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In case you’re wondering, yes, I’m still in Sydney. Saucer and I went on a trip to Taiwan just before I left for Sydney and I thought I should start posting our travel stories in case they become outdated. :) First and foremost, accommodation! That is usually one of the, if not the most expensive part of a holiday. Since we were going to be in Taipei for 7 nights, we had to find a place which was convenient and economical. After searching high and low, we settled for CityInn Hotel Plus right smack in the shopping area of Ximending. From the airport, we took a bus that dropped us at Ximending, where we only had to walk 5 minutes to the hotel.


Double bed room

Checking in was a breeze because we already pre-booked our stay. It is wise to book online for the best rates and to guarantee your room, because the rooms at CityInn sell out very quickly. In fact, we only managed to book 5 nights out of our 7 nights stay there since the other 2 nights were fully booked. But that’s another story for another post. We managed to get quite a good rate of about RM170/night online and it was the best value hotel that we’d ever stayed in.


Sofa and study desk

Our room was clean and fully air-conditioned, with all the amenities that we needed, and more. There was a 32-inch LCD TV on the wall with more channels that we could watch (more than 70!) and free internet access 24/7. Everything in the room was modern, including the switches. Instead of the conventional switches, they had the touch panel switches with labels and backlight – perfect when you have to turn on the switch in the middle of the night on the way to the loo, yes?


Electronic safe


Backlit switches


Minibar and complimentary drinking water

The bathroom was spacious and clean, with a rain shower of good water pressure. I didn’t expect to have the full set of toiletries (including toothbrush and paste) considering the rather cheap rate we paid, but we were given that and more, refilled daily. For ladies, you’d be amused to find that they even provided a sanitary pad in the set of toiletries, and for men, a condom! 😀


Clean bathroom and toilet


Sanitary napkin given

We stayed at 2 different rooms in the hotel since we had to break our stay due to the fully booked period in the middle. Our second room was very colorful, but just as comfortable.


Double bedroom #2


Study desk

At that point, I was throughly pleased and happy with the room, even though small, but very modern and functional. But I was to be pleasantly surprised when we went down to the basement where the common area was. The common room was spacious and clean, with comfortable couches and a TV for the comfort of the residents. Next to the lounge was a dining area with plenty of tables and chairs, perfect for eating that take-out meal or the cup of instant noodles.


Lounge in common area


Dining area

On the same level was the pantry with a microwave, hot and cold drinking water and, wait for it, a coffee machine! Seeing a coffee machine there immediately sealed the deal for Saucer, since he loved a good cup of hot coffee every morning we’re there. The hot water and microwave proved to be extremely useful when we bought cup noodles for that midnight snack too! Speaking of which, there was a 24-hour convenience store located just opposite CityInn.


Pantry area


Coffee machine and hot water



Just next to the lounge was another area for internet-surfing.


Complimentary use of internet

And if all that is not enough, here is something that will blow you away. Well, it did blow me away – the hotel provided free use of washing machine and dryer! That was honestly the first time I came across such facility, which was extremely useful when you’re there for a long period of time. Knowing this beforehand allowed us to pack less clothes and allocate more space for shopping! :) We used the washer and dryer twice during our 5-day stay and were absolutely satisfied with the results. Since we were there during the cold months of spring, the warm clothes from the dryer definitely provided us comfort.


Complimentary laundry facilities


Weighing machine for your luggage

If you can’t already tell by now, I am absolutely smitten with this hotel and would highly recommend it to anyone going to Taipei. They truly have travelers in mind with all the facilities provided free of charge. I mean, there was even a weighing machine at the lobby for you to double check your luggage just in case it is overweight! Oh, did I mention that aside from all the wonderful facilities provided, the one thing that makes it perfect is its location. Not only is it walking distance to the shopping district of Ximending, it is only 2 minutes away from the train station, which makes it absolutely convenient to go to anywhere in Taipei. My advice? Book early to avoid disappointment. And no, this is not sponsored.


CityInn Hotel Plus at Ximending

Getting there: Take MRT to Ximen Station, go to Exit 3 and CityInn is on your left.

CityInn Hotel Plus
No.63, Baoqing Rd., Zhongzheng Dist.,
Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: +886 (2) 7725-2288
Fax: +886 (2) 7725-2799

*Note: Read the rest of my Taiwan Escapade here!

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  1. says

    Was there many many years ago, stayed in a hotel looking something like that on the outside…but of course, not so m=nice inside. Those days, so long ago, what to expect? I guess Taipei’s very different now…but I don’t think I would be dying to go there again. Prefer other places.

  2. says

    The second hotel seems fun – Fight Night bear on the wall! Haha! I think the hotel are quite classy, different from the typical hotels I’ve seen. :)

    P/S: Why no photo of the condom? Haha! 😀

  3. says

    we stayed at cityinn in the main taipei train station area, i think slightly cheaper than 170 but that was 2-3 years ago and i must say its small but clean and convenient! would recommend it too!

  4. says

    This hotel looks absolutely perfect… it provides everything that a traveler needs! I want to fly to Taipei and stay there immediately… where can I do my booking? can?

    • says

      We took a bus. Just tell the cashier your hotel address and she would direct you to the right bus. Otherwise, ask for buses to go to Ximending, there should be plenty. :)

  5. Sharol says

    I’d been following your blog bout food and travel. I have plans to visit Taiwan/Taipei and needed your advise. I dont’ read Mandarin. I wonder if it will be a problem for me travelling around Taiwan not knowing how to read Mandarin? Do you know how far is XMD to Shilin ? And do you advise me getting a map before I go ? What bout signage in Taiwan, will they have English wordings ?

    • says

      Hi Sharol,
      Actually I don’t read Mandarin either. I guess if you take trains, the sings are good enough for us to understand. But taking buses where you need to communicate with the driver might be a bit challenging if you don’t know Mandarin. You could do more homework and write down all the places that you intend to visit in Chinese words so that you can at least show them if you can’t read/write. :)

  6. Mun says


    I’m also planning to stay in CityInn Hotel Plus at Ximending next year!! I’m wondering whether it’s cheaper to book thru / / directly from the hotel’s official website? Any idea?

    • says

      Hi Mun,
      I actually did some comparison with the websites you mentioned before and found that it’s cheaper to book through the official website. :) And you’re also more likely to get a direct confirmation since you’re not going through a middle-person. But make sure you book early because they sell out very fast! Good luck!

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