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When a Singaporean is asked to name their ‘national’ food, 2 dishes are bound to come up – Hainanese Chicken Rice and Chilli Crabs. Well I have tried the former years ago, so I was determined to try the latter during my previous trip there. Googling would reveal that Jumbo Seafood is the go-to place for your chili crabs fix. Since we stayed in Clarke Quay,we opted to visit the branch there right after our tour at Skypark Marina Bay Sands. Unfortunately, by the time we reached the riverside restaurant, we were told that it was fully booked and that we would not have a place even on standby because they were booked until their last order time! Imagine my disappointment! Fortunately, we were told that there’s another branch across the road at The Riverwalk, and we could try our luck there.


 Red Hot chilli crabs

 So we walked and walked towards Jumbo, amidst the crowded Clarke Quay on a Saturday night. Thankfully, we managed to get a table there, it didn’t matter that it was already 10pm. We placed our orders and put on the cute aprons; someone even brought a cover for my handbag. How thoughtful!


Going through the menu


The apron and red cover for my handbag

Obviously, we ordered Chilli Crabs, being the main reason we were there. The name might be misleading to some, for the crabs were not all that spicy. They were mildly spicy, savory and with a hint of sweetness to it. Somehow, the whole combination was really tasty and agreed with my tastebuds. Dipping the deep fried mini buns in the gravy was the best! I couldn’t resist from ordering a second serving of the buns for they absorbed the delicious gravy so well.


Deep fried Mini buns (SGD0.50 each)


Chilli Crabs (SGD48/ 1kg)

Speaking of crabs, did I mention the sheer size of it? They were definitely not your average size crabs. The claw/pincer itself was so meaty that it made the effort of peeling off the shell worth it. Really. The meat was fresh, succulent, sweet and juicy. Really, one could not have asked for fresher crabs or better gravy. At least, that was how I felt that night. I enjoyed the crabs very much and would have been satisfied if they were the only things we ate that night.


Crab claw/ pincer


Size of the claw

But they were not the only things we ate, for we also tried the Pork Ribs. These ribs were sold individually, with a minimum of 2 ribs per order. So we had no choice but to order a pair of them and we did not regret it. The ribs had crispy and savory skin, with a tender and juicy interior that was oozing with flavor. The accompanying sauce was sweet and sour, bringing out the best in there ribs. It was suffice to say that both bones were licked clean that night.


Pork Ribs (SGD7.80/ each – minimum 2 orders)

Last but not least, for some greens, we had the Broccoli with Scallops. Scallops being the expensive ingredient here, we didn’t expect to see much of them in the dish but lo and behold! There were around 10 pieces of them served! And they were pretty sizable too, not to mention succulent. We were indeed pleased with our orders that night, with one dish impressing us after another.


Broccoli with Scallops (SGD22)

Even though the prices were not cheap (considering we had to convert from RM), I thought that it was one of the best meals we had in Singapore. The experience was somehow very satisfying, and perhaps I’d go to the extent of saying it’s worth every cent spent. Speaking of which, Chinese tea and wet towels here are complimentary. And they are very useful when your hands are all dirty from peeling the crabs! If we ever return to Singapore, this is one of the places that I wouldn’t mind visiting again.


Free wet tissue


Jumbo Seafood Gallery

Jumbo Seafood Gallery
The Riverwalk
20 Upper Circular Road #B1-48
The Riverwalk Singapore 058416
Tel/ Fax: 6534-3435/ 6536-3836
Opening Hours: Lunch (12pm – 3pm) & Dinner (6pm – 12am)
Website: www.jumboseafood.com.sg

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  1. says

    Ooooo…I love Singapore chili crabs. Long ago, we used to go to Bedok or Changi to eat. They gave french loaf to dip in the nice gravy and eat. Bet it was nice with those mini buns too… Yum! Yum! I really should consider going to Singapore again soon…

    P.S. Ummmm…Saucer’s getting more prosperous or he’s got food in his cheeks? LOL!!!

  2. says

    i’ve had chili crab in KL several times, but never in singapore! i wonder if i’ll be able to tell the difference, heh 😀

  3. Foodie says

    Consider heading to Mellben in Ang Mo Kio.. More in the heartlands and there’s usually a bloody long queue. Crabs are much bigger there (generally bigger Sri Lankan crabs anyways down under) and pretty good. Just remember not to over-order ..

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