy (belated) birthday! may your next year be filled with great memories that are as sweet as the fruit cake and juicy as the pork ribs! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. says

    Hey is it me or Saucer’s birthday is really close to yours too? Happy Birthday Fellow October baby! Mine’s coming next week and I just celebrated my other half’s last week. Hehehehe

    The Candle app is awesome!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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