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If there’s one thing I observed about breakfast in Sydney, it’s that Bacon and Egg roll is a common item in the menu. In KL, breakfast would mean wanton noodles, roti canai, nasi lemak or pan mee. Needless to say, those items are not that easily available anymore, much less in the early morning. And that is why we have found ourselves getting acquainted to the good old bacon and egg roll in the morning, especially in the weekend. Last week, we headed to Pablo & Rusty’s Espresso Bar for a quick breakfast before our day out.


Beautiful coffee art


Breakfast on a roll

We arrived at some time before 10am on Saturday to find the place busy but not yet packed. We’re lucky to find a nice table for 2 in one corner, and ordering was quite a breeze. Within 10 minutes or so, our orders of Latte arrived, together with beautiful coffee arts on them. It was their home brand coffee, and smelled wonderful. The aroma was inviting and helped to awake whatever senses which were still asleep on that beautiful Saturday morning. Saucer even went as far as claiming that this was the best coffee he ever had.


Latte (AUD4 – large, AUD3.60/3.30 – regular/small)


Satisfied with his coffee


Fancy a cuppa?

Of course, we must not forget the famous breakfast item here, the Bacon and Free Range Egg Roll. Served warm on a chopping board, the bacon was greasy and generous, with a moderate layer of fat and boasted with plenty of flavour. The roll was lined with delicious tomato relish which gave the ensemble a sweet and tangy taste plus a nice balance to the otherwise dry combination. We wondered what type of roll was used in this – the crust was hard but the insides remained soft and fluffy. We could not find any fault with it. This, my friends, this I would not mind eating every day. :)


Bacon and Free Range Egg Roll with Tomato Relish (AUD6.50)


My breakfast is complete :)

There you have it, our morning fix for what seems like a couple of months now. We loved the bacon and egg roll and more importantly, the coffee here. Thank goodness it’s located not too far away from where we live, so we could easily grab a coffee even when we’re on the go. Best of all, the breakfast meal and coffee kept us energized and full until way past lunch! What’s your morning fix?


Dining environment at Pablo & Rusty’s


Takeaway cup if you can’t finish your coffee


Pablo & Rusty’s Espresso Bar

Pablo & Rusty’s Espresso Bar Epping
42 Langston Place
Epping NSW 2121
Tel. No.: +612 9868 4828
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday (6am – 5pm) Saturday (7am – 3pm) Sunday (8am – 3pm)

Pablo & Rusty's Espresso Bar on Urbanspoon

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  1. says

    the egg-and-bacon roll looks quite sinful! i wonder if adding a slice of lettuce and tomatoes might make it seem more balanced and nutritious, heh 😀

  2. says

    Oh my, you have just brought memories flooding back of my childhood. I don’t remember the last time I had a bacon and egg roll. My dad was the expert in making them. You have inspired me for a weekend breakfast idea. Look out Saturday!

  3. Wu says

    Go and check out Eastwood should be the next stop from Epping on the train toward the city.
    One side dominated by Korean shops/restaurants/eatery and the other side by Chinese shops/restaurants/eatery.

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