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There is no question that girls have a sweet tooth, and that includes me. So during our Singapore trip, I couldn’t resist from ordering some cakes for the few of us to try out. What was supposed to be a coffee session ended up to be more like a cake session, for we ordered more cakes than we could finish. And we did all that in Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie in Paragon. To be honest, we randomly picked a cafe that time, and we chose Canele because we were attracted to their colorful display of cakes on their store front.


Strawberry Shortcake


Canele’s menu

The first cake that caught my eye was the Triple Chocolate Cheese Cake. What I saw from the display was chocolate, nuts and cheese! What’s not to love? Taking a bite revealed a layer of chocolate ganache mixed with nuts, covering a thick and dense chocolate cheese that was almost too rich to down. Almost. It was filled with chocolate flavor and proved to be a tad sweet after several bites. This was definitely meant to be shared. But I did enjoy the creamy and smooth texture of the cheese, which reminded me of chocolate mousse.


Triple Chocolate Cheese Cake (SGD7.65)


Glorious rich chocolate cheese

The Cake of the Day was also a piece of cheese cake,sandwiched by dark chocolate on the bottom and milk chocolate on top. Again, I could find no fault with the texture of their creamy, fluffy and smooth cheese. If I wasn’t careful, I would have ended up gaining a size bigger just based on that meal. 😛


Cake of the Day (SGD7.65)

The favorite of the group turned out to be the Tarte Citron, an eye-catching piece of yellow tart that was not only pretty but delicious on the palate too. This was the least sweet dessert among all, but also the most interesting, for the play of flavors was quite brilliant. The lemon curd on top was smooth but not overly sour, while the almond pastry at the bottom was crumbly and sweet enough to neutralize the tanginess. It was somehow a combination that worked and it was also the cake that was finished the first.


Tarte Citron (SGD7.10)


Citrusy and creamy

Last but not least, we had the Strawberry Shortcake, perhaps the lightest dessert of all. It was generously filled with huge strawberries amidst light cream in between layers of sponge cake. Even though I would have preferred the strawberries to be sweeter, this was quite a delight to eat.We finished this second after the tart. Either that, or it’s a nice change after taking bites of the other overly sweet cakes.


Strawberry Shortcake (SGD7.65)

Staying true to our original mission, some of us did order Cappuccino. I took a sip to find the coffee to be too bitter, in fact, with a hint of burnt smell. My guess is that their beans were over-roasted? I had certainly had better coffee.


Cappuccino (SGD7)


Stressed = Desserts

Canele’s dining environment was comfortable, rather spacious and not overly noisy, even though it’s smacked in the middle of a busy shopping mall. Couple that with above average cakes, I can see why this place is fast becoming a hit, even among the visitors from overseas. I am definitely one of the returning customers.


Canele sells chocolates too


Canele at Paragon, Singapore

Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie Cafe
Paragon Shopping Centre
290 Orchard Road #B1-K8
Singapore 238859
Tel No.: +65 6733 8893
Fax: +65 6733 8896
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays (8am to 10pm)

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  1. Gisele says

    Wow this looks definitely a great one and I guess a lot of people would love to try this Canele.. This post makes me crave a lot of cakes..

  2. says

    Ooooo…yummy looking cakes and not expensive some more! I wonder what’s with the 65 cents – Here, it would either be 25, 50, 90 or even 95sen usually.

  3. says

    ooo, a very dense and rich-looking chocolate cheesecake! i might not really have a sweet tooth, but i’m tempted too! 😀

  4. Jenkins says

    I am pretty sure that my whole family do love to taste it, this looks definitely a great one…

  5. Richard Dawson says

    That looks so so so very delicious. I would love to drop by this place real soon.

    Thanks for sharing.

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