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No, that was not a typo error. Amazing is becoming AMei-zing now that the Taiwanese super star A-Mei is going to rock Malaysia in her world tour concert. Known in the music industry for more than 16 years, she has the nicknames of “Pride of Taiwan” and “Taiwanese Madonna”. This artist that can entertain with her singing and energetic dancing is wildly popular during our visit to Taiwan just recently. Most of our Taiwanese friends would gleam with pride whenever we mentioned that we knew and loved A-Mei.


AMeiZING World Tour Live in Malaysia

For fans of A-Mei, guess what? The superstar will be in Kuala Lumpur on 5th of May for her AMeiZING World Tour Live in Malaysia concert. Her concert will definitely be filled with stage theatrics, crazy performances and lots of her big hits. For Celcom customers, enjoy 20% off on A-Mei concert tickets with your choice of any seating tier. Isn’t that another amazing deal?


Energetic performance by A-Mei

But if you’re like me, who wants to watch the concert but is short of money, why not try to get the tickets for FREE? It’s simple! Just get on The Cube by logging on to, and check out all the cool content that you can subscribe in.

  • You can send personalized Voice Messages and dedicate A-Mei’s song to your friends. Just dial *005<recipient’s mobile number><song code> and press call.
  • You can also subscribe to The Cube’s MMS Puzzle. Type ON AMEI and send it to 22229 and you’ll get an MMS Greeting Card plus a contest puzzle for FREE. You would have to rearrange the jumbled A-Mei picture by sending in the correct picture sequence.
  • On top of that, you can connect with all your social network friends via Facebook SMS and Twitter SMS. For Facebook SMS, type ON F and send it to 32665 while for Twitter SMS, send ON T to 29800.

By subscribing or downloading any of these contents, you stand to get 2 tickets to the A-Mei concert worth RM298 each!


A-Mei the Taiwanese superstar will be in KL!

As if that’s not enough, you have the chance to win the BIG prize of an all-expense paid trip to watch A-Mei live in concert in, guess where? Hong Kong! With a friend! This unforgettable trip can be yours with a download of A-Mei Call Me Tones from 20th March – 15th May. There is really nothing to lose – great tones and a chance to win a free trip!

To download A-Mei Call Me Tones, dial *888*<Call Me Tones Song Code># and press “Call”. Here are the songs you can subscribe to:

Bu Xiang Ge Da Ren  A-Mei *888*151921#
Bu Yao Luan Shuo  A-Mei *888*151925#
Chinese Girl  A-Mei *888*151924#
Dan Chun  A-Mei *888*151926#
Hai Huo Tian Kong  A-Mei *888*151928#
Ping Chang Xin  A-Mei *888*151919#
Ren Zhi  A-Mei *888*151920#
Suo Yi Wo Yuan Yi  A-Mei *888*151927#
Wo Yao Kuai Le  A-Mei *888*151923#
Yin Wei Ni Zai  A-Mei *888*151922#

RM1. 50/week for each song (a small investment for such a humongous prize)

Speaking of which, there’s only less than 2 weeks before the contest is over. Quickly head to for more details.

*Note: This is a sponsored post.

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  1. Julia Atkins says

    Wow, she looks amazing. How can I had never heard of her before? If I were anywhere near that place I will surely attend that concert. All of y’all who will make it there have fun.

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