The New iPhone 5

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Exactly 2.5 years ago, I laid my hands on my first ever iPhone 3Gs from Apple. Fast forward to year 2012, I am now an excited new owner of the brand new Apple iPhone 5! As you may well know, Apple has just released their latest and greatest iPhone 5 on the 21st of September 2012. Many critics were condemning Apple for releasing an iPhone that doesn’t seem to have any improvements from its previous generation (i.e. iPhone 4/4s). While that may be true, the iPhone 5 certainly provides a great improvement to me compared to my old 3Gs. For starters, it is much thinner and lighter, and has much better camera functions. You would know what I mean if you’ve used the 3Gs before. :)


It has arrived!


The new iPhone 5 in the box

I ordered my iPhone through Virgin Mobile Australia, since I was with Virgin before this. The good thing about Virgin is they offer the LTE (long term evolution) or 4G service, which provides incredible upload and download speeds! Check out the speedtest result at the end of this post.


32GB White iPhone 5


White iPhone 5

My order was for the white colour iPhone 5 with 32 GB, which doubles the storage of my existing 3Gs. The reason for this was since the camera has much better resolution now, I foresee myself taking more pictures/videos with my phone and hence, more space required! :) Just for fun, I took some pictures comparing my old phone with the new one, and there really is a big improvement in terms of thickness and size.


iPhone 5 vs iPhone 3Gs  – front view


iPhone 5 vs iPhone 3Gs  – side view


iPhone 5 vs iPhone 3Gs  – back view

Unboxing the iPhone 5, there are several items in the signature box:

  • iPhone 5
  • User manual
  • SIM card pin
  • Charger
  • USB cable
  • EarPods


Unboxing the iPhone 5

I love the new EarPods design! They’re so much better than the old ear phones which were huge and uncomfortable. These EarPods are shaped such that they fit in our ears comfortably and naturally, while providing optimal audio quality. There is also an additional remote and microphone attached to the EarPods wires, giving users better accessibility to certain controls.


Restore with iTunes

First things first, once I unboxed my iPhone 5, I covered it with a screen protector and case which I bought from XtremeMac. Then, I plugged it into my laptop to be restored using the backup of my iPhone 3Gs. The whole process took barely 5 minutes! And the phone was up and ready to go. Just to check the connection speed of LTE / 4G, I ran a test using Look at the results! An amazing download speed of close to 53Mbps! That’s the fastest I’ve seen ever, and it does load websites in a flash. The only thing I have not really tested is the battery life. I’m hoping to get at least a day of usage with LTE enabled.


Speedtest with LTE / 4G enabled

I’m excited to put my iPhone 5 to good use next! Perhaps taking more food pictures and posting them on Instagram album. :) Have a great weekend people!


My new iPhone 5

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    looking forward to it coming to malaysia! i’m still using an iphone 3gs, which is cracked and falling apart now (the home button doesn’t work, the volume button fell off) 😀

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