Snacking in Shilin Night Market

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During our second night in Taipei, we decided to explore one of Taipei’s most famous night market in Shilin. Getting to Shilin Night Market was pretty easy by MRT.The market was just across the road from Shilin Station, and it’s hard to miss judging from the huge crowd along the street. There were plenty of food and beverage stalls along the street, and the smell of fried chicken especially wafted through the air.


Shilin Market


Large crowd along Shilin street food market

Walking along the long street of stalls without giving in to temptation was not easy. There were plenty of choices to choose from, and we couldn’t decide which one to try. In the end, we settled for a tofu stall that sold different types of tofu. They turned out to be quite good, even though not spectacular.


All types of sausages


Tofu stall


Juicy tofu

Along one row of the street was stall after stall selling pork rib soup, which looked very much like our bak kut teh. They seemed to be pretty popular too, judging from the crowd and the long queues at some of them. We decided to give one of the stalls a try, and ordered the Pork Rib Soup. The soup was dark and opaque, with a strong herbal aroma. It was savory and thick, and extremely comforting to drink in the cold spring night.


Pork rib soup menu


Pork rib soup


Huge pork rib

Saucer also bought a fried dumpling to snack on, which had a filling of vegetables and chives. It had a thick layer of pastry that we didn’t quite enjoy.


Fried dumpling


Vegetable filling

Last but not least, we couldn’t resist the temptation of the aromatic deep fried chicken that filled the air. The queue to this stall was the longest, and we had to wait for more than half an hour for our turn. Thankfully, the deep fried chicken did not disappoint. It was large in portion, superbly crispy and tasty, with tender and juicy flesh within.


Deep fried chicken fillet stall


Deep fried chicken


Grilled after fried


Crunchy and aromatic chicken fillet

We spent more than 2 hours in the night market, but could barely try a fraction of what it had to offer. Shilin Night Market truly lived up to its expectation of being the largest and most famous night market in Taipei. We’ll be back!

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  1. DynaLou says

    Now this makes me crave for food and I hope this weekends I can spend quality time with my husband and my kids in town..

    • says

      Actually we used Mandarin to communicate in Taipei but I believe most of them understand basic English, especially the receptionists at hotel and the wait staff in restaurants. :) I think the problem would be if you visit more rural areas where you might have problems with language.

  2. says

    it seems this is a must-go for tourists to taiwan, i’ve not been to taiwan before but i’ve heard so many about this place, even more renown than any other tourist spots.. haha!! anyway, heard this is not the best in terms of taste, and that many food are repeated though the place is huge.. but one thing i noticed, you DIDN’T eat a lot from the photo i’ve seen, is there a part 2 coming?? haha~~

  3. says

    Street food are always delicious, the oilier the better.
    It’s not to go on a night market, especially when it’s not in Malaysia – since it’s like hot and ‘sticky’ here 😛

  4. says

    Ooooo…so many people! Headache liao! I hate crowded places. LOL!!! That looks like bak kut teh! Got bkt there kah? I thought only in Malaysia?

  5. says

    Too many to try on a single night right? But I think most of the food are pretty unhealthy, no? Of course who really cares about unhealthy food when you go traveling? LOL!

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