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Our one night at Sun Moon Lake was spent at Crystal Jade Chalet, a random hotel we found from the internet. There were plenty of chalets and hotels around the Sun Moon Lake city centre where the pier was, but we thought that to be too noisy and commercialized. After much scouting, we called up Crystal Jade Chalet and made a reservation the day before. We were lucky that there was still room because we went on a weekday, and the owner said that she would personally come and fetch us from the Visitor Centre once we reached. Good service!


Our double room

Crystal Jade Chalet is located probably about 2km away from the city centre, which was not too far but with heavy luggage, we were grateful for the private transfer service. In fact, they offered to fetch us to the city whenever we wanted to go out or come back, by just giving them a call. Sometimes the lady owner would be the driver and sometimes, her son would pick us up. But first, a little tour of the room and the hotel!


Crystal Jade Chalet at Sun Moon Lake

Our room was located on the first floor, which was good because the hotel didn’t have a lift and carrying heavy luggage up the stairs is not something we fancy doing. :) From our room, we had a nice view of the lake. The whole room was lined with timber flooring and walls, making it look like we’re in a cottage. It was a rather warm and cosy feeling, really.


View from the balcony


King size bed

We liked that the chalet was located away from the city, which meant that it was calm and peaceful, perfect for a good night’s sleep. Having it facing the lake was a bonus, and waking up to the gorgeous view in the morning was priceless. The room had all the basic amenities that we needed – comfortable king-size bed, clean shower and toilet, basic toiletries, fridge, LCD TV and coffee-making facilities. Our favourite night time activity was grabbing a 6-pack of beer and drinking them at the balcony while peeling off groundnuts. The silence of the night and the lights reflecting from the lake and the faraway buildings were almost therapeutic.




Toiletries and coffee


Balcony where we spent our night chilling out


Another view from the room

The next morning, we woke up to a complimentary home-made breakfast included in our room rate. It was not much, but it was enough to keep us going. There were plates of pickled vegetables, omelette, potatoes, nuts, hot porridge, bread and milk to go around. My favourite was the toast topped with plenty of peanut butter and chicken floss! It was the first time I had it that way and sinful as it was, I finished every bit of it! :)


Dining area in the cafe


View from the cafe


Homemade breakfast items


Chicken floss and peanut butter toast – super yum!


Our breakfast



After breakfast, we took a short stroll down the quiet path behind the hotel. It was a fabulously clear day with blue skies and chirping birds in the background. We walked and walked without a care in the world, just like how it should be when we’re on holidays. :)


Quiet path behind the chalet


Crystal Jade Chalet details

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    heh, at first the name made me think of the Crystal Jade chain of restaurants. but i guess it’s an auspicious name for businesses. that looks like a nice breakfast spread. not overwhelming, but still with quite a number of interesting items to energize guests before they embark on sightseeing 😀

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