View from the Skypark, Marina Bay Sands

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After our visit to Ku De Ta in Singapore, we patiently waited for the sky to turn dark so that we could feast ourselves with the gorgeous night view of the Singapore skyline. This post will be featuring mostly pictures from the Skypark, from the daytime view to the moment just before it turned dark until it’s completely night time. Warning – overload of pictures coming up!


Singapore night view from Skypark

To get to Skypark, we took the MRT to Bayfront station. From there, we walked past plenty of high end retail shops as well as the casino, at the same time passing by some celebrity chef restaurants.


Marina Bay Shoppes


All ready to get up the Skypark


On the way to Marina Bay Sands hotel


TWG Tea House


ArtScience Museum


The signature cantilever design of Marina Bay Sands


At the ArtScience Museum


The person who took photos of me 😛


View from the ArtScience Museum across the river


Another angle of the ArtScience museum


Across the bridge


witch and Saucer


Getting closer to the Skypark


Singapore Flyer

Pretty soon, we reached the entrance of the Skypark and purchased entrance tickets costing SGD20 each. This only allowed us to entrance to the observatory deck and not to the swimming pool. There’s a guided tour to the pool everyday but it was fully booked by the time we reached.


Tickets to Skypark

The view from the Skypark was pretty spectacular. Even though the sky was not very clear but the feeling of being the top of the world, or in this case, Singapore, was quite something. It was also extremely windy up there, so it was probably to a good idea to bring a cardigan if you decide to wear sleeveless dress like me. 😛 Here are some of the pictures I took with my trusty LX5 in the evening and during night time.


Singapore skyline in the evening


View of the harbor


View of the Singapore flyer


Night view of Singapore #1


Night view of Singapore #2


Night view of Singapore #3


Night view of Singapore flyer

Yes we were there for almost 3 hours just to wait for the sky to turn dark but it was all so worth it. The night view was more magnificent than the day view, I think and adjusting the shutter time on the camera could do wonders! Stay tuned to the next post as we went around hunting for dinner in Singapore!

*Note: Read the rest of my Singapore Escapade here!

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  1. says

    So many people have blogged on this place, never been there. In fact, I’ve not been to Singapore for many years now. I think even if I go, I will not go up there – 1st storey, I also get scared looking down. Did not use to be like this – old age, suddenly developed a fear for heights. So useless now… Sobsssss!!!! :(

  2. says

    wow, very dramatic shots! i’m slightly afraid of heights, but i’d like to check this out too! even without prominent landmarks like the petronas twin towers, singapore does seem to have overall a more vibrant night skyline 😀

  3. Barnta Sabara says

    That is really awesome photography. The place looks cute, and the buildings there are extremely amazing. Thanks for such an awesome post, I kinda felt like I was there too.

  4. says

    Love the photos! The buildings are really nice right? I like the Art Science Museum that looks like a lotus flower. But none of them beat our Petronas Twin Towers lah haha!!

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